Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Morning Update: "State of the Weekend"

Ahhhh the wanderlust my heart experiences after all the travel is over.  Even though my travel was for work - it was still going somewhere.  So I realize I have some points on my Southwest Airlines account and it is "burning a hole" in the account, lol.  I told George I had enough to fly somewhere and where should I go, testing the waters.  He said "Ummm you could wait til this job thing passes over and then we can both go" and he looked at me with searching eyes - he knows me so well.  He knows I want to plan a trip b/c there is nothing on the horizon.  My best Eeyore, head down...."ok"....I guess even though the ticket would be free - I'd still want to shop, eat, and explore and mostly that is not free the way I do it.  So yeah....we'll see.

 So then Katy mentioned they may need someone to follow them to Texas in May (with stuff) - I said "maybe I could go".   But we'll see.  (Picturing thoughts of coming home by way of Waco (Chip and JoJo -Silos) Texas. lol lol

But, I probably need to stay here.  We have to see what is going on with Mom at her doc appointment and see if she has to have surgery or not.

So yesterday was just a piece of wonderful.  It was very cold with flurries.  We did go to the store.  Findlay now hides behind the sofa b/c she does not want to be behind the gate anymore.  She wants to be with the other dogs.  They get along fine.  It's just that Findlay often finds things to chew on that she shouldn't.  She doesn't chew on shoes, but she loves pillows and likes to get the stuffing out and chew and will eat it and then get sick.  So....we have to watch her when leaving for a long time.  But yesterday we didn't put the gate up to keep her in the kitchen.  And all went well.  I think they all slept.  There is NO digging for her behind the sofa.  She goes behind there and hides.

I was able to get mega laundry done.  And was finished with laundry for about 5 minutes - then George brought all his stuff in.  Oh well, he'll either have to wash himself or wait til next weekend.  Katy will be doing her laundry and I'm done for a few days.  Worked really hard on it all yesterday to get it all done. He missed this week's laundry boat.

George vacuumed.  I dusted.  I cleaned the kitchen and ground up some Starbuck's Guatemalan Antiguan coffee.

I ordered my Isagenix order.  I went to order my vitamins and I remembered that I had them on "autoship" - thank goodness.  You have to keep at least one item on autoship.  Since the vitamins are 30 days worth, that is a good thing to keep on autoship.  I order the rest as needed.  I ordered also my Ionix supplement (the fruity tasting vitamin B stress powder I mix with water).  And since the shipping was $8, decided to go ahead and order the gluten free snack - some kind of honey nut almond bar thing.  It gives me another option for a snack.

I ate so well and so much during the last week's travel (it was fun at the time) but...oh my word - I'm paying for it now b/c I am sure I gained a lot and fast too.  I had real pasta with garlic butter, about two burgers at two different times, two dinners of fried chicken tenders, participated in the fried appetizers my partners ordered, ordered cokes on the plane - unless I got white wine.  I had an Orion beer at one place with the guys b/c they had beer and I wanted one too and Orion is hard to find. Also had a beer at the airport when we all waited for our flights.  The breakfasts included a complete an awesome meal of eggs with salsa, either bacon or sausage, hash brown potatoes with red and green peppers, whole grain bread and butter (one half of it with peanut butter).  We ate well and often. And I ate the snacks on the planes.  There was no shortage of food or drink.  And my pants fit a little tighter in my jeans yesterday.  lol  Where before they were so loose I had to fold them over to keep them on.  lol  Yeah that is ok.  I'll have my cleanse day and "start over" and hit the reset button.  I'll eat more shakes, less enriched flour in pasta and bread, no more cokes, limited alcohol and will focus on getting things done and reading instead and drinking more water - with lime or lemon in it at night.  Or decaf coffee, or a hot decaf tea.  But yeah, it was fun.  I do have one more craving to work out and that is Cap'n D's.  We bought beer battered fish though at the grocery so we can put malt vinegar on it.  mmmmm.  And that will be a cheat meal this week.  I think most all else is healthy.

