Thursday, May 17, 2018

Last Night's Bible Lesson in Timothy

Well, we had a great Bible study last night.  And these were some of the scriptures that we were studying in Timothy.  We are doing the "Entrusted" study.  

One thing I love about this study is that all three of us can study the same material and draw from it different things that God is teaching us.  I love the sharing of those points in the the group discussion.  It's very powerful.  I thought I'd share these verses that jumped out at me like a Jack in the Box on the pages, lol.  

Such powerful words and often at a time you need them the most.  

Keep fighting the good faith, because the God of peace will soon crush Satan at your feet!  I love that.  He's got our backs in the hopeless, helpless world of snares, dissension, chaos, and confusion.  Love it!  Say no more!  Gotta run.  Ya'll have a good day.  I'm taking a much needed vacation day tomorrow.  Gotta have some clarity on a few things and need to get away a bit and figure a few things out.  


  1. The Word is alive and true for each of us every day. Glad you have a vacation day coming ! Happy Thursday!

  2. I think you have answers to many of the questions that run around in your head in your bible study readings last night.....follow its advice and all will be well.....night night. God. Bless. Xxx


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