Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Phoenix and Oklahoma City

Well at Burger Theory attached to the Holiday Inn in Phoenix has a really good breakfast. Will hold you into the day!  The courtyard at this hotel is beautiful with many birds chirping. There is a fire pit at night that people can enjoy. 

Once the meetings were over our crew went to a golf shop- I waited in car and we headed to airport. 

At the airport we shared a guac with pomegranates (very good) and had tacos. 

Soon we were on our flight to Oklahoma City.  Flight was smooth but was really hot on the plane before take off. I sat in a middle seat towards the front as my boarding number was like B48. I’m usually not that far behind.  The middle does not bother me too bad but the aisle is more comfy. 

The flight only two hours. Better than 3! We landed and caught bus to get rental car. Then off to the hotel. The back of a frontal system was going through Oklahoma City and it was very windy- 25 mph or so. And a chilly wind with temps dropping. We had come from 80s in Phoenix (we missed the hottest part of day). 

We checked in at hotel and headed out to dinner! I really am quite fond of this area. I like Phoenix too. Each very different with different vibes. 

We at at a Japanese restaurant called Musashi’s! It was a hibachi type place. Very good. I had salmon and veggies and a bit of rice. Not much though as we had salad and soup (small appetizer bowls) as a part of the course. 

On the way back to hotel was able to catch some great sunset shots! 

Caught up with George via phone. There were some severe storms going on. He said it startled Maisy a bit. 

I went to sleep at 9:00 and slept all night. This trip I’ve been able to sleep well! 

I have a bit of time this morning to try and get some work done. Other than email there has not been much time due to flights and meetings and such. I think my email box is full so not sure I’m even getting all my emails. Have to get resolved today. Was unable to send someone a PDF b/c it said my box was full. 

We have 2 meetings at our OKC plant today and flights this afternoon to Nashville via St Louis. I don’t get in until 8:25 or so.  Then 2 meetings tomorrow in Nashville at two separate locations. Then try to catch up on Friday. Saturday no plans and trying to keep it that way. 

Have a neighbor that wants to do a Bible study together. We are picking a night to start mid April. Have to get home and look at main calendar and see when is a good time. This is awesome! 

And I’m looking forward to seeing my Maisy tonight and Tugie, Roger, and Findlay...and George too. 

These trips go by fast but I enjoy seeing the people and the area. 

Better go and focus on getting ready, grab breakfast and get a bit of work done before heading over to the meetings. 

Oh the free blogger program Blog Touch I mentioned in yesterday’s blog requires a 4.99 fee (one cost) before you can publish. So I got the Blog Touch Pro to blog on the go. Oh well. You can get both the blogger one and the Wordpress one for 5.99. I did not get both. 

More later! Have a great day!


  1. Lots of good sights and eating, but a whirlwind trip you are having. I can't believe it's 80 degrees some place. Windy and colder here after overnight storms went through. Hope you have a wonderful day and a safe trip home again!

  2. Pleased to read that this week has been have had a lot of meetings though I think you are amazing...Peter and I got home around 5.30 today after a long 8 hour drive with heavy rain pouring most of the way which was hard for Peter....we left a VERY VERY cold Crichton, the name of the hamlet my friends live in and when I called to say we were home Fiona tells me that after we left the snow started again and they have had three inches today...tonight I'm looking forward to getting to bed without putting layers of clothes on LOL...hope your home safely xxx

  3. looks like a nice place to visit. too bad you have to work. temps in the 80's sound heavenly. it's been in the 20's and 30's here.


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