Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Little Glimpse of Yesterday and a Body Found on the Interstate :-O

I forgot to post this sweetie's little picture yesterday from the weekend.  It's truly wonderful to have the doggies by your side.  When I do my Bible study, most all of them gather 'round.  They love it when we finally sit down.  

Katy and I had a commitment to go get our nails done yesterday evening.  Our schedules are a bit crazy this week and last night was the best night to get it done.  As I figure it, this is most likely the last time we will get to go do our manis and pedis together.  She will be here with us 4 more weeks.  We may be able to sneak one more nails evening in but that last week she is here may be pretty busy.  

So we went to Taziki's afterwards.  Katy wanted the pimiento and cheese appetizer, with no argument from me.  Got a glass of wine each and a water.  The pimiento and cheese had jalapenos in it and the water was needed. lol  But it was good.  Those whole grain cracker things were awesome.    

Here was my gyro.  And of course I opened it and just ate the meat and insides out of it.  I did not eat the pita wrap.  And I only had 1/2 of a chip just b/c I could.  And I ate the cucumber and tomato and feta cheese salad.  And that was it.  I was as they call it "politely full" and "satisfied" and left feeling great instead of stuffed and bloated.  

Since I'd had my e+ shot (a few ounces of goodness equivalent to a cup of coffee or green tea) in the mid afternoon over ice, I had energy to sustain me til bedtime.  That is another Isagenix product.  I will probably always keep them available as an option.  The taste is not a preferred taste - but after I put it on ice, it wasn't bad.  I hear most reserve it for cleanse days.  I will say that it helped give me energy w/o making me shake.  It's supposed to soothe and not make you shake.  It's not the bad kind of energy drinks that have a lot of caffeine and sugar.   

I am struggling this morning, a bit nauseated and not feeling too good.  I'm not sure if it was the meat from last night or what.  However, til I actually "get sick" the game still plays!  But I'm so very tempted to go put my jammies on and go back to bed.  Nothing sounds good to me for food this morning either, but I am able to have some coffee.  I guess the only thing that really sounds good is peanut butter on whole grain.  So perhaps I will do that.  

I bought a "natural peanut butter".  A new one out by Peter Pan, I think.  I tried to find one with the least amount of oils and sugar.  And that was it.  Will take a pic if I think of it.

I will be going to the funeral today of my friend.  And when I get back home tonight I have a list of things to do.  Will be downloading the video and trying to get it to play on the big TV.  I'll be dicing the chicken and marinating that, and will make the cilantro dressing, and going ahead and chopping the lettuce and getting that in a big bowl.  And I have two days worth of lessons to get on the Bible study and I have to clean up the house.  So I'm really pushing the envelope here with my to do list. Something will not get done - unless there is a miracle. But our Beth Moore Bible study is tomorrow night.

Tonight Katy and George will be watching the preds. 

And that is about all I know.  I am longing for some additional free time. 

I also wrote a book in my head last night b/w two and four a.m. as I tossed and turned.  Why on earth my brain was in overdrive I'll never know.  I outlined twenty things about the HR field based on my "oh too many" years of experience. The HR Insider - sounds like a good book to me.   lol But wonder if it will sell.  I figure I have the credentials to write it now.  A masters degree and 30 years of experience.  Hmmmmm. 

God is answering my prayers I think for a few things I want to accomplish.  I do need some more down time though.  

Gibson filed chapter 11 and has a new restructuring now.  The company will be safe at least for a while it seems.  The ownership will be transitioning out as the new financial structure takes over.  Sources indicate the two will remain operating for now for a smooth transition.  

Well I 40 is closed so there is no need to hurry at this point. There was a body on the interstate this morning and so it is closed for investigation.   If everyone normally is going through Hermitage you won't be able to get through there either.  I've been through Hermitage on a normal day and it took an hour and half to get to work in the normal traffic going that way.  So am thinking a 3 hour drive in or so if 40 remains closed.  No thank you.  I'll just stay home for a while and let the congestion clear.  With interstate closed and everyone crawling on it - no one is getting anywhere for a very long time. 

Oh well.  The big question is why was there a body on the interstate?  I think we've become the new Chicago.  

Well, take care ya'll.  I'm going to finish getting ready and hopefully I can leave the house soon.  I had my PB on bread a minute ago and it made me feel better. 

Have a good one.  


  1. Sometimes there is just nothing like a great peanut butter sandwich. I often have it on graham crackers too. And eating it on celery sticks is quite good. I'm glad you and Katy take time out to do things together. 4 weeks will go by fast. I'd be staying home waiting for traffic too, no sense sitting in a traffic jam. Hope the rest of the day is a good one! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. Your little Tuggie looks so sweet. I bet all of your doggies enjoy the bible study too. Pets like to be included. That is terrible about the body. I wonder if someone was walking and got hit and someone ran. Its a beautiful day. Hope you have a good one.

  3. I'm glad you decided to wait till the roads cleared a bit as Ma says no use sitting in a queue if you don't have to. As I write this I hope you and Kate are having a nice relaxing time. It hardly seems possible that she will be leaving home in just four weeks time....It would be nice if maybe you and George could try to fit in a visit to see her lovely new home, I know it's hard with the works issue as it is for George but it is good to hav something to think about even if it is far away time....hope work went ok today and that you got away to the funeral just as I typed that I think I'm a day behind in my comment..please forgive. I seem to be extra tired tonight and my brain isn't working very well !, so night night nGod Bless.

  4. Natural peanut butter has nothing but peanuts not even salt. It is the simplest ingredient label you will read. The natural really taste good.

  5. dinner looks good. and tugie is adorable laying on her pillow. hope you feel better soon.


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