Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Flight was 3 hours and then some. It seemed longer than usual but was a fairly smooth flight.  Worked at home in the morning and finished packing. 

George had an interview with a placement company. Went well but no openings they are filling right now. He came home and we had a nice lunch at Longhorn on the way to airport. 

I asked for a salad they used to make. It’s their SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN SALAD.

Heavenly too. Made my day! Remembering old times in years past at Longhorn lunches with Barbara (Bee) and many others.

Got picked up from airport just in time to see a fading Phoenix sunset. A shame to be out here so many times but not to have time to explore. 

One of my business affiliates found us a really nice Italian restaurant. Yum! Pasta and comfort food. Capellini Pomodoro. 

Was late Nashville time when we got in as there is 2 hour time change. 

Slept well after showering off the travel cooties. But woke up around 3:30 Phoenix time which is 5:30 TN time. 

Today supposed to be 90 ish here and we fly into a cooler Oklahoma City this afternoon, with lows tonight in high 20’s. Not sure I’ve ever lived a day in my life with a 70 ish degree swing in one day! 

We have an 8:00 a.m. meeting. And I’ve much work to do. Got some done in the airport yesterday. 

Pretty happy with the new work laptop as it’s lightweight and actually connects to the system, via VPN of some sort- making my world much easier. 

Well off to get ready, grab breakfast- although nowhere near hungry. And try to get some emails in before we leave. 

Our flight to OKC leaves around noon. Always a quick trip. 

I’m loving this app for blogger. Bless the developer that came up with it! Google seems to have left us on an island as far as that goes. But this has helped. I’ve easily done this via phone. 

Well. You all take care. 


  1. Now I'm going to have to check out the new app. It is a very quick trip for you for sure. A 70 degree change in the weather will take some getting used too. Sad you don't have time for a little sight seeing. We're to be in the 60's today and drop to 40's tomorrow. This 20 degree dip is about all I can handle. :.)

  2. Blogging by phone sounds simple enough. nice to see you here as usual. safe travels.


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