Sunday, May 20, 2018

Shopping and a Fun Day Out

Well, having got a jump start on the house on Friday, I was ready to go out and do something.  George had gone yard sailing really early (before I was ready to go out.)  Katy was invited to go out with my SIL and niece, so I decided to go find my own adventures.  

I had a cauliflower pizza for breakfast which was heavenly - a gift from my friend Lisa J to try it.  Loved it.  So I set out shopping to a store I had seen on the way to work.  So I drove out to the "green bridge" close to Donelson.  And went to Burke's Outlet and then to Marshall's.  After that I figured I had done enough damage and I came home.  However, I was in the mood to "sale" shop - a little "sailing" of my own.  I was ready to shop my way home if I had to - to find some bargains.  But it only took two stores. 

I liked "Oh the places you will go" b/c it will go next to the photo print that I bought for $19.99 framed of a road going into a forest.  ;-)   When I need to I can look up and smile.  It will go up on the opposite wall at work where I had not found anything to go there.  It'll be perfect.  The "finds" that God leads you to!  He knows my heart.  

And I found clothes for both me and for George.  Cha- EEp!  (Southern way of saying "cheap" in a big way. lol

I found tops for $10 that had my blues/greens colors that I love.  I now have two pineapple shirts.  I guess they are in!  I love my white pants in the summer and dismayed my new ones I had bought early on are now way huge on me (dismayed but glad) and so I bought another pair a size smaller. 

And that linen striped "beachy" blouse~ I love that!  

I got George 2 shirts in safety colors b/c that is what they wear in the mine office (although he won't be going into the mine area unless he stays on full time) and he has some shorts.  He was thrilled.  They were 50 and 60 dollar shirts for like $12 bucks.

These stores I went to do not get the traffic that the stores closer to us do.  So I'm going to claim this as my prime shopping spot from now on.  I get more for my money b/c less people are there to get the deal before me.  George and I have had success here before when shopping at Christmas. 

I also bought a little table for the sun room for $19.99 to put my coffee/wine on in my favorite chair in the sunroom.  

Speaking of sun room I'm going to have to clean it again.  The pollen has come through the screens and you should see the glass top coffee table and end table.  

I'll do that after Katy leaves I guess.  I have a whole list of things to do after Katy leaves.  I don't know why I'm waiting but...I guess I'll just be getting the house put back together, and holding off big plans til then.  Mostly I think it will give me something to do once she is gone so I don't fret over missing her and knowing she is away.  She'll only be a skype away and 12 to 14 hours away.  

Let's just address that now: 

*I will be moving my dressing room back in that bedroom she is in and will be able to "play with my clothes" and get my summer clothes out. 

*I will do our summer bucket list.

*I will work on my 90 day plan with the new business and begin learning more on that.  I am such a believer in this system.  That I want to be prepared to help people when they ask.  

*Will probably switch from doing Bible Study to going back to church

*Will do some meal planning - since it'll be the two of us it'll be more predictable and I want to eat some veggies and learn to make really good healthy meals, proving that eating healthy can still taste good. 

* I want to visit some farmer's markets

*I want to schedule hikes with friends as a new hobby and get in some exercise and get to spend some quality time with friends as well.

*I really want to work on writing "the book" - I saw my layout and plans for it the other day and it made me itch again to get started on it. 

*Dang I want to read too.  I wish there was two of me to do all the things I want to do.  

(A lot of these things will be going on the summer bucket list).

Oh well, back to blogging about yesterday:

George surprised me and took a pic of himself with my phone too.  Does he have green hair here? 

So George took some pics so I could model my weight loss.  I'm getting a bit better about having my pic taken now that I'm losing.  That is awesome!!  Still a ways to go though.  

I also did not wear make-up.   I think having nutrition in your system, help with your skin too.  Although I still wear makeup to work - I'm starting to wear it less often.  I will always wear eye make up though.  I love natural looking eye shadow, eye liner and mascara - although the eye shadow rarely stays on.

Me and my Maisy girl

I really think my face glows more.  I feel so much better.  The inflammation is gone.  I feel 20 years younger.  No longer stiff.  

