Monday, April 9, 2018

Vidalia Onions, Sister Wives, and Weird Dreams

Well, at least Katy and I both got our suitcases unpacked.  Yesterday was more of a work day since I had to leave around 12, stop and get lunch for everyone, and then on to the benefit meeting and get set up for it.  I left around 3 and met Katy to get our nails done.  I was going to stay and clean up from the lunch, after the benefit section of the meeting, but the guys told me to leave it and they would do it when they finished.  They wanted to eat more!  lol.  So off to the nail salon and then went on home as George was fixing a ham dinner.  And it was very good. We had fresh corn with it.  Fresh corn is showing up in the stores.  I'm just waiting for the vidalia onions to show up.  There is NO onion like the Vidalia.  We slice one up and put it in aluminum foil with butter, salt, pepper and sometimes garlic (dress it up how you like) and put it on a pan (in case said butter leaks out) and cook it in the oven for about 45 min on 350.  Have been looking for them.  But they are not in yet.

Watched Sister Wives last night.  (I'm still waiting for the Brother Husbands show, lol).  I think the season might be over now.   I will miss them.  I enjoy watching them and want to see more.  I love each of their personalities and will look forward to the next season.  We are left with a Cliff Hanger with Cody and Meri. 

So I feel like I didn't really have much of a day off since I had a meeting right in the middle of the day taking a chunk of time - just enough to keep you from getting anything of significance done the other parts of the day.  But the morning was nice and quiet at least and then dinner was good, watched the show and headed to bed.

Strange dreams last night.  Just mayhem.  Was actually glad to wake up.  I do remember watching sharks swim in a feeding frenzy at the waters edge of a beach and remember talking to a friend about why she is so stressed and telling her to go to the doc and get a vitamin D prescription, lol or start to take more vitamins all together.  Then I opened the door and found Mr. Soprano in the closet and was thinking...oh no wonder you are stressed.  Mr. Soprano, in this case, was not alive and that is when I woke up.  lol  And was glad to be at that point.  I mean who wants to dream about Mr Soprano.  Geez.  So the sharks are circling and dead men are being found in closets. What is going on?  The most disturbing of all is that I wanted to get the shirt out to wear that he was leaning on.  lol  lol lol

So the meaning of the shark: 
To see a shark in your dream indicates feelings of anger, hostility, fierceness, and ruthless. You or someone else is going through emotional period and can be a threat to people's well beings. Alternatively, a shark represents a person in your life who is greedy and unscrupulous.

And the meaning of a dead man in a closet:
  • Seeing a corpse or dead body in a dream may represent something inside or some aspect of Self that has died but you are reluctant to forget about it or bury it in the past.  May symbolize a waking life situation or a relationship that has ended which you have not yet buried or laid to rest -- you continue to think about it or hope it will be resurrected.  A corpse may also suggest that you are feeling dead inside or you are unable to feel or express any emotions.  
Interesting!  Or could it have been that Shark Tank email I got lol, or the fact that we've watched a few shows and everybody is starting to die off of the main characters.  Who knows.

Today I'm on a cleanse day.  And pretty happy to be.  I'm sure the way I've eaten the last week, that today could be really hard coming off the calories.

I have a physical on Wednesday morning and can't have anything past midnight.  But that is ok.  My physical is at 6 a.m.  Usually black coffee is ok.  But my text said nothing so I'll obey.  And then I'll stop and get coffee on the way in to work.

Much to do today and to concentrate on.  Usually cleanse days are really good days for concentration (during the day).  At night not so much.  A TV show helps mask the hunger though.  But I'll get my whey thins before bed so I can sleep.

So I guess I will go on and go in today.  I'm really slammed right now.

Ya'll have a SUPERB Monday.   We'll see where this week takes us.


  1. One of the old wives tales passed on by grandmother said that to dream of death meant new birth. New life is a lot better way of thinking for me. Hopefully some new things coming your way. Having your Sunday broken up by work made for a very short day for you. Hopefully Monday will be the start of a great new week for you !

  2. Hopefully your day is fast and smooth. The cleanse will be refreshing. You will be fine.

  3. You have had a busy week. I hope this week is a good one for you.
    We love the vidalia onions too. I usually slice some up with green peppers and mushrooms when we have steaks. That was nice they fed everyone lunch where you work. We use to have stuff like that where Iuse to work. I miss it.

  4. dinner sounded good. my husband likes vidalia onions too. haven't seen them here either. weird dreams to be sure. glad you woke up.


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