Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tales from a Tuesday!

I snagged a pic of this from Katy's instagram.  This is a 2nd time that a clothes rack has fallen over.  At least it did not scratch furniture this time!  I know that she is looking forward to having life with clothes in a closet.  I'm also looking forward to having clothes come from a closet as well instead of hanging all around the room whatever I'm wearing for the week. We've been living topsy turvy as far as clothes go so I didn't have to move two closets around again (after we had just done so).  The racks seemed a good idea at the time.  They are just not very sturdy and not meant for that volume.  My undies and pj's are in a plastic tub on top of the guest room bed, so we've all been patient and I don't wish my daughter away and I'm sure she will miss us too - but I know we are all looking forward to having our stuff in it's space - space where it is put away but yet easily extractable.  I'll be able to get to my closet, dresser drawers, and jewelry box again.  Right now my earrings are in egg shell cartons in the guest bedroom.  lol  

Drove thru some intense rain to get there but....We ate at a really nice restaurant last night, Sperry's, with Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and Momma.  I caught a pic as we were heading out the door.  

I think Aunt Martha was checking out one of their antiques.  

I loved their stain glass and their coffee espresso machine.  What a big one.

Well, I got the Queen cut Prime Rib.  It was heavenly.  The restaurant was more pricey than I had remembered.  I was hoping no one would complain.  No one did to me.  But they did let me pick!  
My steak was one of the best I've ever had.  So they know how to do it right.  I'd like to go back sometime.   It was really good.  Uncle Ken bought our dinner.   That was kind!  

George got Creme Brulee.  I did not eat the bread though, but I did have half of the creme brulee.  lol  Oh well.  Now I predict that my arm will be hurting today or tomorrow, with inflammation.  But it was good.  A minor setback but a good one.  lol.  

George got an email address with his new employer which made him feel special.  I hope that he will get to stay - but we don't know that so he has to keep his eyes open and after our big blow out of celebration this week - eating out, my shopping, and so forth - and enjoying time out with Katy before her sendoff - we will spend next week and beyond in a pretty severe "cut back" mode.  We do have a few things that we will do - a few things with other couples - and George wants to see the Rolling Stones display -  so lots of things there to look forward to in b/w being cheap.  

We got home after 9 and it was 10:15 when I laid my head on my pillow.  

The 4:10 alarm was not a kind thing.  

I have not had time to spiffy up any more at the house.  What damage we can do to a house in ONE day!  But the Bible study crew is coming over tonight.  And I'm getting Chinese take out for us on the way home.  This is the last one.  I finally got all my 5 days of lessons thanks to having time to finish it at lunch.  

So today I'll be eating light due to the big meal last night and probably tonight.  I'm thinking shakes and a can of tuna, lol. 

Oh, the pina colada shakes came out with Isagenix and I ordered that.  You have to get the special flavors fast!  Last time I waited to the weekend to do my normal order and it was gone!  

Well, I need to go so I can try to clean up some.  I need to vacuum, clean up the kitchen mainly.  

Tomorrow Cody arrives.  So say special prayers for his drive from way past Dalls - TX to Nashville.  We'll take him out for some Nashville Hot Chicken when he arrives.  

I think by Friday I'll be dragging as I'm sure we'll be out late!  Will certainly be ready for sleep by the weekend.  

Next week kicks off my adventures with the new business.  I'll be in learning mode and planning mode.  I've had to step away from everything the last couple of weeks or three - due to the Bible Study - and trying to get the lessons done.  I'll have some time back once my house is in order again.  Not much time but I'll have some time to focus more on it.  

Anyway, ya'll have a good Wednesday and here I go diving into mine!  


  1. Oh my, the final week is dwindling down and I know that although your daughter and her husband are anxious to get started in their new life, you will definitely be missing them. Will be praying for safe trips for them. Cody's coming and both leaving. May the dear Lord protect them both in their comings and goings. Amen! I do hope George's new job becomes a lasting one. Sound like he has made a good fit there. So nice your got your final study done. It's work but well worth it. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday...over the hump we go!

  2. The prime rib sounds wonderful. I hope your daughter and sil have a safe trip to Texas. I know you will miss her. She kept lots of clothes there. I know you will be glad to get your dressing room back. I am spring cleaning and my closet it is on the list. I need a person to help me organize my closet. I have so many clothes I never wear or that no longer fit. Have a good week.

  3. What a fantastic meal you had last night...even if it was a bit pricey !..nice of your uncle to pay for everyone. I have Cody in my prayers I am sure he will drive quickly but carefully to get to his beloved Kate...the next few days will just fly past...please give Kate a special hug from me. I will be watching for news of her via you.....take care and enjoy every moment. Xxx

  4. that prime rib sounded good. delicious indeed. katy must be so excited. your pina colada shakes will be yummy for sure.


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