And the cleanse days, take the visceral fat right off of your body.  Folks, I have really not even been exercising.  I've really not even been using the shakes the recommended amount.   I only do one a day and sometimes zero, but I use the system to supplement.  When I'm hungry and have no time I eat the meal replacement bar for breakfast.  The shake only takes a couple of minutes to fix.  I can do that and drink it on the way to work.  And I keep their snacks with me all the time.  I look forward to cleanse days b/c it's a reset button.  Monday's are good b/c we always splurge a bit on the weekend.  I have worked to find alternative ways to eating the food we like in a more nutritious way.  If I want something I eat it - but only a bite - and most of the time after eating nutritious food - I don't want the food that is bad for you.  The cleanse days keep me from craving sugar.  I no longer crave anything sweet.  I no longer drink caloric drinks - except for a cocktail or wine - when I have them.  I have found that Michelob Ultra suits me fine for a low carb beer.  It doesn't make me feel all bloated.  
I accepted the challenge and I'm able to do it.  And it is working.  The system that I am doing has the vitamins and supplements and the shakes, snacks are also filled with nutrients. When I go back to the doctor, I am expecting that my numbers will be better.  I'm also not eating as much carbs, eating more protein, cutting out as much of the vegetable oils as I can and buying things with olive oil, coconut oil as I can.  Go ahead and cook with real butter.  Avoid margarine.  I've been avoiding white potatoes and white rice and sugar and corn syrup and artificial sugars, and I have avoided enriched flour as much as I can.  I have not cut out tortilla chips!  I limit the breads to whole grain and even limit that as much as I can.  I eat tuna plain now instead of crackers and bread - but I'm ok with that.  
 It doesn't mean if I go to party I may not reach for the cracker and dip though.  

When I am by myself I eat better and I save my splurge time for when I'm out with my family or friends.  I laugh with my friend Lisa J that "it has to be a lifestyle" - that is my excuse to eat something bad here and there, lol.  We laugh when we say we ate something bad b/c we add to the sentence - "has to be a lifestyle ya know".  But still the weight loss comes b/c we get better at eating better and the system helps boost the metabolism and get the nutrients in there so your body can work like it is supposed to.  I'm just so thrilled!  

Well so then we all got home within about the same hour and half.  Then we headed out again for our evening. 

Bar Louie, in Nashville, TN

We were so excited to go get a drink a Bar Louie - only to realize the service was VERY SLOW - annoyingly so.  Like they FINALLY brought my drink and George's and totally forgot to bring Katy's.  I had to ask the waitress who only came out into the area about every 15 minutes and no where seen any other time.  We ordered an appetizer.  We were finished with our drinks long before the appetizer came out.  The appetizer was great.  A shrimp tempura of sorts with 3 different sauces.  A few bites each.  And we had no plans for another round there.  We did not want to give them the business.  Too many other places around that give a better service.  The atmosphere was not engaging or special in any way.  It was kind of dark and - enhhhh.  No words - so off we went. 

We went ahead to "The Pub" across the street.  In light of the royal wedding and the fact that Katy and I both wanted to go there.  

I loved the Pub!  You know I found out from my ancestor check - that I am English/Scottish in my bloodline.  I was thrilled to know.  There was some German as well but a majority percent of English/Scottish.  I'll have to share my 123andMe chart with you.  If I have not already.  

I just REALLY loved the place.  

See, me telling you about eating healthy - but we do have a few splurges.  I had a bite or two of scotch eggs. 

Loved the "hat" in honor of the Royal wedding.

The Pub, in Nashville had a 5:00 a.m. brunch in honor of the Wedding

I saw this on Instagram yesterday and had to save it!  LOVED it.  Just threw that in for inspiration!  

George wanted a pic of this!

A bit of British Explanation of Verbiage.  I may start using some of these! 

The bar area and the restaurant as a whole was just beautiful.

While at the bar waiting for table, discovered the purse hangers.  These British (my people, lol) they are so smart!  ;-) 

Excited to discover that the Pub's "Best Effin Mule" - tastes exactly how George makes them.
 I told George we may have to have his Best Effin Mule at home sometime.  I plan to include Moscow Monday Best Effin Mule night on the summer bucket list. 

Naughty Chips, at The Pub
So I told 'em I'd eat whatever they wanted for an appetizer.  I wanted Katy to enjoy her last shindig with us - although we may find room for another Scoot Out or two.  She she and George picked the Naughty Chips.  And naughty sinful they were.  Some type of cheesy addicting gravy sauce with onions, chives, mushrooms.  I had a few - tried to stay away as much as I could - but they were insanely heavenly.  We only ordered two entrees.  We were going to order one.  But I didn't think that would be enough.  I wanted both fish and chips and also the lamb burger.  Katy didn't want lamb but it was good.  I ate some of it with the bread but a lot without.  And had a few bites of fish. Few bites of slaw.  And a few bites of their corn which was the vegetable of the day. 

