Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday Morning Sentiments While Sipping an IsaShake!

Good morning!

Well, I've spent some time this morning redecorating the blog.  I get tired of the blog look pretty quick.  Well, in recent weeks, I've just really not had time to put much effort in it.  But I've spent a chunk of time (too much time) on it this morning.

Over time, I can see the blogger platform waning a bit.  The features decrease instead of increase.  Maybe one day I can take a class in web design.

Anyway, I should have been doing laundry!

Well, there is no huge report today on yesterday!  It was a work day and the sun was shining.  I got to go for a walk for lunch, said "no" to birthday cake and ice cream.

George fixed me a Pimm's cup for "Happy Hour" and it was wonderful!

I did my Beth Moore lesson, day 1.

George fixed these really good New York Strip steaks for dinner!  They tasted so good.  I've only had fish and chicken lately so this was special.

Sleep was not perfect.  I woke up at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and got to sleep until almost 6 - so it was spotty but I did get enough.  I was sleepy most all day for some reason yesterday.

I'm having my Isagenix shake this morning with a couple of shakes of cinnamon and some vanilla mixed in. It's quite good.  Some day I'm going to add an Isa Delight in there (chocolate, caramel, seasalt) and see what that is like.  It's not much sugar at all.

Well, I'm going to have to change my cleanse day. There is not a good day to do cleanse day next week until Thursday.  I've not decided if I'll do it next Thursday or just wait til the next Monday.  I reserve the right to change my mind but think I may just wait til the next Monday.  Monday's are best for me.  Monday is a busy day anyway, a serious day usually and I'm more disciplined on a Monday b/c the will power is good and the week hasn't broken me down yet, lol.  It's not a good day to cleanse when there is a girl's nite out, or you are having company, or you are having lunch planned with someone.  Weekend's are not good b/e we do fun family outings and eat fun things.

Anyway, I need to go get in the shower and get ready.  We are going to a craft thing and going to run a lot of errands.

I am sad to find out this morning that my friend and our former payroll person, Vicki, passed away last night.  I cannot believe it.  She died of cancer and it came on quick and it's over now.  She is no longer suffering and no longer miserable.  She played a significant role in taking me under her wing where I worked.  In recent years she had retired and had a lot of changes.  She was a special person and I will never forget how comfortable she made me feel on my job and we had a lot of laughs and cries at times too.  My heart is with the family today and prayers going up for them.  She was a dear friend to us all and had a wonderful heart.  We love you Vicki!

I gotta go hurry and get ready.  I'm always having to hurry!   But...we'll have some fun today as a family and I'll try to take some pics.


  1. Hope your day is going well. I look forward to reading all about it...wonder what you might buy at the craft certainly looks nice today....That is the problem with a change in diet a after the first two three weeks it starts to,interfere with our other wants and needs. And slowly we let go little by little....but I don't think that will happen to you, you are pretty determined, It is a shame your Monday food free day this week is going to have to be changed, you seemed to do good on that day.....hope you are able to go to church today it will be nice to be able to tell your minister/pastor/leader about how well your bible study is going. All to often ministers don't hear what is going on outside church and it gives them such a lift to hear good news.......night night from over the pond God. Bless. Xx

  2. I am sorry about your friend. Cancer is horrible. I have lost too many from it.

  3. sorry to hear about your friend passing away. you have my deepest sympathy.

  4. My sincere sympathies on the death of your friend. It's never easy to lose a good friend, but you have good memories of her to keep in your heart forever. Hope your Saturday was a fun day out for you all. It's Sunday morning here and I'll be off to church as usual. It was very cold overnight but should be warming up today. Hope you have a Happy Sunday!


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