Thursday, May 3, 2018

Taco Salad Power Bowl, Health Care, and Planning Up some Things!

Power Bowl - taco salad style is what we had for our dinner right before our Bible study last night.  Bible study was wonderful and enjoying our discussions.  

Not much time to blog - I slept in til 5 and then spent time doing our Target order and trying to find a calendar for the rest of the year.  I've got some things going and really need a calendar to keep me focused in my personal life.  Very excited about a few things in the works.  God is laying out some things in an unexpected way.  More on that later.

Well, I have a dental appointment (semi annual cleaning) this morning.  And then have to go by and order a cake from Publix.  I guess I'll buy my breakfast while there.  Surely they have something healthy - maybe a couple of boiled eggs.  

Mom's doc appointment went well.  No problem with her neck.  The specialist asked why she was there b/c she had no problems with any blockage in her neck, leaving questions in our mind as to the competency of Mom's regular doctor.  Very odd. Now Mom has had to worry about this for two months while waiting for the appointment, thinking another surgery is looming.  Tempted to charge the doctor with a bill for "pain and suffering" - lol.  That is just crazy.  And nothing wrong.  And the doc should be the one to pay that bill too.  It was all unnecessary.  But the world is not fair and not always competent.  What can you do?  

We all are being charged with having to take charge of our own health care.  But we can't see inside our bodies and have to depend on the tests and lab work.  I have some suspicions that other doctors ignore warning signs that mean other tests would have to be run to rule out things.  I suspect they just don't run the tests, ignore the signs until they are backed in a corner where it's obvious something is wrong and must be done - otherwise - if tests run and nothing wrong they most likely get slammed with extra costs that the insurance won't cover.  I don't know this to be true but recently have suspected it.  I have a suspicion that certain lab tests are not even run in the bloodwork b/c it's extra.  Next time I go to the doctor I have a few more questions about a few things for my doctor.  He may not like me afterwards. lol  

Well today after work I'm going to stop at Staples and look at their calendars for the rest of the year.  I hate to by a 1/2 year one but I need to - maybe they will sell at a discount.  I want a colorful and cheerful one.  I have one picked out and in my "cart" online with Target if I don't find one today.  It's not too expensive - $12 ish and will be here in 2 days. 

Well I need to go so I can get to my appointment and start this day. I'm so glad that it is Thursday.  I'm shocked actually.  I've blinked and the week has gone by.  Have to focus on what food to take to our Arrington picnic with Don and Lisa on Saturday.  I'm so excited to see them and have some downtime. 

But very busy at work and must focus on that - probably looking to work a very long day tomorrow.  And long hours next week as well.  Crunch time for lots of things.  Oh we have a pizza safety day at work.  Going to enjoy a slice.  ;-)  

See you manana.  


  1. What a relief all is well with your mom. Doctors are not perfect either, but when in doubt they always refer to a specialist. Better safe than sorry. Sometimes we just have to count our blessings. That taco bowl looks really good. Glad your study night went well. That would be a positive way to get through the hump of the week. Enjoy your pizza today ! With as busy as you are you need your energy.

  2. That salad bowl looks good enough to eat !!! Pity it would take to long to arrive here or I would be expecting you to send it to me LOL..hope today's been a good one at work, I saw some photos on Facebook but wasn't sure what it was about. Glad Mum is ok. It is awful though that she has had these months of worry...over here the headline news is all about a big boo boo having been made regarding people's recall for mamagrams they have not had their recalls and so not been tested..this has led to possible death of over 150 people who may have had cancer that was not spotted or if it was was not checked fact Mary has had a letter this morning apologising that she had missed out on her last Mam.....when she was 70 ...I think I'm in the clear as I think I had mine when I was 69 and although your supposed to have them every two years I think I'm safe.....but it apparently was all a computers error...I said to Mary do people not realise a computer cannot make a mistake, it's the person..human being that does the input or in this case did not fill in the correct recall names dates etc etc....carelessness....but a terrible thing to happen for people affected...take care..God Bless. I am so pleased the bible study went well last night.....
    What are you and George going to do about the electrics ?

  3. hope you find a calendar at a good price. glad your bible study went well and that your mother is okay.


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