Friday, May 18, 2018

A Team of Three Behind Me

Well, enjoying a day off today.  It wasn't originally in the plans, but it just occurred to me suddenly on about Wednesday that it was necessary.  So no big plans, just taking a very much needed break and getting away. 

Isn't it funny how when you try to do the best you can, you do Bible study, you focus on doing everything well in every part of your life - at home, work, with friends, family - but the devil tries to inflict, inflame, and try every way to destroy any ounce of good, any morsel of happiness, and ensures that every good deed is punished, and every warm hearted good thought is distinguished.  He causes distortions, dissensions, and miscommunications, and misconceptions, hurt feelings - and if those things not in direct form then in the form of ostracism - or worse - both.  It breaks your heart when you try so hard and then the devil finds ways to plays havoc with your mindset, and find ways to see you are given a hard time as a person - in whatever role it is happening in. 

Without having God on a person's side, I don't see how people cope. I do cope.  Thank God for the Holy Spirit who tags along with us by our side, aiding us through the tapestries of our lives as we wind through the experiences of each day, with its injustices, and conflicts.

 I'm glad that God gave me the gift of insight but sometimes it is hurtful.  God tells us that fear and anxiety comes from the devil too - so to cast those things to God to handle for us like he tells us to do - is a major deal.  The burden removed and our God deals with it. 

Still every thing that happens to you in your life that is challenging - a "battle" takes place within your heart.  Your normal, sinful, nature wants to take control.  But the Spirit gently reminds you - "Let me handle this".  It nudges when it needs you to take action.  Those who are not Christians, will never understand this.  But they don't have to for me to come out on the other side of a situation unharmed, unscathed, and in a good place.  If one has made the choice to ignore instead of embrace Christianity - they have made their decision to embrace a life without it by default. And in doing so - they fight their own battles.  I'm so glad I don't have that problem.  Spiritual warfare is so very real.  You can't see it so much - but you can certainly feel it - and you know when it's going on.  The devil roams the earth seeking to whom he can devour and destroy.  But I'm armed with the Holy Spirit to battle for me and that means everything.

We are to be anxious for nothing, and we are to "consider it joy" when amidst a trial as you come back "refined as though silver". 

So today I'm hitting a reset button in several ways.  And I'm considering it joy to have this day off.  I consider today a spot on the top of the mountain where I can look behind and see the valley below and understand what is down there in that valley.  And I can be glad I'm up here - doing laundry, cleaning my home, recharging my batteries, petting doggies, reading books, and fixing dinner. 

How awesome to have a whole spiritual team of 3 to have your back! ;-)  And for that one can shout Hallelujah and hear the echos coming back. Sorry to write in code but unfortunately when writing the truth - it's necessary.  No one likes to see how their actions really were in black and white.  It's best to sweep it under the rug for them.  ;-)

Have a wonderful Friday!  I'm gonna dig mine!


  1. I'm so glad that team of 3 has got your back. Life is never easy and we have little control, but the good Lord is in control and wins over evil every time. When the world says it's impossible, He makes everything possible. Enjoy your precious vacation day. Reset, and refresh! Have a fantastic Friday !

  2. Wish you could see me sitting here, I sit nodding, or shaking my head with a smile quivering on my lips. I do love your way with words they come from the heart and are so good...hope you had a lovely day yesterday...I'm going now to read Saturday's blog. Xxx


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