Friday, May 11, 2018

Exhausted on a Friday Morning

Well, I'm having a bit of a dip!  I am truly exhausted.  I think no matter how much nutrition you put in your body - when you are burning the candle at both ends - have too many irons in the fire and you are giving 110% with everything - mind, body, and soul, - and trying to be the best you can be on all realms - then eventually something has to give.  And I'm afraid it's me.  I give.  I give for the moment.  I need rest.  I need down time.  I need down time and silence and to not be bothered for about 48 hours.  The struggle is real. lol I must plan vacation days soon.  Soooooon-ahhh!

I am so tired that I am just almost sick.  I would call in today but I'm not that person.  I have to be throwing up or in some kind of wild pain.  lol  I'm not THERE YET.  But I'm just withering today.  I didn't even go to the Preds watch party with George and Katy, but I did go to the Kick off party at a friends plating business, after work which was very nice.  We ate, talked to a few folks and Katy and George left to go downtown to the Preds Watch Party and I came home to be with doggies.  Got home about 7:15 after stopping at Cracker Barrel to look through the gift shop.  The dogs had left me with a couple of surprises and had to take care of that.

 I watched a couple of episodes of Keep Your Day Dream.  I didn't have time but gave myself permission. Then I changed the sheets on the bed.  Findlay did not want me to change the sheets and got on the bed and growled and wanted to play.  lol  Finally I got the sheets changed.  I tried to see if I could find the Preds on TV.  I discovered that the TV volume would not work.  And neither was the sound on my phone.  It was near 10 at that point.  I needed to be in bed and needed to take the dogs out two at a time.  But you know me - I have to figure something out. It wasn't the mute buttons.  I think it was because my phone somehow had been turned on silent.  I don't know how b/c it wasn't earlier - but I noticed I wasn't getting calls or texts out loud at the same time our TV wasn't either.  Geez maybe it's my hearing - lol.  It wasn't - this time.  But I had been trying to use my phone for the remote b/c it's easier when trying to go to a channel. So it had mirrored the sound as well?  I guess so. But now the volume on neither thing would work.  I turned the TV on and off and hit the reset button on the cable box thingie.  And reset my phone.  Finally it all started working again.  I have no idea.  Might have been the ghost in the house playing with me.

We have another thing after work today.  I hope I can do it.  I'm going to try.   But I may come back home and find a bed.  If I don't get to feeling better, I may even leave early.  I hate to do that on a Friday b/c people think you are leaving early b/c its Friday.  I hate worrying about what people think.    Anyway - I will see what the day brings.  Perhaps energy will transform somehow into me.  But rest is what I need.  I need rest and rejuvy.  I just don't feel good.  I think I could spend all day in bed!

Ex- HAUS - Ted!  I think I've just been spinning the wheels too much, and I've been trying to come down with a cold, and my kidneys are aching a bit, despite having much water.  So I'm just flat out needing rest.  Ya'll have a good day and thanks for reading while I complain about being tired.


  1. It's been a long and very busy week for you and you have every right to feel tired. Hope you can enjoy your weekend and get some much needed rest. Thankfully it is Friday! Hope your day goes well!

  2. Oh...;(
    I hope your day turns into a good day.
    Take care & rest.
    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Thank goodness it's the weekend! If you have allergies, that could make you feel very lethargic. I struggle with that and it's a miserable feeling.

  4. Sonya I hope that you are getting through the day and that it will end soon. Please drive safely home you know how hard it is when your bone tired ...hope you have a good nights sleep and no matter what is on the diary for tomorrow no matter how important it is please don't go stay home switch everything off and rest as long as you can...if you do that I am sure come Sunday you will feel loads better......night night. Sleep tight. Xxxxx

  5. hope you get the down time you need to rest up.


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