Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning Over Some Really Good Coffee

It rained hippos and zebras yesterday.  And it hailed.  It was like a hurricane without the wind.  It came in bands from odd directions.  At one time I had to get away from my window as there was lightening along with the hail. 

They caught the Waffle House shooter.  I had a coworker that lived very close to there and she was very frightened.  I was even a little afraid to be outside myself thinking that dude could come up Dobson Pike and be in my town somewhere.   I heard he was naked so he couldn't get that far I guess. 

I guess he was some troubled kid.  The problem is -  a lot of them are these days.  And with drugs and gangs.  He's just one of many.  Could happen any time we are out to any of us where someone's cannon gets loose and starts shooting around. 

So a few oddities to the day yesterday but I got my Beth Moore study done at lunch.  Only one more day (lesson) to do.  These are very time consuming. 

I did my cleanse yesterday with ease.  The hardest part of the day was coming home and smelling bacon cooking.  They had omelettes for dinner.  I didn't throw in the towel though.  I kept on with it and had my little Thai Chili Harvest Thins which is a plant based snack - the Isagenix came out with a new snack that you can eat on cleanse day.  I don't have my last chocolate nor my last IsaSnack at the end of cleanse time - but I withhold those and do either the Whey Thins or the Harvest Thins at 7 p.m. along with some decaf coffee.  This holds me so I can sleep. 

I kicked my feet up with my cup of coffee on the side table, and got under a blanket and watched more of Keep Your Daydream.  They were in Boston and New York.  I love watching this on YouTube.  I used to like the shows on Travel Channel before the Travel Channel nose dived into other things.  I forgot her name but Samantha somebody used to travel and do a show on the hotel, restaurants, city vibe, etc.  I loved that one too.  This family does a professional job with this.  They should be on the big networks.  But...somehow I suspect if other dynamics were involved it would change the show.  These directors will have to change something you know. I enjoy watching it.  New episode every week but I usually let YouTube just randomly take me to the next one I've not seen.  I would love to be a Patron. Maybe someday but not right now when spouse out of work.  But I'd love to be an "insider". 

Sleep was REAL good.  A few odd dreams.   And I think I'm going to get off and go ahead and get ready and get to work and try to attack my stack. 

I get to eat food today and have already had my strawberry shake.  Not sure what I'll have for lunch.  Maybe something from the freezer.  And tonight I'll have to download the next Beth Moore video.  It's 6.99 a week to rent it.  Not bad. I'm just hoping I can get all the lessons done b/w each week's video.  I had planned on doing the video one week and discussing the lesson the next week - which gives two weeks to get all the lessons.  But everyone wanted to do a compiled session in 6 weeks instead of 12.  So I'm game, and of course will be flexible - but I'm probably going to get behind at some point.  It's been a struggle working FT and trying to get the lessons crammed in.  I can see this falling apart quickly.  Had I gone to church Sunday I'd not gotten it done.  So I'm not sure how the future weeks will be.  If we have any plans at all it'll throw me behind.  I was going to do a lesson last night but I've found on cleanse nights after working all day - I can't sit and focus a whole lot. My brain already exhausted from the work day w/o having a lot of nourishment.  It's best to just relax and watch a show or something as I get drowsy and head to bed.  I will get it figured out - or not - but will do the best I can.  And yes you are right.  Not giving up blog time.  ;-)  Nope!  Not!  That's my time to de-stress away the world and decompress.  If I didn't have the blog I'd combust.
Anyway, ya'll have a superb Tuesday!


  1. I hope you are able to keep up with the study, but I can understand the need for something that does not take a whole lot of concentration. I find myself doing that too at times. I say do what you can with each lesson and then leave the rest and move on to the next when you are supposed to. Others in your group can fill in the missing spots. That's the nice part of doing it with others. We're getting our rain today. Hopefully not so torrential. I've been cleaning the sunporch so it's ready to use when it's warmer. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I am glad the killer was caught. So twisted and evil to go kill innocent people who had never done anything to him. I am hyper aware when I am out and about. Never sit with my back to the door. These are troubled times that we live in. We have been to Waffle House many times and I never in a million years thought of anyone coming in and shooting people. It is a shame we have to be afraid to live a normal life anymore.


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