Friday, May 4, 2018

The Queen is Calling, Active Shooter Lock Down, and Two Calendars

Well the day started off in the dental chair for a cleaning yesterday.  I forgot to turn my phone off.  Normally no one calls that early.  I might get a stray text or two but in the dentist office that is no big deal.  Momma has called me the past two days in the early part of the day - well once was more toward lunch.  I have a ring tone that sounds "royal" - like the queen is about to arrive.  lol Thank goodness I had my phone turned off at the funeral, lol.  However, I forgot yesterday at the dentist office.  So I'm laying back in the dental chair and the dentist has his tools in my mouth and leaning over looking to see if all is well.  And my phone begins announcing a royal is coming.  Everyone is looking around trying to figure out where the music is coming from.  They hygienist thought it was the dentist and the dentist thought it was the hygienist.  They were looking at each other like - what are you doing with your phone on full blast.  They did not realize it was coming from my purse a few feet away.  And what did I say when he took the tools out of my mouth?..............

I'm sorry ya'll...It's Momma.  I can tell by the ring tone.  

Much laughter.  And I called her back when I got in the car.  Apparently the tablet that we bought her for Christmas gave out.  It was barely under warranty.  But she is having to box it up and send it back.  It was a Samsung.  Her other one lasted for a long time - about 6 years she said. 

Then I went to Publix to order a cake for next week and then also to get a cake for yesterday. 

When I got to work a turtle came by my office window.  So naturally we all congregated outside to watch it scoot by.  My office window has a revolving zoo around it.  Yesterday a bird came and pecked on my window.  Last week a momma duck and her babies walked by.  

 I took pics at work of our beautiful break room and our safety meeting and service awards and started to share but decided not to.  I'm a bit confused as to what I would be allowed to share any more so I'll defer to not posting them.  I'm not sure if it would be acceptable.  Walking on egg shells as far as blogging goes and anything about work.  I was used to just being able to share my day and what I did that day and what types of things I worked on (no confidentiality exposed) but those days are gone.  I liked giving a glimpse of what it was like to work in HR. It's sad that you can't even do that.  Maybe one day I'll write the book though!  

Apparently it drives peoples nuts that you have any opinion at all on anything on blogs or social media.  It creates ill will these days when people realize you do have thoughts and feelings.   Who knew I was a real person?  lol I think everyone thinks I'm just a robot out there! So I always pretend work didn't really happen on my blog.  Nope, I am just smear in the universe for 10 hours of my day - it went blank and nothing happened.  I have no personality nor opinions of that time period either.  :-)  Well, I do...people just have to wonder what they are.      

Anyway, I don't want to go down THAT long and windy road with cliffs and valleys and trolls hiding under the bridges and in the I'll just say that the day was very nice. 

Until the lockdown....

There was shooting at Opry Mills Mall and reportedly the shooter was on the loose.  We are within a mile of there so we locked down too.  Oops that happened at work...oh well...oopsie.

The guy finally surrendered to police.  But helicopters were overhead for a long time.  

I had texted my family and no responses at all from anyone while on lockdown.  Felt really special but they were busy during that time.  George was at the Pour House with a bunch of Gibson folk.  And Katy was taking her ring to be fixed.  But I was ok so no big deal. 

So after work I went to get a calendar planner and found one that I loved and came home and began writing with it.  And then Katy and George were whispering and Katy came out with a bag with my Mother's Day gift early.  It was a calendar planner that she had ordered with my name on it.  Oh well.  I'd already written in the other.  So I've decided to use both but for different purposes.  The one she gave me since it's wide ringed, it'll be great to leave on my desk at home and it'll be my tracker - for things like my weight, my Isa Challenges, and also a food planner and a birthday planner - sortof my home desk calendar.  I can use it for my order reminders and household things to do, shopping needs.  I'm going to use the planner I bought at Staples for my schedule and for my goals and things I'm working on.  More on that later. 

So it'll all work out.  But I felt bad for her that I bought my calendar and she had bought me one.  But I have plenty of uses for both and happy that she bought me one and it will be put to good use! She is so sweet.  She knows me so well.  She had bought one and I oooh'd and ahhhh'd over it.  It was a teacher calendar.  But that one wouldn't have worked for me.  This one she bought is so cute.  It's a system.  

These were things I bought at staples and took this pic before she gave me her calendar that she bought me.  I will take a pic of it tomorrow.  

The flowery thing is a little journal.  I have a specific reason for getting it.  More on that later as well. And I bought some striped file folders as well. And some more ink pens.

And here was George's wonderful Cod Fish Dinner.  Was wonderful!

Well, so I need to hurry now.  My "me time" goes so fast now since I have to do so much for the dogs in the morning.  

More later!


  1. Oh dear..lots left for us to wonder about today ! Journals, goals, ??...glad the shooter gave himself up. I woudnt like one little bit living in fear of being shot or worse when I want to visit a mall.....The only announcement we are likely to hear over the tannoy is a REMINDER, YOU MUST NOT USE SKATEBOARDS OR ROLLERS IN THE MALL.....or she might call out NO DOGS ALLOWED EVEN IF CARRIED.....or PLEASE USE SCOOTERS SLOWLY FOR THE SAFETY OF OTHERS !!....certainly never...beware of the shooter. LOL.. Hope you are home safely tonight..

  2. That is so funny about the ringtone. I love your calendar. That is something I enjoy buying too. I usually order one from Lily Pulitzer. They are the right size for my pocketbook. And have everything I need. Glad they caught the shooter. That is scary.

  3. The calendar planner looks nice. It was wonderful Katy thought of you too. Must have been scary to be on lockdown. glad it didn't last too long. The dinner George made looks yummy.


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