Friday, April 13, 2018

Walmart Flaking Out On Me, and Nutrition and Vitamins

Good morning!  Quick entry here.  Been a busy morning of extra snoozes, doggies, cleaning kitchen, ordering household needs online.  Walmart is flaking out on us with extra high prices (stupid prices) and the lack of having my favorite items.  So I've just flaked out on them by ordering said items from and feel I got quite the deal.  So pbbbbth take that Walmart!

The days here are going fast.  Made some progress yesterday on a project that made me feel a lot better about getting things done.  Fighting my way through things at work but it takes a lot of focus working through the maze.

Yesterday someone asked about Mom's smoothies for Macular Degeneration.  She said it was a Dr. Campbell that had the idea.  And I found this:  Dr. Campbell's Recommendation 

That gives you enough info I think that you can continue the googling of it.  Mom said that she has a few more days of it but the raw veggies and fruits - so much in a row have been hard on her stomach.  So she is hoping she can finish but says that her eyes have improved. 

I'm continuing my Podcast listening on nutrition.  It's almost become a hobby.  I sure do feel better being on the Isagenix products.  The last week I've only been doing one set of vitamins a day b/c I was running out.  I can tell a difference this week.  But the new ones are in and I'll begin taking both the a.m. and p.m.  I ordered the wrongs ones though. I didn't get the most expensive ones on auto ship that had the Isagenesis in it - which is some kind of "telemore" thing that prevents aging at the cellular level.  At $79 more dollars a month - I'm not sure I want it.  My friend Lisa says she can tell a difference.  I told her I'd see - since I will be without it for a month.  If I see a huge difference I might consider the $80 purchase but that seems a bit much. 

Anyway I need to get ready and get on the road.  Seems like we are always at work and if not there we are getting ready to go.  I'm looking forward to being home and switching gears or working on things on our agenda here which gets ignored 70% of the week. 

Pretty day today.  Storms tomorrow and a cold front.  No real plans this weekend and I'm happy about that.

Well, gotta go!  More tomorrow! 


  1. It's good you are sharing the info on the eyes, makes me realize how important it is to eat well. Hope your mom is getting better. It's to be a beautiful day here but it won't last. Spring is definitely giving us a roller coaster ride this year. Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend !

  2. Yes, the Walmart higher pricing is driving me away too. I hardly ever order from them anymore. Target has good prices and just as fast, shipping.

  3. Thank you for the information about the eyes. My husband has it in one of his eyes. I will try the smoothies. I shop at Walgreens at least one a week. You can really find good sales and they sell the best nuts there. I get a fruit and cashew mix that we love. They run on sale for 1.99. I think it is wonderful the isagenix is helping you and improving your health. It is 78 degrees here and windy. It blows my hair all over my head. I have to recomb soon as I get in the car. lol..but hey I will take it any day over cold. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. i hope the smoothies help your mother. walgreens works. good for you switching. 80 dollaes for vitamins sounds a bit excessive, i agree.


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