Monday, May 14, 2018

Mockingbird Restaurant Spring Hill, Reservation System Fail

We had a bit of a lazy start to our morning yesterday and then left around 10:15 to head to Spring Hill to meet Mom at Kohl's parking lot and then head out to Mockingbird Restaurant, where we were all excited to go eat brunch.  The cost - very pricey at $35 for the holiday brunch.  I made our reservations back in March for the day so I could make sure and get a spot.   The early bird used to get the worm but I think now as surely as I'm 55 - my past has shown me the early bird IS the worm.  

We came in and they didn't have us down.  I knew it would be fixed though b/c I had a reservation in writing.  I was told that "THAT didn't mean anything" b/c they had a sign on their website that said you could not make reservations on the website for the holiday.  What?  I made my reservations back in March long before any sign about Mother's day was put up there.  I told the lady that and that it had let me and I was not notified any different.  She said we can't stop the website from operating on the holidays.  

I asked her "As the owner of this restaurant, and your being aware of that issue, why would  you not check the system, then, to see if people are making reservations for this day?  All of this could be avoided.  I was trying to do the right thing early to secure our reservations and received a confirmation and yet you all are seating people that made reservations after me."  She replied that we don't have a reservation.  My whole clan in unison said "yes we do it's right here in writing."  She said "I'm so sorry - we can take you two hours from now or we can seat you out in the front yard or porch.  All the while there was an open table.  We had Momma with us and sitting out on the front porch or lawn on an 80 degree day was just not an option.  

I looked at the woman and said "if your system is faulty, you need to make this right, we are hear in good faith, have a confirmed email from you, you have empty tables, and you are a business owner - you really need to make this right.  

Then we had others around us coming in with the same issue.  One guy said he DID see the sign as his reservations were more recent and so he called to make the  reservations but then when he called he got a message to go to the website.  Oh and there was a family before us with the same problem.  And another after came in and was not happy either and wondered if that had happened to them.  

My mother told the owner, "well we aren't leaving til we are seated.  We have reservations and it's not our fault that you all have a reservation problem."  My entire family was heated. The owner just said something like "well good luck with that and walked away."   I told Momma I'm afraid if we do get seated they will spit in our food for spite - you have heard the stories. lol  Thank goodness it is buffet but there is still the drinks.  lol Anyway one can hope not.   Momma wanted to just go sit at the empty table that had been empty for the 20 minutes we had been arguing with them.  She said "we could have eat and gone by now at that empty table over there".   So we remained in the front and I began doing a video to show the pandamonium that was taking place and began doing a "broadcast" like a news person.  (lol)  "Well we are on the scene here at Mockingbird restaurant.....where several of us have reservations but have found that they are no good and not being honored on this mother's day that we were all hoping to be special."  Honestly what made me angry the most was just that.  1.  It was Mother's Day and it was supposed to be a special surprise.  2.  And now it was ruined with high blood pressures, and dishonesty and lack of trust and anger.   3  What was supposed to be a great place to eat was being tarnished by the owner's lack of trying to accommodate the erroneous reservation system that was obviously a major fail.  And she was walking away from the issue. 

 A waitress came and finally seated us.  They said someone was not showing is why.  (They probably heard on social media there was an issue.)   My family was still fuming and trying to calm down - each with our judgment and statements about restaurant hospitality 101.    I mean when there is a problem, you don't let your customers know about it.  They should have just realized what happened and tried to accommodate it.   The irony of the whole situation was that while we ate - there was NO ONE IN THE ROOM but one table with 4 other empty tables around us.  

What a ruin.  A beautiful place.  The food was great.  We would have raved about the place.  The blog entry today would have been glowing reviews.  But you all know I give honest food and restaurant reviews.  No matter how good the food, our day was overshadowed as to how we were treated.  It was not our fault that the reservation system she (owner) had planned overbooked.  She was even aware of the possibility to over book it and did nothing to stop it and she had a mess on her hands and it made for ill will for several families Mother's Day - most of which like us - will never be back, and will tell their friends and so forth.   What a shame.  

In true fashion, I'll show the beautiful decor.  It was a pretty farm house, a pretty although very hot day.  The buffet was excellent although it was hard to juggle your plate and open all the containers with one hand and be able to get your food.  The waitress and wait staff was incredible.  You could tell they felt bad of the issues.  And probably dreaded the NEXT holiday. lol But here is the decor.  