So I am happy that I like the Isagenix shakes.  When I got back from the travel and had one the next morning George was surprised that I said "oh that is good, I was craving it".  He said "really?"  Yes, not only for the taste but for the way it makes you feel.  I'll be having one this morning too.

We have a meeting today at 1:00 with our drivers in which there will be sub sandwiches and potato salad and chips.  It's things I really don't want to eat, but that is what I was asked to get so my assistant ordered it and I'll pick it up today.  I may just eat a power bar or something.  I will need to be setting up while they eat anyway.  I just don't want to put that in my body.  It's hard to digest, has fillers in it and I need to turn the corner to eating good and feeling good.  Because after the way we ate for several days I felt all that bloat that you feel when you eat the wrong things.

On the Keep Your Daydream video I watched yesterday Trish fixed a chicken "power bowl".  I don't think they called it that but that is what I call it.  It had quinoa (or a rice of your choice) and grilled chicken (she said to fix extra when you grill out so you have it for later) and sliced into cubes, and a couple of peppers such as red pepper and green pepper or orange pepper (they hold up well and don't get smushy).  I think she had black beans and corn as well.  And then you fix a lime/cilantro dressing and pour over.  And I'm going to have to go back to see how to do that.  I can't remember.  She fixes the bowls up ahead of time and then just adds the chicken and gives each person a little cup of dressing so they can pour to their desire.  It looked good and I'd like to do that.

I watched three shows yesterday. And ate popcorn sharing with three of the four dogs (and George too), lol.  Popcorn is probably bad for you too, but it is corn! lol I love that I can eat the Homestyle version - Pop Secret I think.  And it melts and doesn't leave the sharp kernels and skins like my favorite home popped does.  That is what gets me in trouble with the diverticulitis things.  I think.

I think when at the grocery it's helping me to look at a few things.  Of course I don't eat a lot of groceries anymore but I do like to keep some celery and carrots around.  Like to have a few eggs a week.  Like to have at least a salad or two (love the Asian and the Southwest salad kits for work).  I buy a couple of lean cuisines to keep in the freezer- must have less than 600 mg of salt - is my rule to keep the BP down.  Usually what I can find is in the 500's.  I buy the Wild Caught Solid White Albacore Tuna by Bumble Bee - it is in oil but it's ok.  I mix it with the Dijon mustard and dill pickle relish, and a boiled egg if I have one.  Just eat it plain with a fork - no crackers.  And that is about all I buy for me at the store.  I would buy more individual frozen veggies if they had it.  I love spinach and will even buy the creamed one, lol.  I love the veggies too.  But it's hard to find an individual serving of veggies.  I like to have those for lunch.  I will add them to a lean cuisine meal b/c they are usually very low calories and don't hold me.  So to add veggies along side helps take me longer.

I didn't get to read any sadly.  I need to work on that.  Didn't get the ironing done either but I did have to move some clothes around a little so I put some of my winter things in the other closet that Katy sleeps in as the closet I'm dressing in has the off season stuff in it and it was beginning to have both seasons in it and was getting tight in there.  I am looking forward to having my clothes organized again at some point but can wait b/c that will be when Katy goes to Texas and I'm pretty fond of having her here.  Of course I am excited for her though as she needs to be with her spouse!

They have gutted (demolition of) the inside of their house (the remodlers - the construction crew).  So it is going fast so far.  She is so excited.  The rest of her time will go by fast!   She and Cody stayed at "The Statler" in Dallas and loved it.

George picked her up at the airport last night.  I stayed home and fixed spaghetti (whole grain) and had it ready for them.  We ate and talked about her trip - especially the hotel!

So I went to bed and slept great last night and got to sleep til 6.  The dogs tried hard for a couple of hours to get us up.  Maisy licks me when Tugie starts scratching her bed.  Tugie knows she is not allowed to bark.  So she starts scratching her bed VERY LOUDLY.  She knows that wakes me up and has gotten me up before.  It's a conspiracy I think.  I think they plan these things when we are gone in a group conversation in the den.

