Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nutrition Confusion, Presentation, and Bible Study

Good morning!  Well, I am thoroughly confused now about what the heck I should be eating. 
So much information and each one having a "study" to back it up.  It's hard to disseminate what you should be eating.  Now they are saying to eat butter and animal fat and go ahead and make those eggs with the bacon grease.  One podcast says to step up the protein, another says protein should only be 15% of your diet and it should be fish and chicken and hardly any red meat and plant based in addition.  It's hard to know what my diet should be.  

I'm also looking at this from a lot of various angles myself - I've got to maintain my BP, my sugar, and my cholesterol and I need to protect my muscles from aging and from auto immune issues - which I've not pressed for diagnosis.  So it's hard to eat the right things that will impact all of those issues and the diets for each conflict at times.   

Lower salt - I think I've finally done a lot of that.  And my BP meds seem to work.  
Sugar - I had taken the meds and cut back on things but honestly - I really kept about the same diet only curbing a few things and adding more nutrition in.  The meds kept my sugar in check.  Until the past month or 6 weeks when I began introducing Isagenix, higher protein, cutting out most sugar, getting more vitamins in my body, eating more salads (although my choice of dressing filled with soy or unhealthy oils and more sugar than I realized), and eating wild caught albacore.   While introducing more vitamins/nutrition, the blood sugar pills seemed to be too much.  So I came off of it.  So while on the meds and not eating right it was lower and off the meds and eating much better it was higher.  But I think I can eat better and it will come down.  I hope. It's a gamble and I hope I'm making the right decisions. 

So then I've stepped up the protein, eating more meat, less carbs, having more shakes with higher nutrition and protein as well, began eating more eggs (2 to 3 per week) - and so that may have made my cholesterol worse?  

Then we took the trip traveling and I threw most caution to the wind.  I had shrimp, regular pasta, white rice, eggs, bacon and white hashbrown potatoes and then came home and the next week had my blood drawn for lab work.  I don't know over a time period how long it takes to impact but that couldn't have helped any.  

Anyway, I'm discouraged.  I know that hope needs to come from somewhere.  I know that I have listened to podcasts where people have overcome their "numbers" - both cholesterol and sugar, so I need to find those people and figure it out.  

I do know this - that part of the success of those folks is eliminating not only the processed food (enriched flour, wheat, gluten, etc.) but have eliminated all the bad oils: canola oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oils of any kind.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its true form is ok and coconut oil ok (some argue about that one too but most have said it was ok).  Most are saying use the butter, and allow yourself the animal fats that it's needed to be able to absorb the nutrition and take it to the cell level.   I've not eliminated my oils.  I have not eliminated all processed foods.  A lot of them but not all of them.  I've mainly looked at gluten free things and whole grain things - not looking to see what "oils" the bread and crackers and power bars were made of.  So I can make that improvement. 

So there is a little hope and a few more improvements to be made and of course there is the exercise element that can always be added to make a difference. So there is hope left.  

I think it was the podcast yesterday that said "protein" and "meats" are not the answer that threw me off.  I think I have to develop a plan of action and a new set of rules.  That's really what I'm trying to analyze - to come up with a new set of rules.  This is absolutely obsessing me right now.  And that's ok b/c I need to get it right.  I need to maintain the numbers and I want to do it med free (BP meds for a while though).  So I need to develop my rules, my confines, and my diet.  And I'm laughing as I sit here at my desk looking at the "low fat diet sheet my very elderly doc gave me" and my iphone by my side that has the podcast with the latest nutritional studies in it saying "eat the animal fats and butters".  

I have lost my trust in doctors - not totally.  I respect them, and I don't think that "where they are" is their fault.  They can't practice entirely anymore.  It's all based on what the insurance allows.  They end up going through the motions of their day allowing the insurance to tell them how to "doctor" us.  Some maybe keep up their training and keep up with the studies and some may not.  It seems to me that my doctor is or used to be a really good one.  I do think he tries and I do think he monitors.  However, he's getting up there in years.  And they have so many patients that it's difficult for them to spend a lot of time on one case.  I also think it's a possibility that he is overlooking some things that he might of sent for an MRI or xray or extra lab work - b/c he's avoiding the insurance night mare and costs that may be charged to their practice.  Changing doctors would not necessarily help me any unless a younger one would have more up to date knowledge of how to help me help myself.  It seems they ALL just throw meds at the issue.  

If George were not in b/w jobs I'd consider seeing a nutritionist.  However, I'm really good at researching and coming up with data and doing my own analysis, so I'm kinda determined to do that first. 

