Friday, June 29, 2018

Night Out on the Town and a Fancy Toilet

Well, it's been a wet week.  The skies really got dark yesterday.  I did a time lapse of the skies.  But blogger would not let me post it.  :-O  Oh well. 

After work yesterday we went to an Indian restaurant to meet a vendor.  We got there early so we went next door and had drinks til closer to our reservation time. 

Mockingbird is where we went pre-dinner.  Later we realized it might have been a gay bar.  But their beer serves up just the same.

I looked next to me and a lady had ordered rum punch - it's served in a bag, lol!  She let me take a pic!  I notice the wax hamburger got in the picture.  Of course that had grabbed our attention as well.  Burgah!

Really didn't have much time to drink the beer either.  I'm a sipper not a slugger.  But I had to *try* to slug to get to our reservations.  Since the sky had been dark and it rained most all day - the next place nearly froze us out.  They were unwilling to adjust the temp at Chuan's Ale and Masala House, but the waitress said she could bring me a hot tea on the house.  It was a different type of tea.  It was good.  It was unsweetened, thank goodness.  It did warm me up.  I was grateful for that.  

It came with sugar lumps but I did not use them.  Here is our appetizers.  The Nashville Hot Chicken appetizers were heavenly.  I wish I'd ordered that for dinner.  lol

The appetizer of the various chutney's was once a favorite but not so much last night.  The flavors were not like I remembered and the Naan bread tasted not homemade but like a store bought pita.  

I ordered the meat n 3, mainly b/c it came in these stackable lunch boxes.  However, I really was not impressed with the flavor.  Bland and reminded me of Campbell's soup.  I am grateful for dinner as it was bought for us, by a friend and business associate of George.  I was asked if I liked my dinner and I was honest and said it was bland compared to what I'm used to getting there.  George's flank steak was delicious.  I was really disappointed last night in the food.  Of course it had white rice, lol.  I didn't eat much of that either.

They had a moscow mule that was pretty good.

And after a lengthy dinner conversation, we went next door again.  A coffee for me.  

And someone got a little port.  Look at the cute little glass.  

But the most impressive thing of the evening, surprisingly, was the toilet at Mockingbird.  lol  A Nashville Must See.  lol lol lol 

So this morning, I am pretty tired.  I wasn't in bed until 11 ish.  But it is Friday and surely I can try to make it through the day.  We knew this week would be fun but rough getting up in the mornings.  And potentially rough during the afternoon after lunch when the slump occurs. 

Today after work I get my nails and toes done.  I will give up the green toes, lol.  I will go for a pinkish or coral look.  I am really looking forward to that.  There was talk of us going to the grocery tonight, but we'll see.  May have to be tomorrow after George comes back from the NAMM show. 

Well, I'm going to get off of here.  I slept in later, but somehow I am ahead of schedule.  That is a good thing.  Busy day today.  I hope it goes by fast.  I'm horribly sleepy.    But we enjoyed our night out with friend and business associate.  Always fun to go hang out with him.

Ya'll have a great day! 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Bean Burger Discoveries, Nashville NAMM Week Adventures

Forgive me, I can't remember which website this came from.  But some time over the last few days I snapped a pic of someone's website - someone's blog that had the best looking recipe idea.  I was afraid I'd not be able to find the link again or remember where it was (I didn't) so I snapped a pic knowing I would see it again repeatedly that way.  I thought I'd share.  You can't see all of it but enough to get an idea.  This just sounded good to me.  Quinoa would be good in there!  

I had a Kashi bowl of some sort yesterday - a frozen veggie entree with quinoa, greens, beans, and corn and other veggies -  and had a bean burger with it to add in more protein.  The calories were surpisingly few - even combined.  I had never had a bean burger before.  As you can see below it had other things in it too.  It was awesome.  

Sorry, I know it doesn't look appetizing but I was upset with myself that at 55 I'd not tried this yet.  I just ate it like a hamburger steak.  I didn't even want my afternoon snack.  The brand is Morning Star.  I think this was Spicy Bean and Veggie or something like that.  It was not hot or anything.  But I'm pleased to have something else I can throw in a baggie frozen and then it thaws til lunch and I put on a plate and microwave for a minute and I'm done.  Eat with other veggies for lunch and you are good.  

