Thursday, May 31, 2018

Smelling the Weekend, News from Texas, and an Overnight Growl Session

Can you believe it's Thursday already? Well Tuesday was calm.  Wednesday was it's counter-evil.  lol

Not a lot to tell but I came home, beating a Thunderstorm.  And did laundry, vacuumed and cleaned up as much as I could.  Having company tonight.  George is going to see a movie that he has been wanting to see.  I had two friends coming over but now it's just one and we are live streaming the other one in.  I'm going to get some fajitas for dinner - relatively healthy.  I honestly think that the two of us can split one order if I get sides.  Or I may get two and I'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

George and I watched Below Deck.  And then Katy faced timed us from TX to show us the "finished" house.  It's beautiful.  Love the sun room and how you can sit and watch the sunset through the Mesquite tree.

They don't have much set up yet.  But she was working on it some last night - cleaning up from the remodel and setting up a trash can (stainless) and getting things ready for today's move in.  They have a stainless stove top but the oven/microwave stainless combo unit was faulty and has to be replaced.  And they are waiting for the washer/dryer to come so they can wash clothes.  Til then they have neighbor and friend, rancher, Clint, who is Cody's long time buddy - and he'll let them in to do laundry at his place.  They already have done a load or so.  So it's coming together for them.

Also Katy called me yesterday afternoon too - excited about seeing her class room.  It's really nice and big.  I guess it's true everything is bigger in TX.  lol  She loves it.  She is very excited.  She says it is VERY organized there - their system and ways of doing things.  She also was given a key to come and go at the school for the summer so she doesn't have to rush her room together in a day or two right before school starts.  She says she will work on it all summer.  She is just so excited.

So at 3 a.m. something happened with Maisy and Roger.  They got too close and touched and began growling and barking at one another.  So on the lights go and break them apart. Once they could see - they quit barking.  Geez.  That has not happened in a long time and I know Roger wasn't at fault.  Maisy has done this with Tugie so I know she is the culprit.  I'm a little miffed with her this morning.  She even growled at Tugie when Tugie got close to her this morning.  I'm changing her name to "Grumpy" today and she best get her best attitude back.  I will not put up with that.  Our other doggies were here first.  She has been so good.  Matter of fact they all seem a little less tense since Findlay is not running around.  Findlay definitely put them all in their corners - as she ran around the house tirelessly looking for things to do, people's attention, things to chew, and stuffed animals to tear.  A wild one that Findlay girl.  So the dogs came out of their hiding spots and layed about and walked about - we noticed that right away after about 24 hours of Findlay being gone.  I hate to talk bad about our Grand Dog though - she is also a delight!  We do miss her.  And we face timed with her too.  She heard our voices and looked everywhere for us.  She did look into the phone a few times as if she could see us.

So I need to get off of here to do a Target order so we don't run out of dog food for their breakfast in the mornings and also need some laundry detergent.  I've blown through it over the last week or so washing sheets and dog blankets, lots of towels, summer clothes coming out of the storage tubs - and I need to wash comforters.

The house is getting back to a normal doable state.  Matter of fact - other than our filthy carpets - it's looking pretty clean.  Not getting much time to work on the to do list.  And the June calendar filling up and we're starting on July - lol.

Oh someone had asked about our health insurance coverage for my Mammogram.  My husband carries us through his employer the one he's employed with until September  thru a severance package.  His agreement says he is employed and nothing otherwise.   I'm just worried they will try to pull a fast one and retro the coverage end date and cause an issue.  We should be covered but with this company - one never knows.  They kinda do what they want, but if they violate a Cobra law and mess us up - they will hear from us! :-O

Gotta go!


  1. For some strange reason I woke up at 3 am this morning but unlike your dogs, I wasn't grouchy. So I've up awhile. Katy's new home sounds wonderful and I'm sure it will be great having time to set up the new classroom too. Hope today is better than your yesterday. Happy Thursday!

  2. I think it's good that you know the ins and outs with the law as to what expect from employers if Georges company does play up.....that was strange the dogs misbehaving like that last night...lets hope they are better tonight and that all is calm....hope all goes well with Kate and her new's so exciting when you are her age to be starting out...Just about to go now. I have a friend visiting from Edinburgh so we are going out for a Chinese meal fairly soon....not decided yet what we will have, I have the menu and we have changed our minds half a dozen times XXXX

  3. I am glad your Katie made it safely. It sounds like she is going to be having a busy summer. Moving so far from her friends and family will be an adjustment. But a good job and a nice home will help a lot. It will be an adventure . The sun is out today which I am happy to see. It has rained for two weeks.

  4. funny that findlay looked for you when you were facetimimg katy and cody.


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