Saturday, April 14, 2018

Transitioning from Hyper Busy to Weekend

Good morning!  Saturday here!  Had a nice little sleep last night.  Maisy tried to wake me up at 2 and 4 but has learned to go back to sleep.  Slept til 6.  To me that is sleeping late.

We have storms on the way and I think they will be here most all day.  I've not really had time to pay much attention to the forecast.  Just the email that showed we've have storms today and a post on facebook saying they would be here in the overnight and this morning around 4.  But they are not here yet but close and they said will last most all day with storms and/or heavy rain.  I thought they would just come thru and be gone.  Oh well.  I think we are planning to stay here all day and I have a lot of laundry to do.

Work went by fast.  I've been hyper busy and have had to hurry to get things done to meet all the needs.  By 3:30 I think my mind was just weary and was beginning to just feel mentally and physically exhausted.  But have done a lot this week - amazingly a lot - trying to compile two weeks of work in one since I was gone most of last week.  Prioritization and focus have been key and staying late and eating lunch at desk and little to no breaks except for heating up food, or mixing up the shake.  My assistant and I did walk around our complex Thurs and Friday though - getting some walking in - which I guess is about a 20 minute walk.  The walking felt good.

So yesterday I was to meet my neighbor at 6:30 at Lifeway to pick a Bible study that we are going to start doing on Wednesday night.  George was eating a big lunch out with a friend, and had suggested we'd snack for dinner and I said I'd grab something out b/w 5:30 and 6:30.  So I left about 4:45 yesterday and met Katy at 5:15 for a gluten free Burger at Burger Republic.  We ate on their patio which was very pleasant.  I had a salad for my side, but was able to get a couple of fries from Katy. ha.

So I met my friend and neighbor at Lifeway and we both immediately went toward Beth Moore and a new study of "Entrusted".  It's more about sharing the Gospel and that we are entrusted to do so.  My father had a compassion for this.  I have not and will admit, that I do not have a passion for sharing God's word.  That sounds horrible.  It's not that I don't want to share it.  I think it's just that I am more of an introvert, I'm not a religious freak, and I just keep it real.  I share things that I'm in awe of that God does.  I share things as it relates to me.  I share things easily when others around me are in distress or in need of prayer, or needs a friend, or an answer.  It's easy for me to share when people are at their bottom.  I guess I feel like no one is listening otherwise.  People often have to be broken or at least tender hearted to open the window of conversation.  So this is a lesson I think I need.  My perception that others are selfish, doing their own agenda, and not really interested (which I do feel is mostly true) keep me from having a passion of sharing the gospel and the fact that I'm basically an introvert.  So I'm really anxious to see what this lesson will teach us.  I prayed that we would find the lesson we needed.  While I would not normally pick that lesson out of a list - somehow we BOTH walked right toward it.  I will take a pic of the cover.  We had said how the cover pulls us in.

So we also bought a $10 pack of very nice fine point color pins, mechanical pencils and highlighters.  We couldn't resist.  lol

So I will be doing the first lesson this weekend.

Last night George and Katy and I watched "The Terminal".

Then sleep was good!

Well, I guess I will go fix a shake.  Or perhaps some eggs.  Not sure which.  Haven't decided.  I guess since I have time I should fix eggs.  I WILL say that I'm happy to hear that the podcasts are saying "Go ahead and eat that butter".  lol  No vegetable oils.  Coconut oil ok and olive oil only if it is the true imported kind and not a blend.

Well, George bought two books for me yesterday.  I'll take a pic of these two.  One is a book Terri Irwin wrote about Steve Irwin.  Also bought me a book about the restaurant business called Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.  I need to get some reading in.  I think I'll focus on reading in the next few weeks.  Plus the Bible Study.

We are planning on going to church tomorrow and I've requested to eat at Ruby Tuesday getting a salad afterward.  I love their salad bar.

I better go get another load going in the washer and get a 2nd cup of coffee and also get breakfast figured out.  I'm getting hungry.  Maybe I'll have my shake mid day.

Oh, I meant to say that George has an interview next week but it's really far away from the house. It's on the way to Shelbyville, TN and in Cristiana. It would be a horribly long commute for him. Life as he knows it would be very different.  He has some big decisions to make if offered the job that could change a lot of things. So pray for us that the right job, the right location, the right deal comes along.

Well, ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. I've done many Beth Moore Bible studies and have never been disappointed. So I'm sure you'll enjoy the one you picked out. Having someone to do it with is good too. Hope you have a great Saturday !

  2. getting out to walk about was good for you for sure. hope the storms don't disrupt your day too much.


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