Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Ya'll!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  

Yesterday was a quiet one and I was able to make some progress - lots of little things out of the way, a few problems solved, and then started on a bigger project.  Just continuing to come out of open enrollment and benefits distributions (communication/materials/govt required issues) and then on to doing the rest of my job and wearing all the other hats that get ignored from April to June.   Ooops talking about work!  Anyway the days there go so fast.  My assistant and I went to lunch.  I have been craving a baked potato for a week.  I figure there is a reason.  Finally got it and it was wonderful. I did have a roll though b/c it was on the table, hot with butter and was the yeast kind.  Rolls eyes.  I will never be able to resist all bread but I can rejoice that I am able to resist most bread and desserts now. So back to work and at one point, I looked up and most everyone was gone!  Only a couple of us left - I think I let the parking lot at 5 til 5:00, once all locked up, work put up and packed up.  Was at a good stopping point and storms were starting to fire up and you know I DON'T DO Storms! 

So I came home and George and I had a relaxing evening.  We just had pizza.  I told him "let's just eat the frozen pizza in the freezer, I've eaten badly all week".  I's true I've eaten worse since we've eaten out.  I had Creme Brulee, Chinese Take out included a sugared Chinese donut at the end.  I've had Fried Hot Chicken.  lol  It's ok when it's spread out but this is our final week with Katy and also the week we had dinner out with Auntie M and Uncle K - so we have really partied hard this week!  lol  So pizza it was.  We watched Below Deck Mediterranean Episode 2, of the new season.  We began watching a movie that was one I ordered from Netflix.  I fell asleep in the middle of it.  So we stopped it.  lol  Then I went to bed about 9 ish and slept til 7.  Maisy woke me up at 4:10 which is the exact time my alarm normally goes off during the week.  It amazes me - these critters - with their internal clock - perfectly set to accomodate us - only it flaws for the weekend when we need to sleep late.  But I was thinking how perfectly made God made's best friend....if we don't get up - they remind us it's time.  I had to convince her that it was ok to sleep in and she finally settled.  lol 

Apparently I was worn out for the week.  Sleep was so good.  And I got up and began doing laundry this morning, cleaned the kitchen and got the dishwasher rebooted and washed up remaining dishes.  We can go through some dishes and we've been using paper plates too this week.  

Katy made eggs and cinnamon rolls.  I ate the eggs and not the cinnamon rolls since I have been so bad this week.   That was tempting though. 

I've started on the laundry.  And making progress with that.  I've bleached and scrubbed the tubs, changed the towels and bath rugs etc. 

Katy and Cody got their new phones yesterday!  Got their banking done.  The ring will be picked up today (she had lost another small diamond).    They ate with friends last night. 

This morning they began loading their SUV and Truck with all the stuff for Texas.  
I don't think everything will fit.  I told her if we came down for Thanksgiving that we may can bring her Christmas stuff down for her.  That has been coming to mind as we would have some time off for travel.  But I don't know yet.  We are just thinking about it at this point.  

Well, I have very little to share this morning besides all that.  George and I are going to Walmart here in a few.  We are running low on doggie treats, need to get a few items for the weekend, and want to get some Cod for dinner - not sure where that will come from.  We have to run to Lowe's also as there is a part we need for the vent above the oven.  

We also have an iphone charger crises.  George's went missing- so he borrowed mine but I didn't realize it and asked if he's seen my charger.  Of course no one likes it when I ask where my things are.  They think I'm making accusations.  I'm just asking if anyone has seen it.  lol  But I am the bad guy when someone moves my stuff I guess.  I sat down to transfer my photos and it was gone.  We can buy another if needed.  Earlier in the week the wine cork screw went missing and that has been a mystery all week.  We found out it is at Katy's friend's house - she took it to a party.  So I guess we'll buy another one of those today.  I can't use the other one we have - it's weird and I'm not strong enough to use it.  Gotta be able to get into the wine when you need it!  lol   Then we got our computers mixed up.  They look just alike.  I had put mine on a table and then mine got moved to another table and Katy set hers where mine was - so I came through and grabbed hers.  lol  She caught it before I plugged it up and tried to blog.  I guess I'd have been really confused when I tried to get in and it wouldn't let me in with the password.    

I think the spirits above must get a big kick out of the comings and goings and the mysteries of all the things we lose, move, replace - only they really know where the mates to the socks went.

  I think we'll be ordering another charger this weekend.  lol  Now George feels like he can't borrow mine b/c I had asked where it went.  I just wanted to know where it was.  I never mind the borrowing as long as it comes back to its spot.  

Anyway, I'm gonna take my "bad guy" self (since I am bad for asking where my lost things are) off to go do something fruitful.  Kinda getting hungry for lunch too.  

Well, ya'll have a grand and glorious Saturday.  


  1. We have chargers everywhere. Our last 3 phones used the same. Charger in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in both vehicles. They charged our phone and tablets. The new phone has a different port, so a charger in each vehicle, one in kitchen and bedroom, bit the one we use the most is the one we lay the phones on. It seems to be the fastest for rechsrging

  2. What a busy week it has been for you but these days only come once and we need to make the most of them. I lose things here and it's only me with no one else to blame so I have bought extras thinking they were gone only to find them later. Hope your Saturday was a great one and your Sunday is blessed too. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and yours !


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