Sunday, May 27, 2018

Errand Running, Goal Setting, and Day Dreaming!

Lots of errands run yesterday morning!  We went to see Granny Jan - George's Mom.  She was in a good humor.   We headed out to pay a utility bill saving postage, and then to Auto Zone to get my wipers fixed which turned out to be a bit of a problem.  Turns out the Chevy Equinox has an odd one.  Took the guy a bit to get it fixed.  

Then a quick stop at the Mount Juliet beer store so George could get something for the downstairs basement fridge - he gets cans for mowing the lawn.  Is that not the most Southern Redneck ever?  lol Anyway they always have the latest, most unique beers.  It's become a popular spot.  Our town is just cool I guess! 

One of my favorite cool spots is Houston's meat butchery shop and grocery.  LOVE this place.  We went in and got a London Broil and some fajita meat to eat with rice or tacos to have something fresh for the fridge over the holiday weekend.  

We ran by the house and dropped the meat off and grabbed the WRONG wipers that George had bought at Walmart, to return those and then we did some grocery shopping.  But before that we got the car washed.  It desparately needed it.  Forget the fact that it was going to rain - I just needed to get some of the dirt off!  

 I was glad to see the Vidalia onions were in at Walmart.  Yes!

George buying corn!  The corn was really good by the way - we had it for dinner along with salmon (that we got at Walmart) and vidalia onion cooked in the oven in a special dish that George fixed. 

I had to snap some shots at the mini hamburger cupcakes. They are cute, however just the thought of eating one with all that sugar really turns my stomach.  That is a good thing right?  But they did a good job of making them look like a burger! 

Look at this cake - oh my word!  

And the cookie monster.........made out of two baby swimming pools.  How cute is that? 

My Alexa grocery list makes me laugh.  George often adds weird things to the list.   

Katy told me that she didn't say that - broke my heart.  I thought she was wishing me well.  Anyway, I think that George must've been talking to Alexa and I walked in and he said "hi Mom"  - he often calls me that in front of Katy and the dogs.  So George did both I guess. 

We got our errands run just before the rain hit.   And got back to the house.   

Yesterday the kids packed their vehicles with all their household stuff and most of their clothes.  Cody's parents came over and loaded their car.  They still have a lot of stuff that won't be able to go that they will get later.  

Katy and Cody went to a family dinner at his grandmothers.  And they came back just as we were going to finish our movie after we ate a late dinner.  But we let them finish their movie.  And then we started our movie when it was over.  I tried to stay awake but fell asleep several times as I just could not stay up past 9!  So George stopped it.....again!  lol  Maybe later we can finish it.  I just can't hardly watch anything after 8:30.  I start getting sleepy.

 Here's Katy and Cody watching a movie. 

Here's Findlay laying on George's leg.  She can be so sweet when she wants to.  But lately she has taken to just randomly barking at Maisy.  She wants Maisy to play but Maisy doesn't want to play or no how to play - she just gets nervous.  

So we slept in til 6.  Maisy let us sleep until then.  We all got up at once.  

I asked George if he wanted to go to church this morning but he wanted to wait til next week to start back.  So that is fine.  I will do a devo here.  And I will get some things done in the house.  Much laundry to still do as the dogs blankets and our sheets and a bunch of towels need to be washed.  

I will also work on organizing my life some in gearing up for this nutrition business.  I worked on my 90 day plan for a couple of hours yesterday.  Setting up a vision.  And learning.  I have a whole checklist of things to do, a new routine to set, gathering tools and such.  There is so much information in so many places.  I have numerous ways in which I'm gathering it for my own use as well.  The business has the customer site, your backoffice site, your own webpage site, your business website, a wellness website, several iphone apps, videos on vimeo, facebook health group, facebook wealth group (network marking part), instant messaging group for health, instant messaging group for wealth, and on it goes.  I have a notebook set up (in process - not finished) so I can flip to what I need in a hurry for my "how to's" and references, I have files set up for materials, and I have a little noteboook to take notes in, and a calendar for reminder lists.  I have a little white board and eraseable marker of things I need to do upcoming - like certain videos I need to watch, programs I need to sign up for, things I need to schedule, conference calls to join, tax things to look up - and things to do.  It's a bit overwhelming but I'm enjoying it and very hyped and very much believe in it and want to share it.  But I'm in learning mode.  I've committed to doing an hour or so a night.  

