Friday, May 25, 2018

Cody Has Arrived and Hot Chicken Night

Guess who is home! Smiles everywhere.  Tomorrow I’ll have to share a cute video of Findlay and Cody’s reunion. That dog was so excited.  

Katy and Cody played x-box and then we headed on to Hattie B’s and had HOT chicken. I escalated to “hot” and it was just right for me. Here’s Hattie B’s:

George patiently waits....

Then everyone wanted to get some kind of coconut drink to take back to TX so George took them to the midtown wine store. 

Very impressive lol...

That’s all I got today. Pics and only a few words blogging on the go. Fixed breakfast for all- bacon, eggs, toast. 

As always glad it’s Friday! 

Transition weekend ahead as the kids pack, visit family and friends and head out Monday. 


  1. Looks like everyone was excited and happy to have Cody home. Your breakfast sounds wonderful ! It's a big transition for sure for all of you. Hope your weekend is wonderful and that you have a fantastic Friday!

  2. so nice to see the kids back together and smiling.

  3. Such a cute couple. I wish them a safe journey. I know you and your husband will miss her terrible. But we just have to want our children to be happy. And she looks very happy.. Have a good weekend.


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