Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Very Big Post ~ Granny Jan, Dinner Out, and my Nutrition Journey

Here is the place where Granny Jan is, in the Alzheimer's "lock down" suites.  You go in a door where you have to enter a code to get in/out.  We went to see her yesterday and took her flowers and an Anne Geddes book.  She will love looking at the pictures.  She was in a good mood and seemed more of herself than any other time I've seen her in - I'd say the last 9 months.  She made more cohesive sentences but still could not remember some words.  She did not remember my name and refers to George as "Him".  But she seemed her "normal self" as far as mood and demeanor.  She smiled a lot, was observant, and talkative.  

Below is a cute set of flowers as you come in the door.  Had to get a pic.

Granny Jan opening her Mother's Day Card
She opened her card and read it with ease.  I wasn't sure she could read much anymore.
But she did.

After that we went out to eat.  It was George's suggestion to go out to eat.  Katy was at a friends house, seeing her while she can, and so I picked a place I'd been wanting to go for several years and we had never been.  It's a Japanese restaurant.  We sat at a table instead of the Hibachi style - but we want to go back sometime and do the Hibachi.

Sushi sounded good and I got a Spring Roll.  I'll probably give up Spring Rolls from now on though b/c of the oiliness of them.  I don't know what kind of oils they are made from but I am trying to give up a lot of the vegetable oil things.  

I had a Michelob Ultra, and George had a beer but then we switched to Green Tea.  It was really good.  I could see myself going in there just to get sushi and green tea!

And here was my dinner - chicken and vegetables stir fry.  It came with fried rice.  I had a few bites.  But was proud that I did not eat much of it.  The chicken and veggies were all I needed.  

When I see those "little corns" I think of Tom Hanks in "Big" when he gets one and eats it like corn on the cob.  lol I don't really like the little corns.  I'm not sure why.  I think I view them as an outcast b/c they do not measure up to the real thing. 

I liked our fortunes.....

Then we went to Publix.  The restaurant was already near there.  So we went and I bought things for the week - mainly to fix salads at work for lunch.  I did not buy much at the store in the last couple of weeks.  I did spend some on Isagenix though getting my vitamins ordered for the month and a few other replacements.  I also did a Target order for pet food, and several household needs.  I have also discovered they have my Bumble Bee Wild Caught Tuna as well.  Oh and at Publix they were giving away dessert samples and guess who walked right on by.

We got home from the store and then took the dogs out and realized I should get a pic of the peony blooms.  The pinks ones are so pretty and they smell so good.

And the knock out rose bush is sturdy and keeps coming back.  We planted it a couple of years ago.  Irises are still blooming but will be on their way out in a week or so I think.  As it gets hot they begin to die off and it's been near 90's the last few days.  I will say it's been nice though b/c there has been about a 9 to 10 mph breeze - almost like ocean side and that makes it nice.

So at sun down, and after I put my PJ's on, we watched The African Queen and it was great on the big TV.  We loved it.  I had never seen it.  I had seen bits of it.  Enough to know I'd enjoy it.  You know I like the river adventures!  I love how "Rose" was so positive and smart and helped him figure out what to do and to have faith in himself.  She thought big and figured out a way to get there.  I love how she prayed in the end when she had finally lost faith in their physical and mental efforts but never lost faith in God's and she prayed.  And He answered.  LOVED it!   

Next up is Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Can you believe I've never seen it either?  

Well, most of the laundry was done yesterday.  Two days of Bible Study was done.  And Katy got up yesterday morning and said "Will you fix me a shake?"   

Will I fix her a shake?  You betcha.  I gave her a choice of flavors.  She picked vanilla with mixed berries.  I added the frozen berries.  I fixed us both one.   I was happy that she wanted one.  They are so healthy.  A huge percentage of your nutrition for each day is in one of those shakes.  

So last night after the African Queen we went to bed and left the light on and the door ajar in Katy's room so she'd have light when she came home.  I woke up at midnight (which I never do) and she was not there.  I think it's just a mother's instinct.  So I texted her.  "Just checking on you."  Immediately a text came back "Sorry, playing monopoly with India".  lol I said "So are you staying there?"  She replied "no I'll be home later".  She is a grown woman, but no mother wants their daughter of any age on the road after midnight.  Drunk drivers, criminals, falling asleep at the wheel.  Nothing good!  So I said - b/c I had to, I'm a Mom - "ok well watch out for drunk drivers".    

