Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A Pretty Wild Day Yesterday

These two have the Preds fever while I thoroughly enjoy a nite at the house with just me and the doggies.  Sadly they lost last night.  

Yesterday was an odd rare bird and one I'd not really care to repeat.  I-40 had been shut down since 2:45 a.m. because there was a body on the interstate that multiple cars kept hitting.  :-O  The interstate was shut down from then until about 8 or a little after.  I waited til 7:30 to leave.  And I knew it would be a long ride in.  My goal was to work until about 9:30 or 9:45 and head to the funeral.  Well, one hour of crawling, turned into two.  It was inch by inch by inch.  Once the interstate opened, we were able to move two inches at a time. lol  Finally after two hours and finally crawling my way to the interstate, was able to get past Donelson and get to work  - just in time to go potty and get gas (yes I was almost out that whole time) and back on the road again.  The funeral was to start at 11 and I wanted to get there at 10 to see the family.  

The funeral was over I guess b/w 11:30 and 11:45 - I was not really looking.  I decided to go back and eat the salad mix left over from the day before - to avoid eating fast food.  Tired of tuna and not having brought anything and not wanting a power bar meal replacement again, I just decided to eat the salad.  The salad was made of kale and the dressing was not very good.  I ended up throwing it away.  I like kale when it's masked, but it just seems like it is too strong of a grassy green for my stomach.  So I tossed it.  And therefore struggled a bit with hunger.   But I had a Isagenix Slim Cake cookie and it helped.  And I had an Isagenix hydrate drink as well.  But by 5 I wasn't sure I'd be able to drive home w/o feeling shaky and sick if I didn't eat something of substance.  Therefore, I splurged. I did not have time to go have a sit down dinner and get salmon and brocolli or a salad - as I had waaaay too much to do.  But I did stop and get a quarter lb double burger at McDonald's.  I'd been wanting a burger anyway and it's been weeks!  I did not get the fries and I got water to drink.  

I'm so glad that I can say "no" to most tempting things.  Cookies, cakes, brownies have all been in our break room this week and I have not even had a desire to touch it.  The sweetness and sugar is not going to mess with my staying off my meds.  I mean serious business.  So the hamburger was very greasy and insanely salty.  I realize now that I've really been eating well for it to taste that way to me.  So yeah it was good - was mainly so I wouldn't die of hunger on the way home - lol.  That is why skipping a meal can be dangerous and not the thing to do.  But I was trying to get back to work and there was not a good quick place to get a healthy meal at either section of the day. 

So at home I had loads to do and I really was not in the mood to do any of it.  But it had to be done, after blogging in the private blog some - and then I began the kitchen clean up which was not too bad.  I chopped the lettuce for tonight, and the scallions, and the lemons and the cucumbers for the detox water.  I made the cilantro lime dressing.  And I chopped the chicken breasts into cubes and began marinating them in flavors of "southwest" - cumin, paprika, coriander, olive oil, and honey.  I hope it works out.  I have begun substituting honey where sugar is called for.  I am even considering removing the flour and sugar containers on my counter and putting something else in the container.  I have oats in one of the three canister sets and we use that quite a bit.  Have not decided what to put in the other too.  We already have one with beans and one with rice - two upright jars.  But not sure what to put in these canisters if I take the flour out and the sugar out.  I'll have to ponder that some.  

So I cleaned up my messes as I went along.  Had to take the dogs out twice - once about 7 and again around 10.  I try to get them out the door once every 3 hours to avoid messes in the house.  It seems to be the magic number.  When we are gone they do pretty well but sometimes there are issues where one couldn't hold it - or refused to.  I take them 2 X 2, like the ark.  lol  George does all 4 at once.  I'm not that coordinated.  I have done it but you have to stay on top of it and do some switcheroos and handwork with the leashes and I'd just soon not have to worry with that mess.  I'm afraid they are going to wind around me so much that I won't be able to move, but be wound with cords like a mummy. 

I unboxed my Target household supplies order and my Isagenix order and put those up.  