So yesterday was very harried trying to just get the last bit of my routine done and get out of the house and on the way to work. 

The rain was coming down in forceful fits like huge waterfall shafts coming down from the sky.  Trying to get the dogs to go out in that was something.  I had to wait until the lightning stopped before I could even attempt it.  It was monsoonal type stuff.  

The cat got in and I couldn't find him.  Finally got him out with food so I could leave him in the garage for the day.  He wanted no part of the rain either.  I was afraid I'd be late.  Matter of fact I'd already let my assistant know I was having issues and likely be late.  I was later than normal but I did make it by 8. 

And after 5 I left to meet George at Opry Mills theatre parking lot and we rode together downtown and parked and met a vendor and friends at Rippy's.  A band was playing that was really good.  

 It is heartwarming that vendors still want to see George and even take us to dinner - even though he is no longer working for the guitar company and there would be no business to be had with him.  So that is friendship right there.  Many he's done business with for a long time.  We were honored and thankful for that last night and it was very kind.

Took some shots around Nashville as we drove around to our "next" party. 

The lights and reflections underneath the new convention center. 

Cranes abound and Nashville growth and changes are just incredible.  We should be called Craneville!

The lights of "lower broad".  You should hear the sounds.  You can hear about 10 bands at once.  

Jason Aldean's place.  This was new.  Looking forward to going to the rooftop there sometime.

And here is Ole Red, Blake Shelton's restaurant - named after his #1!  

And on to party #2, the D'Addario party.  We actually had dinner twice.  We ate a bit of BBQ, slaw, beans.  (Thank goodness at Rippy's I just had a salad!)  I did have one major sin but it wasn't too awfully bad.  George and I split a dark chocolate fudge pie.  It didn't really seem too sweet.  It was really good.  lol  We could have eaten worse I guess.  And there was free drinks. 
And guess who was playing!  The Time Jumpers!  They normally play on Monday night's at 3rd and Lindsley and usually Vince Gill is with them.   

Very nice table arrangements.  It was exciting being amidst the talented musical types.  

Met some interesting and exciting folks from the D'Addario company itself and met someone from St Louis in the front lobby and we chatted a while.  Before long it was time to head home and of course already past my bed time.  I was in bed by 10:30 so it wasn't too bad.  

I couldn't help but snap a pic of the ducks that were "boon docking" in the parking lot.  There is water all around - there is the river and also some ponds/lakes around but they chose the parking lot.  Cracked me up.  Maybe they needed drying out.  I guess they truly are dry docking it.  lol  (RV terms.)

Bless the doggies hearts.  They are missing us at night but so happy to see us when we get home.  We've been darting out again just as we get back home.

Tonight we also have some things going on.  More on that tomorrow.

Saturday Sleep is going to be special!  Til then, here I go for more coffee!  It's Thursday though and the week is coming to a close.

I've been trying to think of a title for my new business.  I have some ideas but none that enthrall me.  I liked Nutrition Expedition but it needs to be more expansive than just nutrition because it's so much more than that.  It's a vehicle to not only nutrition, but a positive way of living, a vehicle to help others, a open door to finding a way to whatever it is you desire, a very happy lifestyle, and one that serves others.  I've been thinking that I may tithe this business.  Part of doing this is to be able to help senior citizens, and for now I've chosen Alzheimer's.  There are two groups.  I have not decided for sure which one.  I may just decide both, but I want this to be about giving and helping others.  So 10% toward Alzheimer's foundation or something akin to that would be the thing to do.  I want God to bless this.  This will be my ministry.  George had mentioned the Pregnancy Care Center.  I supposed we could have a list of several.  But I definitely would like for it to be pinned down.  So these things are rolling around in my mind.

It's time to wrap this up and get packed and dogs out and treats given and out the door. 

You all have a lovely day today!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Kitchen, White Rice and Bread, and Solo Movie

I saved this pic of a kitchen b/c it is filled with love.  It makes me want to stay home and be domestic today - but off to work we go.  I mean look outside the door at all the flowers, the pretty valley below, the cobblestone walkway, a cat in the door.  It must be a late summer day because the pumpkins are in and the sunflowers are big.  There is another cat in the window.  I'd have to shoo it down but you know he is probably keeping an eye on those pies in the oven.  Looks like there is company coming too.  Two pies in the oven, one on the table and another about to be made.  Wonder what is cooking on top?  Maybe some kind of filling for the pies? 

