Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday's Scuttlebutt

Yo!  Well this week is skedaddling on by!  Today I am hoping to make some progress.  Sybil was wondering how the filing system was working out.  So far so good.  I can see that there will be a "rolling effect".  It's so hard to get anything done.  About the time you finally can get emails returned, calls returned and get everyone everything they are asking for then something else happens and then another thing happens and you deal with all the fires and then at 4 p.m. you can finally start on the stack before you or your day's agenda.  And b/c you have a life- a family that you'd really like to keep - you dart home at 5 or 5:20 or so and spend 40 to an hour in traffic and back home to have 3 hours of trying to do what needs to be done that evening at home, eat, maybe watch a small show with your spouse, and head to bed.   So - 8 hours or more in each folder and only 1 or 2 hours of work on the stack - means rolling over to the next day's folder and it will snow ball.  Luckily - (usually) - Thursday and Friday I can make more progress.  So the system will work but my folders will be busting apart by Friday.  And you know how you are to prioritize A, B, and C?  Well bless B and C's heart.  If you are a piece of paper and you are not in the A's - you are not looking to be processed until who knows when - some lucky Friday I guess.  lol

Anyway, I'll update you but I think I like it so far.  I guess NO SYSTEM works to help you out if the real problem is TIME and INTERRUPTION.  lol  NO SYSTEM is going to do the work for ya while it sits in the drawer accumulating.  If life would just quit happening til I can get caught up!  But it won't so I said, "bless B and C's heart". 

Anyway, also like I have said before, I don't like to talk about work b/c it attracts the wrong sorts.  So off the topic for a long while.  Although a filing system IS pretty minimal on the scale of offending people, one can only hope. lol.  (Rolls eyes.)

Well, Bible study went well.  Although the brownies (Ghirradeli) said on the box to cook them for 40 minutes but the brownies were so well done I didn't think I'd get them out of the pan - I mean it was a work out.  I am NOT a baker, but you'd think you'd have half of chance if you follow the directions. 
Maybe not.  Anyway, my brownies didn't hold a candle to the heath bar cake that came.  Even I had a small slice to see what a heath bar cake tastes like.

 I was so tired by the end of the Bible study I could hardly speak.  Long long day (week - so far).

We have a thing after work tonight - a dinner to go to and also a lakeside party dinner tomorrow night.  Good for George's networking too I suppose but excitedly we get to see friends.   I told George I reserve the right not to go tonight if I'm tired.  I do have to stop also and get some thing extra for Mom and a card - so just way too much to do on the list of to do's both at work and at home.

Saturday - I'm looking forward to Saturday.  I'm trying to remember if we have plans.  We have Mom's day reservations with Mom on Sunday.  I picked a nice place I thought she would like.

Katy's time is running out with us.  About two more weeks of school.  Three more weekends and the last one they will be packing, sorting, and figuring out what is going with them to TX.  Cody's parents are following them back so they'll have 3 cars.  They will go back on Memorial Day. 

I guess George and I can plan a nice and relaxing Memorial Day of sorts.  Maybe cook up a good recipe and await the news from travels that everyone has safely arrived.  We'll figure out something to kick off the summer with.  I guess we'll be doing Farmer's Markets a lot on the weekends.  I'm looking forward to fresh veggies for dinner.

And ya'll I'm going to get off of here and head in early.  I feel the A list calling and I can hear the B list screaming and I can hear the C list sighing.  lol

Ya'll be good!  What are you up to today??   We are wearing our Preds shirts today and jeans since they play their game tonight!  Hope they win! 


  1. Hopefully today and tomorrow will see progress being made. With all you do, the job itself would wear me out let alone anything else, but you do deserve some fun times after a hard day of work. There are only so many hours in one day and deciding how to spend the time is important ! The weekend will come, it always does! Hope you have a great day. Happy Thursday!

  2. I wonder if you will go out tonight, I hope so if is possible you will enjoy it once you get there...wonder what you will be doing next....does Kate look after the dogs if you go out in the evenings.? I don't like to leave my wee Masy for more than 4/5 hours. I know that's not possible with you at work but it must be great for them to hear your car come along the road.....they must love having George with them at the moment,...night night n God Bless. Xxx

  3. the filing system sounds nice. it will be nice for katy and cody to be together again. three cars can hold alot of stuff.


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