Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Texas Arrivals, Tropical Storms, and Planning Summer Bucket List

Well they (Katy and Cody) have made it to Texas and are on the ranch!  

Their house is just gorgeous but it is not done yet.  Granite counters a gorgeous bathroom.  Stainless steel everything.  So nice.  So they are in guest quarters now and well - she sent pics of that - you should see the guest quarters, lol.  I'm not sure I should post those.  They have strict rules about posting of the property with the employees.  But I think I can sneak a pic or two of Katy's house when they finish - after all that will be their own living space while there on the ranch.  Their house is on some new property that was next to the ranch and they bought it and remodeled the house.  

It will be interesting to hear of their new chapter in life.  Katy has a planning meeting with her school tomorrow.  Today I think she is going to go pick out furniture or be there for the delivery - something with furniture, I can't remember and also had other things to do today.  

As for us - we had a relaxing weekend for the most part and yesterday a most relaxing day.  George got the yard mowed as the rain held off.  It began right after he finished.  I mean to the second! 

So I worked in the house yesterday and reshuffled things around.  I took clothes rods downstairs and moved summer clothes bins upstairs.  I was surprised to fit in some of the things that I had kept in the storage to try on year after year in hopes they would fit again - and they did!  ;-)  So I usually have to wash the clothes that have been all stuffy sitting in the basement.  I also had sheets to wash for two bedrooms.  So I did laundry all day.  I still have not washed all the dog blankets.  The clothes and towels and sheets come first - then I can wash their stuff.  I'll focus on that this week.  I've put sheets back on our bed but not the guest bedroom yet.  I've vacuumed some but not the whole upstairs - but it's not too bad.  Will have to focus on that this weekend too.  

I did get all my fall/winter clothes, scarves, purses, shoes, winter wear put up in the tubs.  Well - I switch the hanging clothes b/w my two guest room closets - but the other stuff other than coats - gets put up.  I put the two plastic drawer storage units back downstairs for basement use.  So my bedrooms are coming back to normal.  And so is my dressing room.  Haven't redone my jewelry yet or dusted but I'll save that for this weekend. 

I worked on our bucket list some.  George and I worked on it together and came up with our list.  This weekend I'll work on actually making it on the Tyvek sheet and get it posted for our Bucket List section in the kitchen.  

I chose not to work on the nutrition business yesterday - despite my excitement - so that I could focus on the house and get it back in order.  I don't want the house irritating me all week.  So I pushed for getting everything back in it's place and starting our new normal.  

As you can see I worked on the blog topper (as of the date I typed this) and I'm learning a new way to do my blog topper.  It's not always necessary to have a background.  If it's white it looks pretty good and fits into the background.  I really like that and think I will do more w/o a banner background.  It just looks more professional.  

I fixed spaghetti for dinner - used turkey meat and also honey instead of the sugar I normally use.  And I used brown rice spaghetti for the first time.  I am not going to get that again.  It wasn't bad, but it didn't hold very well.  It became mushy as rice can do.  And it also makes less spaghetti somehow.  I was glad I used the entire package.  I even stopped when it was aldente but - I should have poured cold water on it to stop it from cooking.  Nevertheless I had seconds, lol.  But I prefer a stronger hold to the spaghetti noodle.  

Well I'm so glad Katy and Cody have arrived in Texas.  It's a relief.  And I pray that all goes well and they are happy and like it there.  If they don't they can always come back here!  ;-)  But I believe we will be going there for Thanksgiving and taking her Christmas belongings.  That is at least the goal we have been tossing around.  

So the news around here besides the murder suicides that seem to happen every weekend now in our greater Nashville area - is that we have Tropical Storm/Depression Alberto coming today.  I think it will just be rain by the time it gets here.  

So I have a Mammogram today.  And hoping there is no problem with the insurance.  George's old employer has not honored it's severance package with the onset of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  So I think it was Thursday that I actually called and checked to make sure insurance was active.  It was.  Chapter 11 does not completely remove them from responsibility to their employees and it should be business as usual, as he technically is an employee until Sept 1.  But his checks have stopped.  But so far the insurance has not.  I believe that even though they fall under Chapter 11 they should still be responsible for following laws regarding Cobra and such.  We have not received any communication about insurance being cancelled.  But the checks have stopped.  Insurance term dates can be retro - so it makes me a little nervous.  Hoping this situation is all resolved soon and that they handle it the right way by their employees - especially considering the length of time they committed to them.  We shall see as the days unfold.  

