Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Hilarious Bout of Reorganization and Wine, Music, and Picnic with Friends

Today's blog post covers two days and is a long one!  All the dogs got their trims and had their spa day yesterday.  Ms. Maisy is so cute and dainty.  We got up and headed out to take the critters to their trims and then yard sailed in the rain.  I found a place that had some clothes my size.  And bought a couple of things that were like new.  Also found a Greg Norman golf shirt like new for George for $3.  He was happy and said "good eye".  

We came home and I began laundry and grabbed a shower and started working on my calendar systems and what has happened next is what I just call a hilarious but productive change of reorganization events.  

The calendars needed room.  I am also by default, going to end up becoming a consultant for the  nutrition products that I have invested in myself, which means my desk area needed to grow, not only for the calendars but for materials and projects and a place for all my big goals to be placed.  (People are asking for this product, and I'm not going to keep it from them!)
We were incredibly busy yesterday but have had a little room to breathe today.  Yesterday I began pushing out from my desk and reorganizing everything.  It was making a mess across this half of the house.  And I get in a bad mood when things get in a mess and don't have a proper home.  I can't thrive amidst mess. 

So...ummm...the past two days this has happened....

  • The basket that held all my "magazine pages- making the magazine come alive projects" needed to be gone through and relocated.  I needed a place to put my business calendar and my immediate needs for the nutrition information and business brochures and so forth.  
  • So the other side of my desk was crowding me out.  I needed a place to increase more file folder space that no doubt I'll be generating.  I also needed to find a spot for my current Bible study, book, pens, and so forth.  So I had to move the Keurig into the kitchen.  This kinda broke my heart but I was determined to bust out the space I needed.  And I wanted that more!  

  • So I put the Keurig on the kitchen counter.  And oh my goodness it was just too much.  So....

  • I'd been thinking about doing away with the big sugar and the flour canisters because I'm just not wanting to eat enriched flour anymore and certainly don't need the sugar.  So...I emptied the sugar and emptied the flour and emptied the oats - all into their own separate baggies and labeled.  I mean it looked weird to keep the oats there by itself.  lol  

  •  So when I put the bags into the pantry with everything else in there it just felt like everything was out of sorts, crowded, and all mixed up.  So I had to work on that some too.  It still needs work but doing that made me decide to put some of the grains and things we use often, in the kitchen in smaller mason jars and that would help "cuten up" the counter a bit.  

  • So that meant that they needed chalk labels and that meant I needed to find the white chalk pen - but it was missing.  Everything is so jumbled up and junked up and squeezed into together that I can no longer FIND Any Thing and that DRIVES me crazy!  Often I look for things and it's been moved - whether it's by me, or a member of my family.  So I said "It's not where I normally keep it in with the chalk labels."  George then said that I was implying that he or Katy had taken it and started in on me by saying "and just who would have moved it".  My answer was "anyone that would have used a chalk pen I guess - I don't know - I just can't find it."  He said I was implying they took it.  I told him I just wanted to find it - it didn't matter who had it whether it was me or him or Katy.  He said I always accused them of things.   It went south from there, and we both shut down.  Things get lost all the time and we ask if others have seen them.  Sometime we end up moving things ourselves but sometimes someone else does.  We all live here and if you can't find something you should feel comfortable to be able to ask those around you.  Sometimes they have moved it.  But I guess now if I lose things I feel like I'll just have to find it myself and not ask if anyone has seen it for fear that someone will think I'm accusing them of taking it.  lol I mean really?  I accused him of being mad over the situation and he said I was mad.  Well he was right.  He DID make me mad.  But only after he got mad first.  lol  Which he denies. Then he tries to tell me how our conversation just went.  I was there for it so that is not necessary.  I don't need anyone telling me how I feel or what I said.  I know what I said. I'm the one that said it.   I tried to shake this from the day.  I was on a mission to get things reorg'd and I didn't have time for this.  Chalk pen found in with the OTHER pack of labels - not the pack I was looking in.  As I told him, there's always Amazon, but I'd like to find the missing one I'd already bought.   Sometimes I think the devil is just out to mess with you through others.  Well he (the devil) better back off b/c he's messing with ME and I have limits as to what I will allow.   All that was so petty, but gosh darn it.   I'm out of sorts and panic when things get moved or go missing.  So I'm that way so what's the big deal? I've always been that way.  That's why everything needs a place.  While this argument was discouraging it's NOT going to get me down.  Not today and not ever if I can help it.  So all THAT said... I needed to move some stuff so I can find my chalk labels and chalk pens without that area being crowded. 

  • So....the jars have labels now and have found their spot in the kitchen.  I have a place for the labels and the chalk pen - same place as always but it doesn't have 40 things on top of it anymore.  

  • So...I moved the essential oils from there as it was taking up too much space.  But it was in a tupperware container and I didn't want that sitting around on the book shelf in the den by the diffuser, so I used the basket that the dog's meds were in on the kitchen counter.  And that worked.   

  • So then what to put the dog meds in?  So I found a basket in the hallway closet that had make up brushes in it and that was the perfect size and I put those brushes in another drawer in the closet with some other beauty items.  
  • So then I thought that the kitchen decor behind the keurig and the newly labeled mason jars needed some updating.  So, I "went shopping througout the house" to find some decor to redecorate the kitchen walls around the counters and under the cabinets.  I was tired of the other anyway.  I ended up using mini recipe books to line around in the background and I'm happy with the way it all turned out. 

