Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A "Calling"

Recently in our Bible study, Beth Moore talked about "our calling".  I questioned the term with the group, wanting to understand the meaning of "called" and I how deep that went or how deep that "meant", I guess.  Was I really called?  Isn't everyone called and not every one answers?  (yes).  I was taught to look out for those teaching Predestined thoughts - that one's life was already planned out and nothing we could do would change it.  That "free will" had to be there before God's plan would work to save those that had chosen him.  And I always thought that we had to choose him and if we didn't we weren't chosen to be his.  But I think I got that backwards, lol.  So I've worked through this "calling" thing a bit this week.  I am happy to say that I have concluded that I am called.  No not in a predestined path.  Yes, God has a will for me.  My will has to follow or not - it's my choice.  Yes he knows what my purpose is and the plan is - and he is omniscient so he knows how it will turn out.  And He can lead me and guide me.  But I've still struggled with the "calling" part of it as far as my life.  And happy to say that with an exercise that Beth Moore had us do across our lives, I have been able to see "that I was called".  

Am I really in a group such as those whose names are Moses, Paul, Timothy, Jonah, David, and many others who were "called"?  Well, I've determined that the answer is yes.  

Well, God so intricately saw to it that we were made in the womb just as he wanted us to be - the Bible tells us that.  

Those little facts about my childhood.  Only child til age 10, learned to enjoy routines, and loved to write and draw.  Paper and pencils always called me.  I was provided a desk and it always thrilled me to work at my desk.  Oh my.  These are things I've not even considered - how at a young age - I was already organizing my desk, planning my work, planning my life.  

From there, there have been others in my life that put me places I needed to be - with whom I needed to be.  Grandmothers who taught me about God while visiting their houses - and living as an example.  Telling me to trust in Him and not to fear and read my Bible every day and even how to shoo the devil away, when I realized there was a devil ("Get thee from behind me Satan").  

Church at Highland Church of Christ growing up - many good Bible teachers and church camps with the community.  

Daddy, who took us to church, started personal evangelism, Open Bible Studies, and later became a minister.  Mom, a minister's wife who served the ladies of the church with food and throwing showers for those having babies and getting married and for being bold at upholding justice when it needed to be upheld - wherever in life we were - church, home, community or with friends.  

Taken out of highschool and placed in a spiritual setting of Columbia Academy where excellent teachers of the gospel and theology showered upon us the gospel, Paul's journey, detailed descriptions of all that led to Christ's death and resurrection. 

Then on to Lipscomb in which I sat at the feet of great teachers such as Tom Holland, Leo Snow, and many others deeply teaching the word of God and the Christian life.  (Mr. Snow also baptized my father in the creek many years before - the tapestry flows.)

Fast forward a few years to Gallatin Church of Christ where the ladies Bible Study (Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, Joyce Meyer and more) spoke to my heart and made my walk more Personal and Alive.  Loved the ladies of this group.  Learned by example.  Many mentors.  Learned to pray out loud.  Learned to lead a class.  Learned to facilitate. 

Cross over into my personal life at the time.  Becoming an HR professional - learning - my persona built for a one on one person to person experience and learning to do things like training, speaking to a group, facilitate learning.   

Fast forward a few years - a spouse that keeps me grounded and thinking straight (as best as he can, lol).  And now doing deep Bible studies with my Sister in Law, neighbor, and my daughter.  All at a crossover point in time in EACH of our paths.  

I can see a theme word in my life across time and I'd call it OPPORTUNITIES.  I had a lot of opportunities.  Others took part in putting me in those opportunities.  I accepted them and desired them.  A few things got in the way here and there as the devil tries to thwart.  

But to think back at all those opportunities, mentors, teachers, preachers, friends, parents of friends - all who were a part of making me who I became.  It's no accident.  

As sure as a burning bush talked to Moses, a plan was set in motion for my life as well.  Having a look back exercise such as that in which we listed our mentors, our churches, our church groups and all that has landed our way, I see it.  

I have the gift of admin and encouragement.  My gift is primarily one on one with stretches of facilitating here and there.  I have desks in two places and can serve him from either.  And do.  My calling may not be to go to Africa on a mission trip.  My calling may be simply to encourage or enrich or to plant a seed or pray for or to aid another in their walk, or to lead another to trust or pray when they are at their low point in their life.  A touching of sorts.  I might not be the one preaching the gospel to many - but I might be one of the 20 touches that leads another to be convinced that God is real and alive and has a plan for their life too.  

What a neat exercise and I feel so encouraged and special to have been given the opportunities that others provided for me and to have been placed where I was in each portion of my life.  It helped me see the God woven tapestries through others lives as they cross my own.   It's so clear that God has been there guiding those that have guided me, as my life has been shaped.  

And I am seeing how it is that I am entrusted.  

So on another note - George's job went great yesterday.  He said he was happy to see that most people at Bible's on their desks.  Is that not always a welcome sight?  The day went well.  The drive was only 30 minutes away from traffic.  And of course he discovered there was a winery near by that he wants us to check out some weekend.  lol 

Well, I better go.  Much to do before leaving for work now.  Ya'll have a wonderful day.  


  1. We are called, we are chosen...to be Christ for one another...is one of the hymns we sing at church and so true. I've done many Bible studies and each one has taught me much, sometimes it's just refreshing what I already knew but had forgotten. You are blessed to have those around you that support you and have the same beliefs. What a difference it makes. Who knew there were still places that had Bibles on their desks at work. Gives one a sense of belonging for sure !
    Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

  2. Great news about the job. The bible study sounds good. I wish we had something like that close to home.

  3. it sounds like you do indeed have a calling. something to be grateful for.


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