Well that was fun.  Love to look at a picture and build life around it or guess what is happening inside the pic.  I couldn't help but feel that whoever owns this kitchen needed more counter space.  lol 

Well, not a lot to report on yesterday really.  I began working on Mom's birthday to get it on the calendar.  Have texted my sister to see if they want to join us.  I think we are going to Uncle Julio's.  

George and I went to the movies last night.  First we went to Taziki's.  I was bad and ate the potato chips that came with my dinner.  It was because when I ate the lamb meat in my gyro, and the cucumber and tomato salad - I was still hungry.  So at least there was not many chips. I did eat a bite or two of the gyro bread but not much.   I didn't order the chips but it came with it.  Then we ended up getting pop corn at the movie and a trickle of butter on it, but of course that was only at the top.  Anyway, George doesn't like it when I beat myself up over it.  I only lament for a moment, lol.  I should have ordered the dinner like George had - it was more lamb meat, on some rice, and had a side salad.  Live and learn.  Mine just didn't have much meat inside the gyro.  Usually there is twice as much though.  So I didn't know they had cut back.  It was a puny amount and there I sat hungry eating things I should not.

Oh well.  George and I got in a "discussion" which I'm sure entertained those around us.  He began telling me that bread was ok, that I'd been eating it all my life and hadn't died yet.  I reminded him that enriched flour had fillers that made us fat and little nutritional value.  And that being borderline diabetic you can't eat a lot of it and white foods b/c it messes with your sugar.  I told him I still eat it - just rarely.  Then he started on white rice and that I needed to start eating more white rice.  I told him that also was not good for blood sugar.  He said he didn't want to fix two rices and he missed white rice.  I told him to fix himself some white rice and I'll fix the other rice for myself.  He said that was not efficient and I should just eat white rice on occasion.  I said I do eat it on occasion, but when you eat white bread, white rice, and white potatoes on occasion, the occasions all add up.  I said I'm trying - on a continuum to not eat the white foods - they are too starchy and turn to sugar and my body cannot handle it.  The more you eat, the more you want.  So I try to avoid it. 

 He said "but we are on the same page".  I said "I don't think we are.  You want me to eat things I am trying to cut back on." and I said "what is this - attack Sonya night or anti healthy campaign night?" He said "well you are sitting there eating potato chips".  I said "yes, and I'll get fat if I eat the chips, the potatoes, the rice and the bread too." He said "I'm just trying to get you to eat white rice on occasion" and I said for him to fix what he wanted and if I wanted to eat it I would and if not I wouldn't.  He had seemed to be in such a good humor on the way to the restaurant, now the good air of humor between us was spoiled.  At least we were going to the movies where there would be no talk of trying to get me to eat things I didn't want to eat - as we ordered popcorn and put butter on it.  lol lol lol 

I don't eat perfect, and I'll never eat perfect.  But I at least want to try.  And I had rather not be given a hard time over it either.  He knows that I eat white foods on occasion already so I'm not sure why all the grief and bother over it.  There has to be some type of someone giving you a bother over something.  Did it accomplish anything? No.  It only created ill will, and now I'll end up being more dead set against white rice and white bread.  Giving someone a hard time over something is a sure fire way to make them ever more stubborn over it.  I'm not sure why people don't realize that.  Up until last night, I felt supported in my weight loss efforts.  

So then we went to see Solo.  It was a George pick tonight.  It was pretty good.  Too much activity for me but the story line was pretty good.  I liked the Wookie.  

It is thundering out and raining right now.  I wasn't aware it would still be around this morning.  We have had waves of storms come through - three of them in the last 18 hours or so.  Luckily I didn't have to drive in any - yet.  And I'm not driving in that mess this morning.  If I have to be late, I will.  It's raining too heavy to see anything right now.  Work can wait.  Most of the time I work through lunch now at my desk and have a lot of extra hours logged anyway. 

Oh I cut my hair this morning on a whim.  Just tired of it and it needed some shaping.  

So I should go.  We have plans all week - things going on each night now.  But I got invited to the NAMM show dinners this week.  I will be really tired by Friday. But I'm looking forward to the fun.  I'm already sleepy b/c it was after my bedtime when we got out of the movies and as usual, George can't be by Kroger w/o going in and getting something, especially if it is after my bed time. 