I had to change the blog look yesterday.  I just needed to see some boats I think.  I am hoping to dredge in some warmer weather with a more summery blog look.  You think it'll work?  Supposed to be 50's today and 60's tomorrow.

Well, I need to go get another cup of Joe and see what all I need to work on in the house.  Need to unpack (I already unpacked my dirty clothes) and I need to work on the bathroom and get it cleaner.  Need to restock on toilet paper for the week putting it from the closet into the toilet paper holders.  So no one is left without and has to yell. lol I will do housework this morning and then Kate and I are meeting at our nail place to get nails done.  I was supposed to do it last week but work kept me from it.  I just couldn't leave but ended up working over Thurs and Friday.  So I'll do it today on the way home from the meeting and then I'll come home and have a relaxing evening.  George is fixing ham b/c he got a good deal on it.  Pig and Pork is not really on my suggested diet.'s a honey ham so I'll eat some of it.  I just don't want to go Whole Hog, lol! Yeah I'm not giving up on pork and red meat, but I will try to limit it - just like I'm "trying" not to participate in today's lunch.  But I'll set it up for those that will enjoy it.

Well, I better go get started on the day!  And that means another cup of Joe first!  Well ok, maybe a Keep Your Daydream show.  lol  Oh it's Sunday but ....I'm doing my worship Devo on the way to and from work tomorrow.  Beth Moore series.  And I'll be getting with a neighbor to do a Bible study.  She's waiting on me to pick a date but I've been destressing on the weekend which didn't involve filling my schedule up again.  I needed a breather.  But I'm ready to pick a date now to begin.  We'll have to pick a book to lead us I suppose, in addition to the Bible.

And I meant to say I figured out the whole phone dinging thing.  I think it was the Game Center.  For me it only dinged at 5:00 a.m. b/c I had my do not disturb button on.  So once I turned off the notifications for the game center, when all the overseas other end of the hemisphere played (the Tetris game must be popular there and that was the only game I played), then I had no more dings.  I moved my do not disturb to 6:00 also so incase it did decide to ding it would be 6 instead of 5.  lol George thanked me.  It rudely got me up at 5 yesterday and woke George up too.  I couldn't get it turned off b/c I was sooooooooo asleep still.

The things I get myself into. I can use that "Me" assistant in Instant Messaging (FB Messenger App).  I was afraid it was that that had messed me up.  I liked the little "Me" messenger.  It reminds me of things.  I'm not sure what else it will do.  Now I can see.  lol

Well trying to go!  But I keep typing.  Ya'll have a beautiful Sunday.  I'm glad the sun is out here!


  1. This is a great post!
    I'm glad you are feeling so well & positive. You do a lot. Sometimes I don't think you give yourself enough credit. I would like to know the brand/type of popcorn that doesn't bother & cause stomach problems. I have the same issue.:0
    Have a great Sunday & enjoy, Monica

  2. Hi Sonya, well your day will have well and truly started now, indeed it might be near mid day...I'm never very sure how many hours you are behind us, it's just after 6pm here at the moment.....I'm glad you got so much washing done only sorry you still have the ironing to face...I hate ironing and very rarely do any..sticking to clothes that don't need ironing if at all possible....glad that your having some sunshine and warmer weather, let's hope it stays that way. It is certainly VERY MUCH WARMER down here than it was up in Scotland, thank goodness.....well love must go and do the washing dishwasher for me !! Mary used always to do the wash up but I found she wasn't making them properly clean so I make an excuse to do them myself nowadays......take care. Love to you ALL xxx

  3. Sounds like a really busy Sunday for you. Hope you also got in some relaxing moments too. You do have great will power not eating when others around you are. Even if you did eat well when traveling, I don't think it matters when day to day you do watch what you eat. Little treats now and then are not the same as having them all the time. We are to be in the 40's here today and each day of this week we're to warm up bit more. Spring is very slow in showing up here.

  4. popcorn sounds nice. i don't think a little snack every now and then will hurt you. glad you got your phone thing fixed. it would be good if spring was here to stay. unfortunately here it is not.


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