I had a hard time going to sleep.  I was tired and closed my eyes and prayed.  I had a mental image of Jesus holding my hand and smiling and He said "Rest, I've got this.  Trust me.  I'll take care of her.  Sleep."  And I did.  At 2:30 I think I heard a door close to Katy's bedroom for the night and I think I heard her say something to Findlay.  She had the dog with her.  So she is not going to want to get up this morning.  We are going to have lunch with my Mom today.  We are taking her to a special restaurant in the part of Spring Hill near to where my Dad grew up.  And we are actually going to go by the place where my grandparents are buried and see if the cemetery is being kept up after we eat and visit their graves.  It will be interesting to visit that area again.  It's been YEARS since I've driven through it.  

Well, I did some research into the Isagenix business side.  George is supportive of my going to the big seminar in August with my friends Lisa and Lou.  And says I can rent a hotel room like they are.  It's in Nashville but he knows I do not like to drive back and forth downtown.   So that is good.  I have something to look forward to.  It's a mini trip of sorts, with a bunch of positive folks, in the name of nutrition - which has become my new passion.   If you have read this blog and knew what a foodie I was - and how I have watched my numbers grow worse - to the point of almost being diabetic, having high blood pressure, a horrible cholesterol reading, fighting constant tiredness and fatigue, and then trying to figure out how to become detangled - video by video, podcast by podcast, meal by meal.  The ups and the downs.  The trying.  The failing.  The weight continuing to climb.  The inability to help myself.  The hours of reading labels at the grocery store and trying to make mini decisions about what to eat on the run.  It's all been so dizzying.  I've watched my friend Lisa transform her life.  She began giving me samples and from the first shake, I fell in love.  I fell in love with how I felt.  She gave me the snacks.  They were what I'd been looking for.  All the nutrition.  I had to have more.  It was expensive to get into and I had to wait.  Lisa, bless her heart gave me an entire canister of shake mix out of the kindness of her heart b/c she knew I was afraid to dive in and knew I was saving my money to do it.  George saw it too and was kind and said "just do it - you have been talking about it for so long".  I could have turned cart wheels.  I think b/c I had to wait for it, I appreciated it even more.  This nutritious food and the supplements are my sustenance.  It's both my medicine and my food, if you will.  I'm getting the protein and what I need.  And the body is like an old machine that is now beginning to work again.  Slowly the weight is coming off b/c my body is able to function, and use fat instead of storing fat.  The cleanse days get rid of the visceral fat - the kind that gets around your organs like your heart and your liver.  People are asking me "what are you doing?".  It's taken me off kilter b/c I'm like "Lisa - help - what do I do? How do I help people help themselves? They are asking and I have no clue what to do".  Of course, I did what Lisa did with me.  If they are curious, they can get in and see the secret group or closed group on facebook and be able to see what all everyone is sharing.  And they can see the results and the lifestyle and have access to recipes and ideas and nutrition information.  I love it.  And am happy to share it.  So I'm trying to learn so that I can share.  Only having two people sign up for the nutrition under you gets your own food paid for.  So if I've already decided this is a lifestyle for me then I may as well be ready to share it.  So I've bought my calendar system for my own reminders of things - as there will be conference calls, and learning systems, trips, meetings, and dates of my personal challenges and so forth.  I am so hyped.  I love love love learning about the nutrition and learning about this company.  So I will share with you how it's going.  I'm not a sales person and never will be - the products and the lifestyle sells itself.  I just want to be prepared for what to do when people want to do it.  It's a whole system of being able to share and connect people up to meeting their goals.  So I just need to learn more about the products, the science behind the nutrition and how to enroll anyone that is interested.  I'm fired up because I am needing my goals to be met.  And I've seen others in the group with the same goals as me, be able to do it.  So it's giving me HOPE, when I was at a place to almost give up.  I want others to have that hope and not give up.  