The Isagenix is bringing some weight off - the cleanse day is helping to get rid of the hard to get rid of fat in places.  So I will keep trying and I will keep updating my new set of rules.  

And it occurred to me yesterday that prayer should be rule number 1 and why won't God help me with that when He helps me with everything else. 

So my presentation went well yesterday.  I was shocked to get claps at the end.  I think that may be the first time that has ever happened.  Anyway, I didn't feel like it was as polished or as deep as it could have been.  But I do feel like it went well to get a lot of the main message across and I did as good as I could considering it's open enrollment and so many other interruptions and irons in the fire.  Way too much going on.  Felt some relief when it was over.  Enough relief that I forgot I had my Bible Study last night for a few hours.  I had texted George saying "what's for dinner?"  And he said "umm Bible Study?" and he said I confused him.  I was confused myself.  

But quickly snapped back into reality and I realized how much I had put into doing the presentation b/c I totally forgot about everything else besides that and open enrollment.  So in hopes that I'm not getting alzheimer's myself, hated that I zoned out on what day it is and something as important as company coming over.  But I'm going to say that it was "memory overload" - b/c this week is nuts.  

So I came home - actually left about 4:45 so I could rush home and try to clean house as I had chosen not to stay up late to do it since I had my presentation and I needed everything my brain could give me after such a ridiculous week of too many things going on and too many interruptions and things pulling me here there and yon.  When I got home the house was perfect - all clean, candles burning, floors vacuumed, dishes up, surfaces clean, pet beds tidied, pet toys cleaned up.  Oh thank the Lord!  George and Katy had done it already.  Bless them!  

I then made popcorn and burned it and had to make another batch.  I suck sometimes at life --I really do!  I'm such a goof ball!  I was trying to multitask and do some other things and forgot to watch the popcorn for 5 seconds b/w pops!  

Anyway the Beth Moore video was good.  Everyone came that said they would. And we figured out how to do the lesson breakdowns.  And so we are going to have some homework this week.  And we'll do the next one next week.  I am glad that the Lord came through to me so we could make good use of the new sofa and chair set and TV to His glory!  And we studied and watched and discussed in comfort at least instead of sitting on Itchy and Scratchy.  lol

So, that is all I can type right now.  I need to go to work.  lol  

I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Thanks for reading if you made it this far!


  1. When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 the thing that helped me the most was seeing a dietitian so I could understand carb servings (19 carbs) and the amount of carbs in foods. Now after 7 years I automatically see carbs in serving sizes (2-3 carb servings breakfast, 3-4 carb servings lunch and 2-3 carb servings dinner). For me, I do take meds, but what has really helped is walking later in the day rather than the morning and eating less carbs for dinner. Portion control is what it's all about and not depriving yourself. This keeps my morning fasting numbers in line. Good luck!

  2. Surprised your physician prescribed metformin with out having you check your blood sugar at least 2x a day. You can by testing kit OTC, but the strips are spendy. A1C is a snapshot of blood sugar over 3 month time period.

    Hope that helps

  3. We have found that eating real food works best. When Ken lost all his weight it was a month with no carbs, dairy, sugar. He had natural sugar in fresh fruit, lots of veggies steamed , etc, we use the pink salt and since then do not eat as much of the carbs, bread etc as we did prior. Pasta, rice or potatoes,I try to limit only one every 5 days or so. We do not keep a lot of cheese anymore, just use occassionally.

    One of the easiest things to make is your salad dressing and you have control of all the ingredients. Eat what your body can digest. It can digest real food, whole food, butter, etc. If there are ingredients you cannot pronounce your body cannot digest

  4. Nice to know your presentation was a good one. It must have been impressive! One of my friends that has diabetes says that any bread, potatoes or pasta makes her sugar soar and it takes several days for it to get back to normal. Staying away from those things seems to make a big difference for her. All the things we like, seems not to be good for us. How nice you came home to a clean house so you relax and enjoy your study. Hope you have a happy Thursday!

  5. I avoid sugar and carbs. That works for me. I do use the whole wheat bread when I have toast. I use real butter or olive oil for cooking. We eat fresh veggies and fruit of some kind almost every day. I have found this works best for me. Avoid beer and alcohol as much as possible. Grain alcohol is sugar. It is torture somedays. Weight watchers has good program. You can just buy the books at ebay. If you don't want to go to meetings. It sounds like you are doing everything right with your vitamins and shakes.

  6. there are so many schools of thought regarding nutrition. seems you just have to pick one and try it for a while to see what suits you best. glad bible study went well.


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