Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trying to Catch Up on Life

This portion of the entry left on Friday night:

LOL!  Well, maybe I'll leave my glasses off for a while and then I won't think I need to clean this weekend.

Didn't blog this morning.  I could NOT get up.  Was just tired out from the week.  So I was going to go in early but I guess I slept long enough and was moving so slow that didn't happen either.

I'm so grateful to get to sleep some and have a relaxing day tomorrow.

George and I are both excited about our day tomorrow - we are having a "snow day".  It really is going to snow but not much.  We do have to go get Katy tomorrow night.   We might go to the store.  I've not been in a while.  I'd like to get a few things.  Don't need much.  I need to look in the freezer and see what all we have and see what we need to go with things.  We are out of a lot of veggies, out of greens, and out of "quick" things to eat for the most part.

We have eaten sooooo well on the trip that I feel so monstrous.  I'm kinda looking forward to the cleanse day Monday.  I've had a couple of shakes in the last few days and have tried to dial it back some.  I mean when you eat out you just pack on the calories.

This part of the blog written Saturday morning:

Then dinner was ready and we watched Revenge - so I couldn't finish the blog after that b/c I was sleepy.  This is why I don't blog at night.  lol

So, up again this morning.  My phone woke me up at 5:00 a.m. from a deep sleep.  Something is wrong with the iphone.  Every morning since Oklahoma City - it has gone off at 5:00 a.m. in a series of alert dings - like messages coming through.  But there is nothing that I have set.  I deleted the Messenger app as it starting doing that after I began playing a game of Tetris and checking out the "Me" Assistant in Messenger.  I deleted Messenger but the dinging is still there.  Is is possible for the iPhone to get a virus?  I've got to google and see what is wrong and do an update and see if that helps.  I think there is one update that is due.

I'm very excited to get away from trying to catch up at work.  I've just exhausted myself the last day or so trying to get as much done as I can.  My shoulders are hunched over and tense and I'm stiff.  So glad to be able to have a day to breathe and focus on my agenda here at the house.  I also have to work tomorrow.  And then next week will be a "bit easier" as I'm at my desk more but it will be a fury of a time working out of all that I got buried under in the last week.  When you are away and come back you realize just how much you do in one day.  Anyway, said I wouldn't talk about work as stirs up and invites the trolls.  So phhhbbbbt on that! lol

And since I've only been working, I guess that leaves little of a life to talk about.  But I'm glad to be home and there is much to do here.

We are on the last shows of Revenge.  We watched two last night and I believe we have about 3 more Soprano shows so we are in the last of that.

I ordered a John Denver book while I was away.  It's a biography.  I started to last week but realized there was shipping and it was not Prime and labeled myself as selfish as I had a book shelve of books.  Other sites have the same book going up in value and I'm thinking it is becoming rare.  I decided to just do it.  So it's coming.  He has always intrigued me and I married someone that looks and acts like him so I've got to read it.  I had an 8 track player as a young girl with two 8 tracks.  One was Tanya Tucker and the other John Denver.  I wore those things out.  I loved to sing along and memorize the words.  I loved hearing John Denver sing on about Rocky Mountains and Aspen Pines.  I think it stirred the adventurer in me, and always made me want to visit Colorado and yet I've never been.  It's been shipped and on it's way.

I have to order some more Isagenix today.  I'm almost out of my daily Ionix Stress vitamin drink. It's packed with B vitamins, and other nutrients that is supposed to sharpen mental focus and help with stress.  I'm a believer.  I won't go without it now.  It also has Thiamin, Niacin, Zinc, and it has powders from all sorts of fruits - like blueberries and kiwis.

I also have to order my daily vitamin packs which has everything in it too.  All of designed to get at the cell level and help with bone, brain, heart, breast health, and supports energy.  They also include omega 3 fatty acids and fish oil and CoQ10 and citrus bioflavinoids.  I told George I would never be able to copy this on my own - and it costs less just to buy it from them than to try to buy all this stuff and take it.  So it does make me feel better.  I don't always take my P.M. pack so I'll be taking those in the A.M. over the next week til my new ones come in.  There is only one pill difference from the A.M. and P.M. packs.  The A.M. pack has one pill extra which is a vitamin C, bioflavinoids kind of vitamin.  So I'm stretching the vitamins out a bit.  Sometimes I'm just too sleepy to stand there and take a bunch of vitamins, lol.

We had/have the chance of getting a few flurries but I've not seen any yet.  It really didn't seem cold enough but maybe that is b/c I was on my porch and the wind not hitting me, this morning when I took the dogs out.

I love this quiet hour.  Pets are fed.  It's totally my time to think and do.  No one talking.  No dogs begging.  No phones ringing.  Just me, my coffee, my laptop, and the sound of the washer and dryer in the background.  The day is spread before me.

And I guess we'll go to the store today.  And we'll pick our Kate up at the airport tonight.  I know she hates to leave Cody.  She has face timed us with pics of their house out there.  They have demo'd the interior and some of the exterior. The work is ready to be done.  Katy got to pick out some of the furniture.  She and Cody were in a fishing tournament and she caught a huge fish. 

And then last night they were at a really nice hotel in Dallas and spending the day together before her flight back this evening.  We will take Findlay to greet her.

Well, I'm anxious to get started on my day, my laundry, unpacking my suitcase, grinding coffee, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming and dusting, surface cleaning, magazine projects, ordering Walmart, ordering Isagenix, reading, watching, planning meals, grocery shopping, changing sheets, cleaning the tub, ironing for next week, taking care of doggies, picking Katy up and finding out what's wrong with my phone and then falling into bed! Should be quite the day in which I'll be happy if I even get half of that done.

Ya'll have a good day!


  1. I hope your enjoy your Saturday ! It does look like a lot to get done, but when you love what you do anything is possible. I will be praying for a safe trip home for your Kate. The time you have left is getting shorter and shorter. Work will always be there but it is not our life. so we have to remind ourselves to enjoy the important things. I think it's those things that help to keep us grounded. I haven't had any problems with my iPhone, but I did see an update was available. When ever I'm having a problem with my phone. I shut it completely down. Turn it off and then turn it on again. That seems to help. Enjoy your day to the fullest !

  2. Glad Katy had a nice visit with her husband. enjoy your snow day. i liked john denver too. should be a good book.

  3. Sorry I didn't get in to reply but I've had a couple of days since I came back from the frozen north ! that I havnt felt at all well, I even had to call the Dr.....and I never do that unless I feel I'm dying LOL....anyway as the room was spinning round me and Iwas so sick and had been for a couple of hours he sent a prescription to our chemist and Mary got one of our kind neighbours to go collect it at once. Thankfully after taking just one pill that I had to put under my lip to slowly dissolve after another few hours I felt things slowing down so was able to get to bed...I coudnt even walk before that.....when I woke yesterday I was much better just felt as if I had been hit with a train ! Not that I know how that would feel LOL....I just sat here and did nothing except make dinner last feel almost back to normal. I'm so glad to read that you and Kate are home safely. I look forward to hearing how her job interview went and also Georges ?.....hope you are not going to do to much work today.....just the vital parts....take care and God Bless. Xxx. PS I can't remember if I sent you my holiday SAGA ! It's a long read....but can send it if you want


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