I'm still stubborn, like I can't do just two shakes a day - but I can one shake, a salad or tuna, and reasonable dinner.  You get snacks in b/w.  I'm not hungry.  I even feel sustained on cleanse day.  And I feel great during and after.  

I'm watching the fat disappear from my face, my arms, my waist, my legs.  And if we have a friend or family event - I eat.  I try to make the best decisions.  If I want a bite of something I eat it.  But I keep my goal in mind.  If I want cake, I have a tiny tiny slice.  If I want pizza, I eat it - but I'm finding that I don't want to put much of that stuff in my body anymore b/c it reminds me how it makes me feel.  I am happy to go back to my cleanse again and pick up where I left off.  

Checking the pounds on the scale does no good.  Protein builds muscle - and while the pounds will go down it may be back and forth and that is not a good measure.  But the measuring of your arms, legs, waist, thighs etc is a more telling feature as your body begins to resculpt itself.  I still don't get in much exercise and it's happening.  So I can't wait to see what would happen if I try to sneak in some exercise.  I'll have to get creative about that I suppose.   Planned events with friends to walk trails, to visit parks,  to walk the mall - I don't even know.  But I will figure it out.  

Well, I have blogged a lot today while I had a chance to blog my heart out. I did spend some time with the system yesterday trying to learn a few things.  I will spend more on it when I get home and get in another Bible lesson.  And clean up a bit.  And prep for tomorrow (getting my cleanse stuff together.) 

George starts his job tomorrow and I cannot wait until tomorrow evening when we are realigned to hear how it went.  Katy begins her last two weeks of school and counting the days til she sees Cody.  

Life moves on!

Happy Mother's Day to All!


  1. This is just a fabulous post.
    Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  2. I still have pizza each week but my pizza is pretty healthy packed with vegetables and always an egg on top for extra protein. We got some protein pizza bases we are going to try out in a future pizza week too. I am surprised how non-pizza like American pizza can be. Australian pizza is completely different.

    You love your burgahs, so I think you would love what I like to call "Meat Thing" as a meal. It can also be known as muffin tin meatballs. It is beef mince with vegetables whizzed up in the food processor. I usually put in 500g of beef mince (1.10pounds) with carrot, zucchini, leek or onion, brussel sprouts and spinach, plus 1-2 eggs. Then you spoon the mixture into the muffin tin (we use patty pans for easier clean up) top with cheese, and cook for 30-35 minutes in the oven at 390F.

    It is like mini burger patties but easier to cook because you can just bake them, and making them is easy because everything just goes in the food processor. It is one of our simplest meals each week and very high in protein. If you can't find good beef mince you can use turkey or chicken or you can even make your own mince meat with a good cut of beef.

    You can wrap them in a lettuce leaf or low carb tortilla if you want, but we usually just eat them as they are. You can add in taco seasoning, or put in olives and feta cheese, or add in pretty much anything you want to change these up. They are great in a lunch box the next day too.

    And you can even make pizza out of this by putting the beef mix onto a pizza tray and spreading it out like a pizza dough, then adding your pizza sauce and toppings. We call it Meatza. :) It is a little messy to eat like a pizza, so we usually just cut it up and eat it with a fork.

    The beef mix mentioned here is also my filling for sausage rolls - all beef and veg, no filler, no breadcrumbs or empty calories to be found there. :)

    1. Wow, i love this idea but have no idea what mince meat is!

    2. Do they call it ground beef, over there? ;)

    3. Here is another recipe we make with beef mince, and it has a photo of the packet we buy it in. :)

    4. We have ground beef! I guess it's just our terminology difference, lol! Thanks for the info!

  3. Glad George's mother was doing well on your visit. dinner looked good. it must have made you happy to share a shake with katy. other people can benefit from your enthusiasm, to be sure.

  4. So glad to hear Georges mom is doing well. Sounds like a great visit. That dinner out you had looks delicious, now I want some of that tiny corn. I do love stir fry. Sounds like your life is about to get even busier with being an associate, but it's something you enjoy so I'm sure the time spent will be worth it. Congrats on the weight loss.

  5. I seem to have missed a day somewhere. I didn't know George had got a new job !! Just been reading the news in the pm blog great. Go for it.....I'm so pleased your new food regime is working for you. Wonder if it will be available in the UK soon. .


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