If you go - just don't go on a holiday, don't trust your reservation - I think I'd call every few days to make sure nothing changed, lol. And hold your breath as you walk in the door.  I was thinking that our family was just short of all being arrested by our insistence that we were seated and refusal to leave and insisting that our written reservations be honored.  At that late hour my early bird intentions were against me.  I had made reservations before a sign to warn me had been posted.  And that was no fault of my own.  But yet the first to make a reservation was the last and we had to argue to get a seat and demand it.  Had my family not been stubborn we'd have done like the other families and not said a word but shook our heads and walked out and just told all our friends later.  However, we ARE a stubborn bunch! We will fight for our rights and demand that others do right by their word.   What a mess.  One we'll not ever repeat.  There will be several of us never to return.  And we've already told our story on social media.  I do plan to go and leave reviews and warn others so their holidays are not ruined as well.   That was our experience.  If you go, hopefully yours will be better.   I just will not ever give this woman business again b/c she did not even want to try to make it right with empty table over there for 20 minutes - and her only effort was to throw us out on the lawn, lol. 

Afterwards, we went to a shop or two with Mom and then we went out to see where Mam-ma used to live and to see the grave yards and burial sites.  

This is the graves of my grandparents.  

Our family went to McKaye's bookstore in Belleview and then headed to Tailgate Brewery for dinner and a game of Uno, and pizza.  Yeah, I had pizza.  That is the one thing that has been hard to give up but I do eat less of it.  

At least I got the small glass and the gluten free crust.  And I didn't eat all of it.

Their pizza is awesome.  

Well George is off to the new job.  I have dog duty in the mornings now, so that means no more sleeping in.  I'll have to be up no later than 4:15.  

I have an ear ache today.  And also it's cleanse day.  

And I signed up to become "an associate" with the nutrition group last night.  And my friend transferred an event ticket for me in August.  So that is wonderful.  It's official now.  That way if anyone wants anything I'll know how to help them.  I'll not be pushing.  It's not about the money.  If the money comes it'll be great.  I just believe in the product, and the journey, and the lifestyle - and such positive energy and people.  I'm very excited.  

So ya'll have a good day.  I'll let you know how George's job went.  I'm so anxious to hear myself.  Katy counting the days for her last two weeks here.  

And I had to have the belt again this morning b/c my pants are about to fall off!  

Ya'll be good!


  1. So, we never ever go out to eat on "special" days anymore. We've just had too many bad experiences like the one you had. We also avoid school holidays because here, it is like the tourist bus arrives and drops 800 clueless people anywhere you might want to go.

    Many of our local restaurants now run locals only events, usually on the nights most people would stay home, like a Wednesday.

    That pizza looks delicious! I like to get versions like that when we go out because my home pizza is so loaded with toppings.

    My home made version has - pizza sauce, small sprinkle of cheese, layer of mushrooms, olives, pineapple, anchovies cut up very small, feta cheese, ham, bacon, a raw egg slowly poured on which cooks in the oven and melds everything together, the top cheese layer, pepperoni.

    Once you have the nutrition knowledge it is very hard to keep it to ones self. People always ask me what I did and I always tell them. :)

  2. Too bad your beautiful Mothers Day was not so pleasant but glad it ended well. Hope you are feeling a bit better after your early start with dog duty. It's pouring rain here today. So dark out that you'd never know it was morning. Happy Monday !

  3. Wow! I have never heard of such a thing at a restaurant ! That is terrible business. As the owner she is in control of the web site and correct it. This is not good for her/his business at all. Glad it turned out Ok.
    As for the cemetery, I find it odd there are no flowers anywhere on the head stones or around them. Here , in Mass, very small town the cemetery is always decorated with flowers or garden statues. Funny how things are different!


  4. I'm sorry you were treated so badly on your Mothers day brunch. That is awful. Word of mouth really can hurt a business. She probably wont last long with that kind of attitude. But at least you got to spend the day with your Mom. Which is so important. Your purple iris are beautiful.Starting a new job is scary and exciting. Good luck to your George. I know you are going to miss your daughter. But it is a new season in life. We have to let them go and live their own life. It is hard. Sometimes I miss the days they are little. Oh well enjoy your week. I am starting a big project at home this week. Got to get busy.

  5. a shame about mothers day. glad you finally got seated, though. good luck to your hubby. it'll be quite a switch for you to have doggie duty first thing in the morning.


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