Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wrapping Everything UP!

Just a quick pop in.

Yesterday was a busy one.  I was able to get a ton done!  Our office was quiet and hardly any long term interruptions.  So that was good.  At 5 I ordered chinese to pick up.  That was a really good experience.  I think perhaps I may do that again for George and I some night.  It was really good.  I put white rice on my plate and didn't eat much of it.  I got some of those Chinese donuts for the girls, knowing that I would have one.  They are like donut holes dipped in sugar.  I did have one!  But for the most part dinner seemed healthy.  Chicken and snow pea and also beef and vegetable.  George and I are each taking the leftovers of the main dishes for our lunch today.

The Bible study and girl time was fun.  We wrapped it up!  I offered the possibility of doing another one in the fall.

Katy came home at the tail end of it from her party with her teacher friends.  They gave her a going away party and it was really sweet the things that they gave her.

George had a nice dinner out with a former vendor he did business with, which is nice.  He also made reference to the possibility of George running a Nashville warehouse for him but would involve sales - anyway his job he has now made mention that they have intentions to keep him but has to be approved and asked him what salary he would want.  So hopefully something will come about it.  He loves his current position and they seem to like him.  I told George it's great everyone is thinking positive - so the rubber meets the road with the OFFER itself though.  God is in control.  All is going well so far.

I texted George around 10:20 saying "Just checking on you".  And at midnight didn't have any answer so I was really concerned.  They had gone to the steak house and then went to "The Goat" and he said they thought it was 10:30 or so and it was already midnight.  So I called him and he answered by saying "I'm on my way - I took him back to his hotel."  He said "man I'm gonna be sleepy tomorrow, but we had fun".

So of course that meant I didn't get sleep either b/c I was worried about him being out on the roads.

Cody was to leave this morning at 4.  He should be on the road now.  He was concerned that the carpet was not in the house yet and wanted the house to be completely ready as they would be in it Monday.  Carpet scheduled for Tuesday.  But then they offered to put everyone in the guest house.  Cody was thinking he should stay and help figure it all out but he is coming.  They have a lot to do this weekend - including getting new iphones.

A diamond fell out of Katy's ring yesterday - she had just gotten one put in.  She was disgusted and upset as she doesn't have time to get it done.  She is going today to beg to see what they can do to rush it and pick it up by Saturday.  Good luck with that I say. I think all the packing and being into boxes both here and at school has weakened the settings in her ring.  Last day - 1/2 day - of kids in school.  Tomorrow final day - for Katy.

Anyway, we are all a bit tired this morning.  I've had to wash dishes, and get towels going.
I better get going.  Much to do to get out the door.

And I need a 2nd cup of joe!  Have a great day!


  1. A late night can make it hard to get started the next morning, but it sounds like all is good there.
    Take care and have a great day !

  2. Now you have me wanting Chinese food. I love it. I use to make stir fry every week when daughter lived at home. I know you are sad your daughter is leaving but maybe she will get to come back often to visit. Tell her it takes little time to get new carpets in. I was home last time we got ours and was shocked at how fast it was. And they had to move heavy furniture and rip the old ones up. I really want hardwoods next time though because of allergies. Our house is 16 yrs old and I am ready for a change. That is wonderful about the new job. Best of luck to your husband.

  3. Glad that George was ok..also that Kate had such a nice farewell doubt she will be a bit sorry to leave, but excited to see Cody..that's awful about the diamond in her ring, that should never happen if they are in properly in the first place, after all it's quite new....hope today has gone well and that Friday will pass in a have an emotional weekend ahead. Night night and God Bless all under your roof nxxx

  4. i'm sorry to hear about katys ring. hopefully it can get fixed in time. dinner sounded good.


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