Monday, May 28, 2018

And they are off to Texas.....

Findlay, on the way to Texas

Well the 3:15 alarms went off way too fast this morning.  It's 6:40 a.m. now as I begin to type this.  They are nearly 4 hours on the road, having left just before 4 a.m. to get gas and meeting his parents at the gas station.  Prayers of course for them all.  Cody, Katy, and Cody's parents all in a caravan.

Katy had packed a Road Trip Snack Bag for each car.  There will be no stopping to eat until almost to Dallas.  I hate for them to be on the road for such a long trip and with Katy and Cody each having to drive by themselves.  I keep thinking maybe I should have gone.  But if I had, I'd probably driven myself and carried more things for them.  We have a few things left downstairs.  My hope is that the day goes by quickly for them and they will soon arrive.  Cody's parents will be there for the week.

Katy texted me this morning with the pic of Findlay.  She looks mad - like "really - you mean I'm gonna have to sit here like this for hours to come?"  At least she has Findlay to talk to though as she is in the front passenger seat.

There were no sad goodbyes.  We know how excited they are to get to their new home, and their new life.  We are excited for them.  Hanging around here was only "in limbo" waiting for the day and the day has arrived.  Tomorrow the fun begins - unpacking, settling - or at least trying to.  I'm not sure if the house is completely ready yet - with carpet still coming and so forth so they may have to wait another day or so.  We hear they may get to stay in the guest house.   I'm anxious to hear how it all goes.

George went back to bed this morning.  I had intended to as I had the decaf coffee - but I was too awake and so I got on PSP and made a new blog topper - for the summer look for June.   I admit I did shed a few tears when going in the bedroom and the bathroom and it looking so empty.  But I wouldn't ever want to wish her here forever, b/c I know she needs to follow her dreams.  And she belongs with her Cody.

I am, however, replacing the sadness about Katy moving to Texas with joy of getting my dressing room back - lol I actually began moving some clothes around yesterday while they were gone and since she was packed up.  I have a lot of my winter things now on the other guest bedroom bed.  I will iron up some clothes for the week, move the things from the plastic drawers to my chest of drawers, and move my jewelry back over.  And will dust and remake the bed.  And tidy up both areas.  I have a lot of stuff for good will too.

I need to vacuum as well.  I'm washing towels right now and will continue to wash up dog blankets.  I will work on the bathroom a bit and the fridge - all of this as I have time.  I need to bring my summer clothes up.

It's nice we have a 4 day week this week bringing the next weekend a bit closer to us.

I have a long list of things to do today.  And so glad to be home to do it.  I'll do what I can and the rest will have to wait.

I did finish a book yesterday.  I finished Billy Ray Cyrus book.  It's being replaced with Candy Spelling.  It was nice to actually finish a book.  lol  I've had these three going forever.

George and I are also wanting to make our Bucket List today.  I'm not sure we'll have time.

Yesterday was a nice quiet Sunday, which is why I had time to read and get a head start on clothes.  Last night George fixed a London Broil and steamed squash and a salad.  It was good.
And we watched Three Amigos - only part of the way.  The kids got home and then we all went to bed knowing 3 a.m. would soon be here.

So I'm going to go and get started on my day!  Or I may go take a nap - not sure.  lol

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. They are in my prayers as they travel. Yes you will all be starting over...them in their new place and you and George adjusting to the empty nest all over again. It's an exciting time for all of you! I hope you share pictures of their new place. I've been working on getting out the summer clothes too and it's gotten hot here and they are needed. Hope you do have Happy Memorial Day!

  2. glad the kids are on the way. Happy Memorial Day.

  3. By the time you read this hopefully you will have heard from the travelers that they have arrived in Texas...
    It will have seemed quiet today. are the doggies ? Do you think they wonder where Finlay has gone ? Or do you think they are happy !!....I'm glad you got a start made on getting your clothes moved into their proper doubt you will be looking for things forgetting exactly where you have put them LOL....have a good time with George making up your bucket list. Xxx

  4. Happy for them. Not many people get to do a job they love. Cody has a great opportunity at that. Katy will be happy also because life will be great fo r them.

  5. I am sure I left a coment last night but I can't see it. Anyway another day it's now Tuesday..I hope Kate, and Cody have arrived home safely....all well this end just having quite a few thunder storms with torrential rain..on Sunday I had to stop driving as I coudnt see anything I pulled over till it slightly eased but by that time the roads were like one point I was driving along when a car in opposite passed. Engulfing my car..the water went right over the top of the was's warm though if that's consolation !!


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