  • But while looking for the decor, I found this clock downstairs in a box that used to be at George's Mom's house.  So then I asked George if he liked the options of where I wanted to put it.  And he hung it for me.  And so now I've forgiven him for yesterday I've just decided.  lol  I guess we can be both a blessing and curse to our spouses at times.  

  • And then, there was all those 10 kinds of k-cup boxes - yikes, where to put those?  Oh my.  So....

  • The basket that was holding the onions, and garlic and potatoes was kinda big for the counter so I put the K-cups in that and it looks cute and I put that on a long table we have in the kitchen, over by Alexa. 

  • Soo....then where was I going to put the onions and taters and garlic?  Well, the basket that was holding the boxed teas in b/w the den and kitchen looked like a nice size for them. 

  • Soooo....then I moved out the tea and put the onions in that one and it looks great.  

  • And then I had to find another basket to put the teas in, which I had one that didn't have anything else in it and therefore the chain stopped there!  :-)  Whew! 

And here are the final results of all that moving and shaking: 

Redecorated kitchen counter with grains, beans, and no more sugar, no enriched flour. 

Functional coffee center and dog meds in between so we won't forget.

My newly "recreated" desk area for blogging, household ordering, socializing, and doing business.
Notice the round clock to the right of my bulletin board! 

Desk area, view 2. 

Tea Center

Extra K-cups found a home with see thru sides in case you need to dig for the one you want!

My personal calendar, goals, and personal files. 

Place to put my Bible Study and will also put my other "current reading" books. 

My business calendar, ipad, and folders to put business related items in. 

Still needs some work but I did work on it. 

Chalk labels and chalk pen, in clear site!  I use these often.

Essential oils by the diffuser, makes perfect sense.  

Whew!  It was a lot of work that I started yesterday and had to finish today or I'd not have been able to start my week.  Everything looks nice and is functional and it's been a long time coming.  Thank you Lord for me getting two calendars.  See what it made me do?  

Yesterday we left the house while I was in the midst of all this and the house was a mess and my head was not in a good place b/c I wanted it all to be worked out already.  But I was able to shake it off and go out and have a good time with our friends. 

Lisa, Amber, Katy, and me!

While we did go to have some wine and some good food (picnic we brought) we found time to get in a small hike and we drank lots of water as well as sips of wine!

So can you tell I'm losing some?  I hope so.  I've really not lost that much.  Last checked was 16 lbs.  I love this system and how it's putting in the nutrition and I can have a day with friends and cheat some (it has to be a lifestyle) but get back on track with my nutritious shakes, snacks, drinks and have my cleansing days which contain chocolate.  

We enjoyed our evening, our picnic, and the music and the wine.  There was a band called 9 Volt Romeo that was like a jazz instrumental of 80's music.  LOVED it! 

We were able to sit in a table just big enough under some shelter a table away from the band.  The rain fell - moderate rain - and the clouds were seen across the valley and the vineyards. 

The rain quit finally and that is when we did our walk.  We walked through the woods to the other side of Arrington.  They have opened up the barn with country music on that side.  

Looking out from upstairs of the barn!

The sunset was beautiful.  I barely caught part of it. 

And lights on a tree, which even though it's not Christmas just reminds you that it'll be here again in just a few months.  lol

I just noticed it was made with horseshoes, lol!

We left so we'd get home in time to watch the Preds.  We were a little late.  But that is ok.  I drove home as I'd had the least amount of wine. And lots of water.  

Our babies were glad to see us!  

And this morning I've worked hard on all of the above listed household projects, getting it finished. 
As well, I've done laundry, cleaned kitchen, and ground up this wonderful coffee for the next week or so.  

So now I need to get my Bible Study.  And work on that.  I'm so happy that things are organized.  

Katy has been doing some organizing of her own. Trying to figure out what to take now and what to leave and get at Christmas time.  And all that.  She only has 3 more weeks with us.  :-O  


  1. I can definitely see it. You are giving your body the fuel it needs. Great work!

  2. The doggies are adorable!
    It's funny how one act of organization can lead to more. I bet you feel good about that. I would.
    You look great in the picture. 16lbs is a lot. Just think about if you gained 16. That is a lot. Give yourself the credit. You are doing fantastic & will make a good representative of the program. Congratulations to you.

  3. You're doing great! The sunset was beautiful!

  4. A note to let you know we plan to come up this month. We will be there the last week of May,, leaving on Sunday of the holiday weekend so Ken will have a day to rest before going back to work

  5. the reorganization project made for quite a chore. the vineyards look lovely.

  6. You are such an organizer and to think it all started with the calendars! I use baskets a lot around here to keep things in. Not only are they decorative be very serviceable too. You desk area is wonderful. Now you've inspired me to do more with mine.

  7. When paws can be crossed like that, you know life is good.

  8. You have lost weight. You look good and most important is feeling good. Your little Maisy is cute as button. I enjoy your pictures. I like how you have everything organised with its own place. It looks very nice. Your husband sounds like mine. He never puts anything back where it belongs and it drives me insane. And he can never find anything and when I go in there to find it for him it is sitting right in front of him. Men!

  9. I'm pleased that you got everything reorganised I know what your like when you can't find just what your looking for...must admit though that you had me exhausted with all the moves !!!...I think it's fab you've lost that weight keep going and you will soon come to your optimum weight. It hardly seems any time since Kate came home and now she is going away again...only this time it's for good. You will miss her very much.....hope today at work all was well. We have had a glorious long weekend for once it was the hottest may bank holiday on record I got sitting out although it got too hot so it was a case of in out, in out, but got my tan back. I always feel better if I get a bit of tan on my arms face etc...take care love don't be overdoing things. Night night nGod t Bless. Xx


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