George's job talking of coming on permanently but the big bosses have to approve.  Will see if the rubber meets the road.  Promises are always good to keep a temp around - it's happened a lot. But what counts is where the rubber meets the road, right?  

Well, we know The Lord holds our future.  He knows our hearts and our minds.  He knows where He wants us.  The guys George works with at the mine are Godly men with Bible's on their desk.  George, I've noticed has been reading his more.  So that is good.  It's always good when you work with a Godly crew.  I don't think his other employer was so strong in that area.  At least I don't get that impression.  Good people, but perhaps not very spiritual.  

Well, I am going to get some more coffee as I have time to since my Mammogram is not til 8:30 - I have to be there at 8 for paperwork.  I'll leave here about 20 til.  I'm cleansing today.  Instead of yesterday.  So will hit the reset button.  I'm all packed up and ready to go. 

Here are things I'll be doing in the next few days/weeks ahead: 

*Learning what conference calls to be on and starting that.  
*Getting Lisa and Lou on the calendar for dinner
*Finish the 90 day plan
*Start the Mind/Body Program
*Work on my Vision Board (Goal Board)
*Schedule a Fall Sip/Shop at my house w/ 2 to 3 vendors included
*Schedule VAC days
*Buy a rug from Big Lots if they have one (I need a new one for an area in my house)
*Go to Kohl's and get a new bra

*Go to Netflix and reset, add new movies etc. 
*Learn how to skype
*Watch some videos for my nutrition business
*Put the Bucket list to Paper

I also want to find time to read and also watch a couple of shows.  

Soon I want to: 
*See the Book Club movie
*See the Adrift movie

And if you think that is a lot, you should see the Bucket List - some of which include the above. It's quite aggressive, but an aggressive Bucket List with some fun, excitement, goals, and to do's is just the thing to do.  It keeps us focused.  

And if THAT is not enough - there is also the WORK to do list.  And you should see THAT!  

Well I'm actually looking forward to going back to work after a long weekend and a relaxing one.  The Mammogram was not good timing but - they had the opening for an early morning that meant I wouldn't have to wait.  I like doing it early in the morning b/c you can't wear deodorant - and so I can get it done and then put on deodorant.  Bad to have an appointment at end of day w/no deodorant.  lol  I imagine they have fewer appts at end of day but who knows.  I had already put it off as we have been so busy with open enrollment - so it was just time.  

Well, better go.  Ya'll have a good Tuesday.  Seems like a Monday!  I hope I don't have to drive in torrential rain.  Pray for us today as we have to be out in it.  


  1. Something up with blogger comments - no email notification, so I can only reply this way until they fix it. Thanks for your comment - I hate not being able to reply easily!

  2. Prayers for safe travels. Yes it seems like Monday but is Tuesday. Almost sounds like you had a labor day instead of Memorial Day at your house. But it is good to have our ducks in a row as we enter into a new week. I usually do a bucket list for each season of the year. I have yet to work on one for Summer. I pretty much did everything on my one for Spring. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one ! Its to be hot and sunny here. Our rain comes tomorrow.

  3. Glad that Kate and Cody have arrived safely and pleased that house seems a good one.my wish for them a very happy life together......glad also that you had a day to yourself yesterday and managed to do so much both in the house and on your bucket list !...good luck with that. Hope you have been able to avoid the storms. I have been lucky really as we have missed most of the terrific storms we have had...on Sunday I was caught in one. I go into one of the subarbs of Bath to collect a lady Rita for church it's about five six miles away. We had had a shower about 8.15 and again 8.45 but neither very heavy...as Rita was coming out the house the rain started by the time she got from her house to the car and got into the car her back was wet, the rain got heavier and heavier and heavier to the point where I had to stop the car altogether as I coudnt even see the traffic coming towards me. I sat for about 4/5 mins then started again as I thought it had eased a bit, however the roads by then had turned into rivers as I went along the water was actually going right over the car...good job it is a fairly high car....when we got to church there was no way we could get out the car so we sat there till someone missed us and came out with a brolly to escort us one by one into church !! It really was the mother of all storms lightning and roaring thunder...well better stop now it's almost bed time hope you have had a good day......night night


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