I was able to download the Bible Study video and it worked all the way through.  I don't know if we had a bad link last week or what.  Or maybe I was not hooked to our internet for some reason or maybe our internet was having hiccups - it's been known for that.  But I let the video play all the way through to the end. No problems at all. 

So at 30 minutes past bedtime, I began folding laundry - I think it was about 3 loads.  Towels, whites, and another load of clothes.  Really there were 4 but I didn't fold the sheets yet.  I had to go to bed. 
Anyway, while I folded - I was able to reward myself with two YouTube shows of Keep Your Daydream.  It was a productive night and I crashed in bed as my two made it home.   

So tonight we just have to put dinner together, stir fry chicken, lay out the fixings for the taco salad along with the black beans, roasted corn, tortilla chips, cilantro lime dressing - and cut the avocados and make the detox water (lemon cucumber water).  

I need to vacuum real quick as I didn't get to that last night.  

Sleep was good though.  Somehow I was able to get up but I think it's b/c I was sleeping in the hour and half cycles.  

So I try to ignore these types of things but often lights flicker here and there, especially if I'm by myself.  However it did do it while we were in our bible study the other night.  We did have that time the ironing board moved and blocked the laundry door.  And a few times the doorbell rang and no one there.  And today just now, the TV in the kitchen came on by itself.  Now I don't usually attribute these things to other powers - just electrical surges, or a bulb going bad, or a cat that just happened to stretch at the door and hit the doorbell.  But the light flickered when I was in the bathroom last night.  And flickered in the den and just then the little TV in the kitchen came on. Yep by itself. No one up but me. I should be concerned I guess.  But if it is a ghost, it's a friendly one. I guess he/she wants to see the news and bored by reading the blog over my shoulder.  lol  But the TV is kinda getting my attention a bit.  That is a more obvious thing.  lol  At what point do I be concerned?  We do have a cemetery in back of our house.  Right now I'm going to pretend that did not just happen.

This one was talkative last night and wanting some attention.  She and Findlay compete a bit for my attention when I'm at home alone with them.  Findlay actually tried to talk.  She opens her mouth and just gives it her best shot like she was human - just no words that could make sense, but I think she was telling Maisy - get out of my way so she can pet me! She was really telling Maisy how she felt.  Maisy tries to talk but nothing come out.  She moves her mouth up and down.  I took the pic below while she was doing that. lol  She wants to say "I love you for coming home to us and glad to have you back home, I missed you Momma!" Yes I can hear them in my own way.  

So a busy day and an emotional one as well having been sad of our friend's death.   And even though there was lots to do over the evening, it was a pleasant one for the most part.  

And I should end on that.   


  1. That was a busy day and of course with the traffic it didn't start out well, but sounds like you ended on a good note anyway. Strange about that TV coming on by it's self. I'd say something has gone wrong with it's wiring but who knows. I love it when you share pictures of the dogs. They always make me smile. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Wow! I would say a TV coming on is something .... lets say ghostly! I'd be scared! Where I used to live we had two distinctive ghosts. One was my hubbies father who made himself at home in our kitchen. Turning on lights and making something with silverware and dropping it in the sink. Dishwasher going on and so forth. Another who liked to lean on the bed. I saw someone and it was confirmed. We bought Sage and burned it through out the house and it stopped. still creepy!

  3. Love the photo of Kate and her Dad...I'm pleased that you got almost everything done when you were on your own....I think that the lights flickering door bell ringing and now the TV. Means something is seriously wrong with your electrics...please love get it seen to. I know it might be expensive but better that than a fire...I had to have my place retired a couple of years ago, I hadn't had flickering lights etc but I knew it was a very very long time since the electrics had been put in...the electrician said there was a few places that the bare wires were showing and it was only time till two wires clicked together then everything would have blown....not trying to frighten you but please talk to George about it......night night. MGod Bless mope your bible study goes to,

  4. sounds like you got quite a bit done. don't know how you can manage 4 dogs at once. even 2 at once would be a chore for me.


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