I also want to read some since it's the holiday weekend.  I have all these books that I keep buying but have no time to read.  It's sad.  

If I had the right amount of money - I'd travel, blog, read, cook, share nutrition with others and be on my own schedule doing it.  Our life now is close to that.  We travel some, I blog a lot, I at least love my job and what I do, but I don't get to read much.  I don't have time to cook much and learn new recipes, and honestly I don't have time to do this extra nutrition business.  However, just in talking with others when they are interested - I want to be able and equipped to share it and get credit for it.  But I think it would be fun to spend some time on the road in a RV seeing the US, and doing business on the road if needed.  How cool would that be?  I'd probably switch to Vlogging at that point.  lol  We could set up a Patreon account, go on YouTube like the day dreamers do- and oh what a world of travel that would be - I would love that!!!!  I'm so jelly over their lifestyle!

I know I know - my life is not at all bad.  We have a grand time.  I love our house - although it needs some upgrades here and there.  But I've heard it is cheaper to have the RV life in the long run.  

Well, maybe one day before we are too old to drive.  I'm not even sure George would share this dream with me.  Usually my dreams are mine alone.  He and I usually don't dream together.  He gets upset with my dreams I think.  I am always looking beach side or travel.  I would have no idea what his dreams are.  He's never said.  It's just not something we share I guess.  Kinda sad.  I think he's afraid of my dreams b/c they cost money and I'm looked at as not ever being happy.  But I was always raised to have goals to reach.  We reached all the normal ones of marriage, kid, careers, house.  I realized I stopped dreaming at one point.  Other than travel and maybe living close to an ocean.   But I realize now I want to go beyond that and be sortof mobile.  I think it's nice to be small home based somewhere - maybe close to the coast or on a mountside somewhere.  But to be mobile and see places, cities, pretty sites - I would love it.  

I'm ok with setting out for them jet set in the meantime - if we can get a dog sitter.  And a permanent job for George.  Then would we have the time off? lol  I guess I need to just go read books and quit dreaming!  

In the meantime, reality hits - Katy and Cody set out for their Texas destination at 4 in the morning!  So an early morning for us all to set them off and we await word as to their arrival, hoping for texts in b/w.  I was tempted to schedule several days off of work and join the caravan and then meander my way back home via Chip and Jo Jo's - but - no need to spend the money or schedule the time and I'd have to do it by myself.  Sometimes that would be fun and sometimes not.  Anyway - off to get some work done.


  1. Follow your dreams. Now it is just the two of you and retirement is close by you can sell that house and buy an RV and travel and see the world. Life is short. I have lost so many friends and family in the last 5 yrs. It really makes me think I want to enjoy the time we have left. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Yes follow your dreams, we are planning on doing that very soon. I should get my pool next year so looking forward to it. K here and planning our days. He is planning on going to Texas as he has an excuse now. Warn Katy.

  3. frollow your heart and the rest will fall into place. good luck to katy and cody and their big adventure.

  4. Morning Sonya........ Glad you had a good day yesterday, love your dreams and sometimes dreams can come true, it's just a pity that you and George can't dream together, it would be a bit easier to make the dreams come you rightly say for. Your dreams to come true it would cost money and that's the big stumbling you will just have to content yourself with dreaming....and be thankful for what you do have ..a good husband,lovely daughter, three great doggies, you have so much that others must envy you......their dreams would be to have just what you have.....I will have Cody and Kate in my thoughts today, by the way did she get her ring back ??
    Take care today if you do out today.....enjoy whatever you do xxx

  5. It's important to dream. We all need them to keep us going at times. I love the pictures of the interesting things you found at the grocery store, especially the cookie monster ! How cute. Sounds like you are really going to be busy in the days ahead. Try to put your feet up and relax a bit. You need to do that too.

  6. I love travel, Cliff hates it. He’d never leave home if he had his choice, but he caters to my wishes sometimes. So I can sympathize.


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