Thursday, April 12, 2018

Physical, Baby Ruth's, Macular Degeneration, and a Job in Texas

Well, I was standing in the kitchen yesterday morning at 6:20 and it occurred to me to check the calendar and make sure my appointment was at 6:40 and not 6:30.  (Why I hadn't looked til then?  I think in my head I was already certain it was 6:40.)  So I looked and guess what time it was set for?


So, the doc office is only 3 minutes away - and that was the good news but I started piling things in my work bag for my meals.  George said "how can I help?" and I said "throw me a can of tuna". lol

So we got me out the door and I was there at 6:24!  No one even noticed.  Honestly I think they tell you 6:20 so you'll be there by 6:30.  lol

The physical went fine.  The hardest part was not being able to go potty until I got to the doc office.  It was not the coffee so much.  I knew I could not go at home and then have enough for a specimen w/o being able to drink anything.  Sorry if TMI, but this is real life so....there ya have it.

I weighed in and happy to say that my trip only gained me 2 lbs lol.  I will repeat...we ate well, we ate much, and we ate often, and it was enjoyable and I loved every minute but was glad to get home and eat healthier.

So I went over my list - which was pretty short.  He seemed intrigued at my weening myself off of the Metformin sugar meds. And mentioned that I had also come off of the anti-inflammatory meds.  I told him when my arm got better I did not need the anti inflammatory meds any longer and based on my increased nutrition and getting nutrients - my body is not needing it.  I also explained the same for the Metformin, that I'm not eating as much enriched flour, or sugar and not drinking as much alcohol so there is no need to have a med to help me convert the sugar and that the nutrition increase is helping my body to do those functions on its own.  He could not argue with me.  He just told what the Metformin does - which I already knew what it did - it helps your body be able to convert the sugar and it helps your liver be able to deal with it all.  I told him about Isagenix and the increase in the nutrition and feeling better and that it seemed too much with the Metformin and I felt better when I quit taking it.  He just went hmph...we'll let's see what the lab work says and we'll take it from there.

My BP was normal.  It was 120 over 80 when the nurse took it.  It was 130 over 80 when he took it.  I told him one time that I had white coat syndrome - that he made my BP go up and he reminded me he was wearing a blue coat.  lol

So...he said to be sure and exercise.  I do need to try to work that in.  It's very hard b/c I would have to eliminate either work, sleep, a meal, blogging, or walk in the dark.  So I've not really figured out a good time to do it.  There is that little bit of time when I first get home before dinner - but that is when we congregate in the kitchen and each talk about our day as dinner is being cooked and some days you could label it as "happy hour" so I don't know what to eliminate.  My daily schedule is packed.  I get about 2.5 to 3 miles of walking in on Saturday and Sunday - just doing things around the house.  (Moving things around.)  It doesn't get your heart rate up though as it's stopping and going, stopping and going.

So I have to wait til the bloodwork comes back.  My family and I had a good laugh trying to figure out the little stool sample kit he gave me.  Katy was horrified.  Her mouth dropped as she questioned the fact that one would actually have to send their poop through the mail system and the fact that that was even allowed.  Thus ensued conversation about how one possible would go about securing and catching one's excretion in the first place, and without reading instructions we each gave our own description of how that might work.  A net, a stretched piece of cellephane over the toilet, and so forth.  Not exactly a conversation normal individuals have while fixing dinner.  As I unwrapped the kit, I told my family that one did not send the entire log - which ensued further conversation on alternate names for "said log" (baby ruth, the whole enchilada, and so forth).

Here is the Baby Ruth scene from Caddy Shack.

So once opening the pack, I realized by the sample kit and the 3 sticks that there was not one sample but THREE and the sticks meant you only needed to do a smear.  You can't eat read meat, or have any citrus or vitamin c more than 250 mg.

Geez.  But much laughter in the kitchen last night over "Mom's Poop Kit".

Well, on the way to work I listened to a Podcast on Macular Degeneration in which Doctor Chris Knobbe was talking about how Macular Degeneration was not caused by genetics but by what we eat/don't eat.  Blaming basically 5 sets of foods that causes it - including vegetable oils, enriched flour, and other processed foods.  He said the condition began being more widespread as opposed to the once rare condition, back in the 1930's when the vegetable oils became introduced.  I didn't get too far into it but basically the eyes are not getting the nutrition needed to work well.  Mom has this condition and I'm not sure if this is the doctor she had found and read his book or if it was another, but she is doing a series of nutritional shakes for 3 weeks to try and keep her eye that has not yet gone blind.  She says she is seeing better.  But it really makes you think.  I got so far in the pod cast as for him to say we needed to eat like our ancestors did - use coconut oil, animal fats, and avoid all the other oils.  He said Olive oil can be an option if it is one of the few that is not infiltrated with other vegetable oils.  So he was about to get into eating off the land, eating root vegetables and so forth and then I got home and had to stop the pod cast.  Will continue on the way to work today.

This was from the Dishing Up Nutrition Podcast on iTunes but I think you can get it here:

Dishing Up Nutrition

Hey and the best news of all..............................

Katy got the kindergarten job in TEXAS!  Woooooo HOOOOOO.  She is excited.  She has wanted Kindergarten from the start.

Well it's Thursday and I am happy we are on the downside of the week.  However, there is much to do and much going on.  I'm spread pretty thin right now but at least everyone has some patience.  Those that don't - well, bless their hearts.  :-) I'll pray for 'em.  Cause there is going to be some patience that must be had for the next few weeks til I get through all this.

I am looking forward to the weekend to get away and have a bit of time to think on other things.
It'll be here soon.

Supposed to meet my neighbor tomorrow night to pick out our Bible Study material.  Excited about this and ready to get into the Word and see what it tells us.  Ready to be inspired by another as well as we share and learn and learn and share.


  1. Glad you made the appointment and got all checked out except for that hilarious test you still need to do. Eye problems can be directly related to what you eat. A friend of mine recently was told to take a certain vitamin to help her eyes. I still haven't found out what that is, but mean to. TGIF! Have a fantastic day !

  2. What kind of smoothie does your Mom drink for her eyes? That is interesting. Our sight is so important. Your Dr. sounds very through. I need a good Dr. like that. Iope your test and everything turns out good. Food is very important for sure. I feel so much better when I eat more veggies and fruit. Our farmers market has opened so it will be fun going there and bringing home fresh produce.

  3. Oh Sonya I wish you could see the tears running down my cheeks, not tears of sorrow tears of laughter I have just had the exact ...poo....instruction pack delivered !! Over here after 60 we are sent them every two years..I did it a couple of times but after that I said no, no, I am ignoring the kit again and the next time I will be over the age they bother (75) I was 73 in January !! Why is it that....poo....always makes us giggle !!!......I'm so happy to see that Kate has got her job please tell her I'm really happy.....She must be so longing to get down there to her new house, new job but best of all a loving husband....hope his job is going to plan.......I just pray that you and George could get some good news job wise etc...but I'm sure everything will come together in Gods own time, we just have to have patience.....take care tomorrow last day of work this week. I am taking a friend to hospital tomorrow to have her second cataract done. It's a long wait for her, we leave here just after nine, her appointment is at 10 but she likes to be early, it will all depend on when she actually gets taken in for the surgery how long I will be there. I am taking my kindle with me...which reminds me must go and charge it tonight....hopefully we should be home around lunch time...fingers crossed....night night love. God Bless. Xx

  4. glad you got to the doctor. i've heard that about eye problems. though it can't fix the damage already done. congrats to katy on the new job.


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