Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Waiting to GO! lol

Not sure how I've slept til 5:10 and I sit here before you blogging.  I didn't do a couple of my morning routines though so I guess that is how.  I didn't make coffee and everyone will just do a k-cup, which some do anyway since I make it so early. 

I can't have anything to eat and drink until after the physical. But it's at 6:40 and this blog must be fast.  I've lined up my shake for today and my snack and will pack either tuna fish or a lean cuisine for lunch.  The shake will be my breakfast at work.  The blender is easy to stick in my pack so I'm so glad a blender was in the Isagenix pack.   I have a friend at work who is traveling on a cruise and also going outside the US.  They can't have their blenders b/c it has blades in them.  The shakes are not near as good when you can't add ice and blend them. 

So I'm also having to wait to GO so that I can do the urinalysis - lol.  <----No it is not really funny.  But I know from the last two years, if you GO when you get up out of bed, you CAN'T GO a few minutes later when your instructions are nothing to eat and drink after midnight.  So this is hard when you are old and have a bladder the size of a green pea. 

............................................One hopes there is not a sneeze.

After the visit I will get coffee.  I'm thinking I may have to stop and get some b/c I don't really want to drive for 40 minutes with no coffee in me.  lol

And with all that said I need to go put on make up, do hair, grab the final needs for my eating today so I'll be ready to be at the office all day.  Can't believe it is Wednesday. 

Well, off to kick off the day! 


  1. Yuck, no morning coffee is hard to take for sure ! I hope you do get one afterward ! Coffee is one of the ways I always start my day, so I can imagine how you're feeling. Hope the rest of your day is much much better...Over the hump of this week we go!

  2. Hope all has gone to plan at Drs. By now you will almost be thinking about going home....another day gone, only two more and it's Saturday. YIPPEE. XXX


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