Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sleep Machine, Spring Blooms, and a 43 file system

Here is one of George's finds at a yard sale this weekend.  Our little cheap duty sound machines never last for long.  He'd been looking at this on line at some point but found one at a yard sale.  And how fun.  You can have your settings but add random noises in.  Cracks me up!  The overlay sounds are subtle - much as if you were on your back porch.  My favorite is Dove cry but I like the frogs too and the loons.  The buoy makes me laugh.  It sounds like metal hitting metal - just kind of a "tink tink" sound.  If I'm awake sometimes it scares me and then I laugh.  But it never wakes me up.  I love the new sound machine. 

I didn't get to blog yesterday morning.  Too much going on.  Too rushed.  But I do have some flowers for you and herbs.  We have lots of blooms going on around the property. 

The Iris are in full bloom.  There are some bare spots.  George had taken up the iris bulbs and replanted them b/c they were too full and now they are too thin.  lol  But they do look good.  

Here are the Vincas that I planted in the mail box planter.  There is more on the other side of the mailbox as well. 

And vincas in the little planters by the porch. 

 The peonies are starting to bloom.....

Rhododendrons are blooming. 

George planted some herbs in the back planter. 

Since George has been home he's had time to dig up the garden bed.  He planted some tomatoes - cherry and roma, and cucumbers.  And you see the mint that comes back every year in the back right corner.  And we have cana that comes up in the front left corner. 

Findlay comes over to check out Roger and sniff to see if he has had anything good to eat lately.  lol  I know she wasn't there to kiss him.  lol

While I was outside taking pics on Sunday a storm tried to blow up.  It got dark but didn't do anything.  

Yesterday was big bad and busy.  But all under "somewhat" control.  I'm thinking of going to a new filing system in my "to do" drawer.  A 43 file system in which you have 12 months of the year and 31 folders - for each day of the month.  You would file each piece of paper in a certain day that it needed to be handled.  I have massive amounts of paperwork each day that comes thru my office.  Right now I am using a format that I learned from "lean office" - a spin off of lean manufacturing.  It is by work center.  I have the work center in a hanging file folder of it's own labeled things like:  "invoices", "FMLA", "Benefits", Workers Comp, Ads to run, Misc, and so forth.  So daily I juggle the folders back and forth according to rising urgency.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't.  So I'm wondering if I shake it up a little bit (mix it all up) by due dates.  For example if it's due on June 4 perhaps I tuck it into the last week of May. 

The problem is that sometimes I need to look back and find something.  What a terror that would be.  I'd have thumb through 31 folders to look for it.  lol.  But I think I'm going to take that chance.  So that I do not miss any deadlines.  Sometimes I forget what it is in a work center and if I have big huge tasks or projects that I'm having to ignore other work centers for a while, I'm liable to easily over look something.   This concept seemed so odd to me when I first heard about the 43 file system.  31 days + 12 months.   But I'm about to be turned on to it.  And convert to it and give it a try!  If something is in a dated folder - it's hard to overlook that it needs to be processed on or by that day.  The work center idea worked well for me though to a point.  But as you just get busier and busier - it's just harder to use efficiently.

I remember years ago I used to just prioritize the work stack on my desk.   When that eventually got to 6 inches high to a foot - it no longer was effective. lol Looking at it made you feel overwhelmed. So I have to put it in my desk and hide it away from myself in order of priority so that I focus on one important thing at a time.  Now days there is more work spread b/w a few workers to do things so massive amounts of things come through and I need a more specifically aligned program. 

The problem with the work center method is that - say for instance in the benefit folder - there is both priority items in there and also time consuming projects that could wait.  So I was having to just constantly realign the folders, not doing all the work within them b/c another folder was calling.  So see, I think the 31 day folder will do better for me as all the priority things needing to be done today will be in today's folder instead of being in all the various work centers and having to readjust them in order and re-prioritize, often forgetting what is inside.  Makes sense to me.  I'm kindof excited about it.  So - the only beef I have with the 1 to 31's is that you need to make sure that you remember the weekends!  So on Friday I would have to do Saturday's and on Monday do Sunday's.  Or something to that effect.  As long as I did not forget that.  I guess you wouldn't b/c you'd be grabbing the next folders that were "up".  You move your days to the back when you get through with them so they start the month over again. 

Yep, I think this will work and I'm pretty excited about it.

Well I have a sales orientation today and service awards at the plant and have to go pick up a cake this morning so better get going.

My cleanse day went well.  Even with the weekend party at the Arrington, I've managed to maintain my weight loss. 

Better go! Ya'll have a great day!



  1. I love seeing your spring flowers. Everything looks so nice there. I just love this time of year. I once did a filing system similar to that filing system. There were certain things done at certain times every year and I filed those things by the month. 12 monthly folders and then the 31 days. It really helped for those things that happened every year. Nice your company honors years of service. I think it's important to show appreciation. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

  2. love all your pretty flowers and herbs. my favorite are those Rhododendrons. pretty, indeed.


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