Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tropical Storm, Wine, and Health Insurance

Well much of the heavy rain and storms missed us (so far) as far as the tropical storm goes.  I guess it's not over yet but not the rains and storms you'd think we'd have had.  Some of our area surrounding did get a lot and did get some tree limb damage and a little boy in west TN was struck by lightning.  That was so sad to hear.  Nonetheless it is soggy as we've had fine misty rain or a gentle rain from time to time with some periods of sun in between.  It's humid and soggy for sure.

I got my mammogram done yesterday in record time.  Hoping the insurance will cover it.  George got a letter from 401k saying he was terminated and giving him his options there.  However, no Cobra letter or no communication saying our health insurance was terminated.  The company is still doing business and are therefore subject to still conform to state and federal laws.  So we are in information gathering stages right now and will be looking for help on what our rights are.

 He has never been given any information by his company other than his employment ends Sept 1.  So technically he should be getting a check with insurance coming out - until then.  Of course no one available to answer questions.  And obviously their HR staff overwhelmed. 

Thursday when I checked - our insurance was still covered.  However they can do retro terms which scares me.  My mammogram is a claim that will be post bankruptcy date - not pre!  They need to figure this one out and quick as there is a group of folks falling into this category - not getting information and seeking help.  So he doesn't know if he is employed or termed.

He received a letter from the 401k company that he was termed.  If he has been termed he is due a Cobra letter and I'll have 30 days to enroll in my company.  What if they termed him at a different date than his signed letter and they failed to send Cobra and we miss the 30 day window to enroll in my insurance.  I will be inflamed at that point to the likeness of that spewing volcano in Hawaii.

 When you know the law and you know it's not being followed and it impacts you and your household negatively - then it's time to do something and seek some help in figuring out our rights.  How this plays out in the next few days will be critical.  Right now we are information gathering stages.  This is really simple stuff here we're talking amidst a bigger complicated issue.  If a person is termed - they need to do the proper communication.  If not - then honor your promises.  It's Chapter 11 and his signed document given shows he is an employee til Sept 1 - and they need to acknowledge that like they do their other employees.  I really can't talk much beyond this right now.  But this is what we are dealing with.  I think it will be in theirs and everyone's best interest to resolve this quickly and nip it in the bud before it becomes another big issue for them.

And my fast went well yesterday.  Accept I didn't have enough of my berry liquid that I fast with.  I didn't realize I needed two of the 2 oz bottles per the 4 times a day that you get it.  I had only packed ONE per the 4 times.  lol  But I made it just fine.  And will know next time.  I switched from the powder to the little bottles.

I had a Zoom call last night with my team and it was my first one.  I was surprised when the cameras came on but I had a pink sticky note over mine.  It made me laugh.  The microphones were on too so I told George "I'm ON!" and of course everyone heard it.  lol  I was glad to have already put the sticky note over my camera b/c I was in my jammies.  Next week I'll stay dressed and remove the sticky note.  I was shy this week.  But I'll come out of my shell next week.  lol

And George bottled some wine.  Pinot Noir.  I had a tiny sip - hardly even a swallow.  Just to see the taste.  It's going to be a good one.  Pinot Noir has become my favorite red.  It's smooth w/o the Cabernet or Merlot bite to it. But I think I like them all.  I love a good sipping red.

And I need to go and get ready and get on with the day.  I'll be planning an evening with friends here at the house on Thursday - and need to figure out what to fix.  Two girlfriends coming over and we need to eat a healthy dinner so I'll be contemplating menu (easy) and getting some cleaning done - vacuum and dusting and getting the extra guest bedroom made back up.  Plus working on my "list" of things to do which is quite long right now.

Katy got fingerprinted in the state of TX yesterday for her "teaching" ID and today she meets with the staff.  I think tomorrow she has free - and perhaps the house will be done.  They are living out of boxes I think right now.  But in a pretty spot.

Well, I'm off to get make up on and dogs walked again!  Ya'll take care.  Hey it's over the hump day already!  Wow!


  1. This week is flying by what with having the Monday holiday. But here we are and over the hump of this week we go... I hope the insurance works for you. It's very costly when it doesn't. That rain is supposed to move in here later on today. But right now is sunny. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. just curious - don't you have health insurance from your employer to cover the mammogram?

  3. I do hope George gets definite news soon about what happens next it' dosnt seem righ to me that they can leave their staff in limbo like least he has another wee job that's keeping you going....but.....anyway as you say your over the hump day !!...hope the storms don't come your way tonight....we have been surrounded by storms but thankfully they have avoided Box !!...hope you have a good tomorrow....night night nGod. Bless. Xxx

  4. glad to hear you didn't get much rain. a shame the company hasn't told you your insurance status at this point.


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