Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Job, A Party, and a Rejuvination

My favorite car at a friend's Goodguys Kick off Party, Advanced Plating, Nashville, TN

Well, I've not felt good in a couple of days - just exhausted.  I think I've pinned it down to about 3 things making it the perfect storm of defeat:  sleep has not been adequate this week, the food I had at the Mexican place on Wednesday was not quite right, and three - with everything else going on lately - my mind and body and spirit is just SPENT.  

We have good news.  George is going to be working for the next six months or so with a mining company that mines zync in a procurement position.  It is 40 minutes on the interstate against traffic going the other way.  He is working through  Robert Half - accounting agency temp company and they offered decent pay - especially since he's still getting paid from the guitar company.  So....sweeet.  For now anyway.  

Our life is about to change next week though.  It's been nice having George here for the doggies, to fix things, to run errands, and to vacuum and clean up some on Wednesday's before the bible study.  I will have to take all the dogs out in the mornings now and that will cut out a chunk of my blog time unless I can get up at 4 on the nose.  We will figure it out.  It will require more of me in the mornings with the doggies treats and such.  But George has done it for years as he has both left later and gotten home earlier than me as his commute has always been better. 
Anyway - I guess he'll get home earlier still though.  But we are excited.  I asked him if he'd have to work in the mine.  He said he would probably have to visit it from time to time and they did tell him to wear jeans and a polo shirt.  But he will be working in an office setting.  He teased me in a text at first and said "oh I won't be working THAT far underground".  I was on the internet googling the company at that point until he texted me and said "just kidding".  I guess he knew I'd be getting all in a wad over it. 

So...we are excited and this is good. And he'll probably be needing a new car soon.  

So, the pic above is at a friend's business at Advanced Plating where we had dinner and got to see some of the old cars that people had fixed up.  They had a BBQ dinner.   It was great.  Then last night after work we went over the same friend's house on the lake for a party there with a band, a breeze, Mexican dinner, drinks, and a beautiful sunset.  See for yourself. 

Casa Vieja, our favorite Mexican restaurant catered.

What a wonderful view to eat dinner to, and a wonderful breeze and warm air. 

Backlit was the band - an 80's band.

The back of the house is just beautiful with the pool reflecting.

We are still trying to learn how to do selfies with a scene behind us.  lol 

The BIGGEST bowl of Guac I've ever seen in my life.  It was good too!

A great time had by all.  And just what I needed to relax and unwind and feel better.  I also got to sleep in this morning.  George knew I needed the rest and he took the dogs out.  

So, I'm so happy to have a day with no where to be.  No schedule.  And I don't have a lot on my list.  Don't let me kid you though.  There is plenty to do but again, I don't have a lot on my list that I'm making myself do today.  I'll do what I want, when I want.  ;-) After all it's Mom's day weekend right?  And I am feeling better and getting rejuvenated.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a relief on the job situation! I know that some really good jobs do come out of temp jobs. Who knows! I heard from my son that's been out of work about the same amount of time that George has and he started a new job this week too. Hope you have a happy relaxed Saturday to enjoy! Relax and feel better !

  2. Happy Mothers Day! enjoy your weekend. Congrats to your George on his job. Sometimes those temp jobs get your foot in the door to a permanent position. He might be better off there than at his last job. I know the doggies will miss him being at home. But you want have but three before long. It is a beautiful day I am off shopping.

  3. Happy Mother's Day. Congrats to George on the job.

  4. I am so pleased to see that George has got a job. I pray he will like it and that the travelling won't be too much or the hours away from home to hard on you both and the wee's such a responsibility having four dogs but this will be down to three soon when Finlay goes to be a Texan dog !...glad that you had a restful weekend planned....I pray that it will help your health so that you are not so tired ans weary ...God Bless. Xx


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