Well, gotta go.  I need more coffee this morning!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Talking about Monday's Missions

Hmmm...not really sure what to talk about.  I'm sipping coffee after a cleanse day.  Having steak on Sunday night before a cleanse day - really helps.  It was a breeze yesterday.  Matter of fact, I'm still not hungry yet this morning and usually I'm clamoring over everyone to get out of my way to fix a shake.  But I figure I'll have coffee and go from there.  

My 16 week Isabody challenge is over on July 1.   Just by entering the challenge and submitting your photos - you get $ for free product - $200 in fact.  So you betcha I'll keep doing those.  What a deal.  
But I do want to come in strong so I'm watching things a little more this week.  I started to do my first back to back (b2b) cleanse until this evening at 6.  But decided against it b/c when you do a 2 day b2b cleanse you are supposed to wait 14 days for the next one.  And I don't want to do that.  But if I was ever going to - today would be a good one since I'm not hungry.  lol  Those two nights of steak went a long way as far as energy goes. 

The coffee is good however.  

So Monday Mornings's are usually my strong planning days - on the heels of the weekend.  Sometimes I get that done on the weekend but often I have to do a commute or just be sitting still to get it done.  Planning usually consists of about a 15 minute brain storm session for the week - or sometimes the outlook for the month if birthdays are coming up and so forth.   So I did some of that.  Working with my sister in planning Mom's birthday and also planning our meal with Lisa and Lou on Sunday.  They are in for a healthy treat with George's clay pot chicken and one of my specialty salads.  

My heart wanted to dive into getting into Podcasts but I felt since I didn't go to church Sunday that I really needed to be fed more and put God first.  So I listened to Beth Moore (she can reach me like no one else when it comes to scripture).  I listened to her blessing podcast.  The word "bless" is a translation of the word eulogeo which means "to speak well of".  In her lesson she mentioned that when God blessed us he spoke it aloud.  I want to find that scripture.  I see many scriptures where God spoke aloud a blessing, but since I was driving I couldn't write it down.  She was trying to make the point of special it is that all the blessings on our lives have been spoken aloud by God.  And when God wants something done because He is God, all he does is speak for it to happen.  I mean look at creation after all.  It was a great lesson.   And I think I would like to do more study on blessings.  I've asked God to show me what He needs for my ministry to be.  He whispered it was not necessarily yet a specific thing - that I was to be an encourager of people on a day to day basis so I shall take that task as it is needed in helping others that just happen before me.  Apparently I do not need to go seek it out. It comes.  And it did. 

So I guess now on Sunday/Monday I will focus on spiritual things in my free time.  And the rest will focus on other things.  That way my priorities are in line and God will bless my efforts and hopefully out loud as I'll be in tune with his desires for me before I get on with the week.  

That said, today I'll pump myself up with some motivational, positive, growth podcasts - or product learning - whichever I happen to find.  And/or nutrition podcasts.  

Another takeaway from yesterday is two things.  

1.  Another person's fear is very "catching" and ejects negativity on others - whether founded or unfounded.  It's very unsettling.  And it often misguides oneself to error or miscommunication of some sort.  I'm a fearful person at times and it does have a negative impact on another. My family has been very adamant at letting me know that at times.  So I'm trying to learn to channel the fear into a productive mechanism.  And hoping others will do it too.  Sometimes people don't have time to figure out what is really happening so they jump into fear unnecessarily.  What dispels fear is knowing the facts, and being prepared, and then having a plan.  To place fear on others due to your own fear - just causes panic, doubt, uncertainty, rejection, and a "cower over in the corner" feeling, and sometimes a desire to just freaking give up, lol.  I'm trying my best to put this into the proper words. 

2.  It's ok to question yourself, but never doubt yourself.  Just because someone tells you - your answer is wrong - doesn't mean it is.  I was very happy to find that I was going to do something one way and another person told me that was not right to do it a different way.  Turns out IT WAS right, how I was going to do it.  So don't give up on your understandings of things - you might just be right after all.  

I could go on but I need to get make up on and dogs out and head to work. 

