Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Much Needed Peaceful and Productive Monday

Nice and peaceful day yesterday.  Was able to work on a long project without having to wait until 4 to get started.  Love a day with maximum concentration and minimal interruptions!  No squirrels, no lingering llamas, no squirreling dramas. Life was good.  I specifically prayed out loud to get it, rebuking the devil to stay away from me and mine. ;-)

The cleanse day went well.  For some reason I was hungrier than normal though.  But it's easily doable.  There is never a irrational hunger - and what hunger there is does not last long b/c you get something every hour on the hour.  I'm having that awesome shake right now, the morning after. 

Katy and George went to Koi for dinner.  They asked if I minded.  I think that is so sweet that they asked.  They didn't want to offend me on my cleanse day.  But that is their special place - it's not one of my favorites so they knew it was a good time to go.  Nice for me too b/c I don't smell food cooking on cleanse day.  I deal with it, but it is hard sometimes.  At dinner is when you are most likely to cave in.  But I had my Harvest Thins.  It was my dinner instead of my last "satisfy cravings" snack and instead of my last chocolate.  Yes, you get chocolate on cleanse days.  The cleanse days really work each week to boost your metabolism.  You get a low calorie, fat burning day, and you get a little something every hour.  The Cleanse for Life liquid is very filling and you get that 4 times per day - it's a berry flavored drink.  I've heard it's good to have days with varying amounts of calories - to keep your body in check.  I have been using the Ionix (b-vitamins, stress elixer) in powder form from a container and also the Cleanse for Life in powder.  This time I have on order the stress powder (that you put in water) in little "to go packets" for my daily Ionix.  It's already measured and will be the best solution.  I often drink half a bottle of water and then pour Ionix into the remaining half of water and get my highly needed b vitamin and stress reducer!  I also ordered the liquid tiny to go bottles of the Cleanse for Life drink for cleanse days- so no more measuring the powder and shaking it up - on that either.  My e-shots are working well on cleanse days - for a shot of energy - it's green tea infused with a raspberry flavor.  I need to order some more.  They are expensive - but no more than a Starbucks cup of coffee and these are infused with vitamins and adaptogens and green tea extracts (I think).  It gives you a lift - no more than a cup of coffee and there is no sugar and not a lot of caffeine.  It's not like other energy drinks.  It's just a shot of goodness and truly takes away the gnarlies in the late afternoon.

So I came home and with my newly unleashed shot of energy within me, was able to clean up the kitchen, do my Bible study, and make reservations for tonight at a really cool place to meet up with my Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken from Jacksonville.

So....Findlay would not let me concentrate on the Bible Study - for some reason she barked and barked and barked at me.  I tried barking back.  lol  I tried growling back.  I threatened to put her in her cage for a while and then she quit after I began counting to TEN.  After SIX, she decided not to try me anymore.  I even tried to make her quit by saying "in the name of Jesus, quit barking".  lol lol  No it didn't work.  I thought if it was the devil maybe she would quit.  I read a book one time that a dog would behave when you read it scripture- Jan Karon's books.  Not this doggie.

Somehow I managed to worm my way through 2 Timothy and Paul's coming to the end of his journey and calling for his friend Mark and his cloak and his manuscripts.  Somehow in our own individual ways - we (Paul and me) fought the good fight, we kept the faith - whether it be Paul in his ministry or me in TRYING to get Bible study with Findlay barking like a madman.  lol lol

My family came home, my chores were done - only ONE more day of Bible Study which I will do at lunch today.  So I folded towels (Ok so maybe one more chore) and watched a couple of Keep Your Daydream shows, including the one they posted Sunday.  They will be going to Alaska soon and I'm looking forward to that! 

Look them up - Keep Your Daydream on Youtube.  You will be entertained.  They are so interesting.  They do beautiful videos.  They should have their own TV show and I bet one day they will.  What is so need about YouTube is that technically it IS TV now.  I mean it's on our TV and that is how I watch them.  The scenery is beautiful and we get to experience a lot of what they are experiencing. 
I love seeing all the different towns and beaches and locations out west.  It's been very exciting. 

So you all take care and I'm off of here to get ready for work.  Can't wait to see Auntie M and Uncle K afterwards.   


  1. Sounds like a great start to the week for sure! How wonderful to see your aunt and uncle after work today too! It's always nice to have something like that to look forward to. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

  2. enjoy your visit with Auntie M and Uncle K tonight. glad findlay stopped barking so you could finish your bible study.


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