Monday, May 21, 2018

Lettin' the Hippie come Out and Be Yourself!

Well, yesterday was quite wonderful.  My laundry was already done and only needed to iron a few things.  That was done quickly.  George laid out venison steaks for dinner.  And Katy asked how my nails were doing.  I needed the mani - could have waited a week or two on the pedi - but we decided to go for both since it would be our last one for a loooooooong time.  And we went to Subway for lunch.  I got a turkey on whole grain and wished I'd gotten the salad - it was so boring.  I'm used to the Italian sandwich meats.  Live and learn.  

Then we went to Walmart to get a few grocery items for the week.  

In honor of the Podcast "Eat this not That" I will say that I have converted the following: 

1.  Regular peanut butter to just natural peanut butter.  No random oils.  
2.  Totino's pizza to the Cauliflower crusted pizza which is all the rage and just as good and much better for you.  
3.  Instead of sugar, I cook with honey - as far as the sauces are concerned.  I know that may not work with baking but I don't bake much so....

Here's my toes.  I finally got the aqua color and it makes me smile.  Why not let the hippie within just come right on out?  

"Just be you"...what others think...well usually they are wrong anyway .....

I saw this on instagram and immediately loved it.  Of course I can't always agree to being messy, but I can most certainly have levels of complexity to my spirit.  I can't even figure myself out at times.  So I guess I can't expect others too.  Even when they try, they get it wrong.  But be brave, show up, face the bull, horns and all - grow a few of your own - be calm, be you, and explain away if you are lucky to have a bull (or bully for that matter) that listens.  

It is sad we have to explain ourselves to others so much, but sometimes it's necessary - since they DO get it wrong.  Sometimes it matters.  Sometimes it doesn't.  
But the "wheels on the bus go round and round don't they? All through the town."  That wasn't my phrase - I think that Purple Barney said it?  Or was it someone else?   Maybe Baby Bop? lol How quickly we forget.  But since the bus rolls us over often, we need to be brave and face it - b/c often we are not the one driving the bus - even though some think we are! 

So yeah, that saying made me think of the fact that we need to just show up as you are, be yourself, and be ready to stand up for yourself.  And don't be afraid to - otherwise the bus will run right over you - or maybe it already has.  People think you are driving but failed to understand you were run over and back there on the pavement trying to pick yourself up.  

Oh the misinformed!  What shall we do with them?  lol 

Anyway on to the future, the next crises.  What shall it be?  It never takes long! lol  The devil is ever present in his ability to screw everything up and try to mess with me.

Our air here in the SouthEast has gone soupy - we had storms nearby but only the rain and distant thunder made it over our way. 

I had a hard time concentrating on the Bible Study.  I only have one day out of 4 done, so I will need to try to get a couple of days done a lunch and finish the rest tonight.  I'm not sure I'll be able to do it tonight.  It's hard to concentrate on the evening of a cleanse, so we'll see.  

I have enjoyed our Bible Study but it has been hard on me to do one so intense (so many lessons required).  I am looking forward to a break.  It's also hard to worry about having the house clean.  Even though I do the preliminary stuff and George and Katy have brought the final day to a shine.  It's taken all three of us to make it decent.  I will be glad to host again but I need a break.  I would like to go back to church.  It's been hard to do both.  I've needed the time on Sunday to get this lesson, and we've been so busy on Saturday's usually that I have had to have one day to wash our clothes, get groceries or orders done, ironing, and try to do something in the the house to get it clean for the next go 'round.  So all was great.  The last one is this week.  I'll take a break and offer another in the fall!

George fixed us some Sangritas.  They were good.  

All the dogs love it when I do my Bible Study on the sofa.  I had a dog on each side and Tugie at my feet on the ottoman. 

While doing my study, I remembered that my Dad used these to personally study with people - one on one.  Ivan Stewart did this.  We got to meet Ivan Stewart.  It seems like he was from Oklahoma City.  Might have been Arkansas, I can't remember.  Oh yes - it was OKC b/c I see the address below.

My Dad taught a class on this....and taught others how to use the Bible Study.

He used this also.

We DID go house to house in Roxboro, North Carolina to build up a brand new church of Christ there called Roxboro Church of Christ.    I looked it up on google, pictured below.  I was a young teen when we went and we were in groups of 2 or 3 and went door to door and tried to get people to agree to an open bible study.  I don't think we would do that now.  It's too dangerous. 

Anyway, that provided some fun memories.  Those Bible Studies are still available.  They are good tools to use to study the Bible and bring out the gospel to another.  

Well, I need to go and get ready and get out the door.  It's cleanse day!  After the splurge bites this weekend,  I need it for sure.  

A lot of work to do today and I hope I'm left alone this week to be able to do it.  

Ya'll have a great day.  

One more week with Katy - she packed a lot of stuff up this weekend.  She is in her final days.  Cody arrives on Thursday.   Bye for now!


  1. Just showing up is the best way to go, some don't even to that. What a cute way to show off your toes...It's finally sandal weather YaY! Finally we are warming up too ! There will always always be something new for us to deal with but it's all in how we handle it. Here's hoping this new week will be a wonderful one for you to sparkle and shine ! Happy Monday !

  2. Evening Sonya, hope today has gone well without any interruptions!! We don't want that old devil man getting a toe into work !! the new colour on your toes,..that's something I have never had done a pedicure...I would grudge the money for my five wee toes..doubt they would take half price having only one set to,do LOL...I am glad the bible study has gone well, but think you are right to have a break, perhaps when you start again you should go to each house in turn ?.....I was very sad to read that you would be fearful to go round an area for fear of what might happen....surely that is where our faith would be really tried...I doubt very much that many of us have enough faith to rely on our Lord completely as it states in the bible, we like to imagine we would...BUT....
    Have a good evening hope you have sweet dreams night night God Bless. Xx.

  3. the nail polish was awesome. love the color. nice the doggies share sofa time with you.


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