Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Traffic, Salad, Payroll Check Issues, and All the Rest

The what happens when you are proud of yourself and you get out of the house early, excited that you will get to your desk early, and get ahead of the game.  Your all happy and zipping along and then..........a wreck happens and no one goes anywhere.  

Oh well.  Everyone looked ok but there are so many idiots on the road that pull within a 1/2 inch or less of you so it's a wonder there aren't more.  People nearly wreck me every day.  I always have to slam on my brakes for idiots that can't drive, cut me off, and pull out in front of me.  

Anyway, once at work, and most idiots aside, the day could progress.  Instead of being congested with traffic, I'm congested with requests and to do's, but that is ok - everyone gets to practice some patience, including me.  I can't get it all done at once and with interruptions its even slower but life is good.  We all need a little patience right?  So practicing it should be no problem.  IF it is, I'll play the hand violin for entertainment.  ;-) 

So yesterday after the cleanse, my chocolate fudge shake with coffee ice cubes was good.  And for lunch I had a salad.  It took a few minutes to make and a few minutes to eat, but it was good!  

I had bought several things at the store and just threw it all in a bag and put the salad together there at lunch time.  "Ain't nobody got time for dat" - it ain't happening to make a salad in the mornings.  I'm rushing to get out the door.  It's fresher when made on the spot anyway.  Was very good and nutritious and lasted until late afternoon in which I had a few "naked" almonds.  

Then George fixed chicken marsala - Stauffer's - and green beans and it was really good!  I might've had 2nd's!  But I will argue the firsts wasn't a lot to begin with.  And the green beans wouldn't have added a lot of calories.  Yummmers! 

Anyway, well let's see.........

*George's job is going great.  They set him loose yesterday and he was able to get going on what they needed him to do - he had questions - but he's diving in. 

*The check deposit did not come from the old company and we are not sure if the "new regime" is not going to honor the severance package.  Technically he's still an employee until Sept 1, but bankruptcy could foil all that.  I called that one early on and was told to shush that I was being negative.  But see, one can be wise and look out for things w/o being negative.  Our world is the one that is negative - I just call it as I see it coming.  So all the the ones that lost jobs are in a uproar and waiting to see if it's just an error or if there will have to be claims filed or law suits filed.  Will be interesting to see what happens there.   We were hoping to reap from the two paychecks but it may not be.  

*Katy is in the midst of wrapping up visiting with friends and getting visits in and wrapping up in the final days at school.  We have the weekend with her to do stuff and that is our last hoorah.  They will be busy the following weekend and she is seeing friends off and on the next week or so.  Today will be the last Bible study she will do with our group.  

* I will not be diving into my nutrition and wellness program/business part until after Katy leaves.  I have booked my hotel room for our seminar in August.  My friend Lisa (the other Lisa friend - I have several Lisa friends) tells me how exciting and fun it is.  So we are booked and ready.  George says we'll figure out the tax deducts and count it off the taxes as a business expense.  I have a whole list of things to kick off in June to move forward into helping other people that are interesting in nutritious food, feeling better, and weight loss.  I'll be soon trained and able to help when they ask about it.  Right now I'm like "I don't know how to help you..hang on" - lol.  This thing is so motivating and intriguing to me.  I am getting into the science behind the nutrition.  But much of the things I will be working will start in June.  

Sybil, yes, it's in the UK!  If you are interested in seeing what it's about, I'll get you connected.  You know I'm not pushy - I'm just only there to connect folks up that want to check it out.  I just want to be able to give people a solution to feeling better like I do.  I am so happy I could turn cartwheels.  And I never want to be without this system.  I suppose when I'm old an in a nursing home, they'll take it away from me.  But til then it's mine. I can feel good and live my life, and share with those that want it to.  

Well, gotta get off, get the makeup DID, take dogs out and get on with this busy day.  I may take a book to read at lunch while I eat another salad.  I'm so behind and I miss my books/reading.  I truly believe that I need to live about 3 lives so I can get done and do the things I want to do.   My exploring, organizing, creative energies - are just never satisfied it seems.  I want more more more! Just need the time.  

Ya'll have a good "over the hump day" - we slide down into the weekend from here.  


  1. Your drive in that traffic is not for sissies for sure. I am thankful I never had a drive like that when I worked. Your salad looks wonderful. Now that the weather has finally warmed up, I'm enjoying more salads too. Glad George's job is going well but sad about the no paycheck. Hope you have a great Hump Day!

  2. Sitting in traffic is so stressful. We have our share of reckless drivers here too. Salad is so good and a light meal for sure. Keep up the good work on your healthy living. The shakes sound really good. I am thinking of making myself a smoothie for lunch.


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