Oh my!  Wonderful.  I'm so glad not to have devoured into the whole thing and not even all of my portion but it was good.  We then went for a good walk around the Gulch. 

I think I could live in the Gulch.  ;-)  There is a Starbucks, a Milk and Honey place, a little health nut grocery store called the Turnip truck.  A nice package store.  All kinds of restaurants, a brewery, and a few shops.  

And then we went to Frugal McDougle's - to get some wine at good prices.  I'm really not sure that they are so good these days at being frugal, but we went in while we were there.  It is a huge wine/liquor store.  

Then we headed home.   

I slept great last night.  Woke up once or twice at my normal wake up time.  Might have woken up when George got in bed.  Doggies slept good.  Maisy has begun to snuggle some with me.  I love that.  Roger snuggles too.  But Maisy has begun curling up next to my legs where as she used to sleep not touching anyone.  Roger is up by my head and often has been snuggling against my head or my arm or back - however I'm sleeping.  It's so awesome to wake up in the middle of the night and have doggies sleeping against you.  I love them so.  And as I type this.  I am in the sun room holding on to the last of the cool air as the sun slips higher into the sky - fans blowing to aid the coolness that is slipping away to heat.  I have Findlay on the left on the couch looking out into the trees.  I have Roger to the left of my feet.  I have Maisy on the love seat next to me.  And Tugie in a sun spot on the floor behind me getting some Vitamin D.  Findlay will soon be leaving us and I will miss her.  George has lovingly called her "Little Stink".  She is a Stinker.  lol  She is always getting in to something.  She loves to play and will definitely get your attention.  She is also known for jetting herself - yes jetting herself - into our Bible Study.  She is in your face, on your neck, have to be retrieved - it's not a slow thing either - it truly is "a jetting" - you are sitting there one minute and suddenly you have a black leech of a thing on you wanting to sniff, lick, play, and talk you into giving her attention.  It happens before we can stop it.  So George has had to try to keep her occupied during our Bible study.  

Only one more week of Bible study.  Speaking of - I need to get mine done!  I'm slacking this weekend so far and shocked b/c I thought I'd have done it by now but I think I needed to take a break from everything - from work, from the normal routines of life, from the business, even from Bible Study - but I still prayed and of course love my Walk with Him.  You know how in the Bible God was with someone as a breeze or a small wind blowing thru?  I've read that.  There have been times when I have been outside that a brief wind will come through - enough to get my attention in a otherwise STILL environment.  That happened yesterday.  I looked down the street - the trees were not moving.  Could this be?  Oh YES, it could be!  And immediately afterwards the red birds flew around me.  Yes, he absolutely literally walks with us.  Even when we take a break!  

And it's been an awesome break! 

So today is Bible study, focus on the house a bit so it'll be ready for Wed nite, go to the grocery b/c we are out of veggies, and bottled water! And my favorite tuna.  I want more cauliflower pizza - maybe a salad.  So ya'll have a good weekend. We are having deer steaks tonight and I hear margarita's.

And so folks....let's begin the LAST week of Katy being with us!  It's going so fast.  I love her.  I will miss her.  But she is so excited to go and be with her Cody and he is coming for her to collect her and take her home like a good Prince Charming would!  ;-)  Their castle on the ranch is almost ready!  We are supposed to set up our skypes today!  Maybe we'll do that during margarita time.  


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend for you.
    Enjoy your time with Katy. She will miss you guys but I'm sure she cannot wait to be with her husband.
    Life is good!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend you have had....I can imagine that this week will just fly by so fast...
    I did like your British looked very like some of our pubs here....I laughed at the words and their British meanings !!...because I am Scottish I use quite a lot Scottish words and my English pals often have to ask me to translate whatever I have said LOL fact we were doing that this afternoon....take care this week and give Kate an extra hug from me xxxxx night night xx

  3. The PUB looked interesting and like lots of fun. you're looking good by the way. you will miss katy when she's gone but skype will fill in the gaps.

  4. You look beautiful and glad you enjoyed your long weekend.

  5. It does sound like a wonderful weekend for sure ! You so needed this time to refresh and renew! I know you will miss having your sweet girl there but you have made the most of your time with her and having her there at your house has made the difference. With my children scattered all over I can relate to having those who live far away. I love that outfit you are wearing and you do look great !

  6. Somehow I missed the fact that you acquired more dogs. I only knew about Tugie and Roger.


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