Ya'll have a good day!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekend of GTD (Getting things Done) and Dinner with New Friends

Good morning!  Well, I managed to get the Vision Board posted in the laundry room.  That is where I am a lot of the weekend.  And you can see my work in process too with the clothes drying and some had just come out of the dryer.  But was able to mark off "Vision Board" from my list.  I had not hung it for a while due to: 1) time and 2) wasn't sure how to hang it.  But I used command strips.

We had a very productive day around the house Saturday.  We have had steaks two nights in a row.  George had been to Houston's Butcher shop and come back with steaks when he went to get ham hocks for the freezer.  We watched the Godfather Saturday night.  I'd never seen it. 

I was watching some storms in TX fire up with ping pong size hail and sent Katy a text.  Out of curiosity sake, I started looking at both TX and TN when I use my "My Radar" app.  I snapped a pic and texted her - you have weather coming.  They have carport areas for their cars out there.  I told her that was good because with ping pong and baseball size hail in the storms (everything bigger in TX) they need it.

Katy said she could see the storms coming.  I think it went north of them and died out some with the sun.  But she got a pic of the sunset with a storm moving in.  

They have amazing sunsets out there.  

Sunday morning, Maisy woke me up at 5 and then again at 5:45.  I think I finally got up around 6 and I was so groggy that coffee didn't help much.  We discussed going to church and had been intent on going.  But decided to do our own devos and not rush around and head out.  I needed another leisurely day so that was good for me as well.  I listened to Bill Furler on his Church on the Beach series about faith - on You Tube.  

George knocked out the rest of weed eating which didn't take long and spent the day catching up on some personal things he's been wanting to do.  He also has started keeping up with my business expenses - which so far is not much.  I did work on getting him my receipts.  I kept trying to force my mind to work yesterday on my to do list.  I did manage some.  However, beyond laundry, ironing,  finishing my 90 day plan workbook, listening to my devos, cleaning up the kitchen, putting up the Target order, changing the sheets -  I found myself just wanting to watch some shows on You Tube.  So I watched the following: 

Gone with the Wynns
Keep Your Day Dream
Have Wind Will Travel

I also watch MJSailing but they are sometimes every two weeks getting a video out so I didn't see anything pop up yesterday.  

I love keeping up with these couples on their adventures.  I am going to add these in my side bar I think for you all some time this week.  I think you all will be happy to watch and subscribe to these shows.  Some of them have blogs too and are already in my sidebar under the blog roll.

And don't laugh but I remembered that I had been astounded that you could pull up marine traffic on and you could follow the ships.  The videos are a week or two behind - up to a couple of months behind on some.  But I found them on the map.  It's just cool to be able to do that.  I registered with marinetraffic website for free.  And set up "My fleet".  lol  I'm just like a kid with this kind of stuff.  So I literally have my own fleet of boats, lol lol lol.  You can see where they are out there.  It amazes me how many ships are out there at one time on this thing.  I'll put that link in the sidebar at some point when I get time this week.  I love to hear stories about sailing, love the ocean, and love the RVing as you know.  I may RV at some point but probably will not sail.  lol

So George did the Tarragon harvest yesterday.  It smells so good.   

By late afternoon we were on our way to meet one of George's friends that he met through work.  He and his wife were in town and they had a service dog.  Her name is Barbie.  Barbie has a blog too.  I'll also be adding that to the blog roll here.  I have a lot to add!

And below you can see her pretty pink toes.

When I said we had steak two nights in a row...

We went to Cherokee Steakhouse about 20 minutes away from us.  To my horror my gas tank was on E.  I called George and he said "no bother, there is a gas station near where we eat that I have enough to get there".  

Below is Bob and Elise with Barbie, who was getting steak bites from the table.  We enjoyed our dinner with them very much.

A storm was brewing up to our north and heading our way.  It had a very high cloud top and a shelf to it and what looked like the makings of a tornado to it or was that just my imagination?

Panorama of the steak place.

The gas station was no longer there! So we had to drive all the way back to the interstate on prayers and fumes.  Finally got the gas!  Our friends were following in case we had issues.  On the way back home, after finding the gas, George veered off from the route.  I was confused.  He took me down a lonely road (which is scary after watching the Soprano's and the Godfather, lol).  He took us toward our dreams.  

First of all the clouds were pretty.

Here was the road. 

He showed me a KOA.  lol

And the RV place.  He did it the safe way.  Taking me after they were closed.  lol  But we drove by and picked out the ones we liked.  They had a leisure van also that looked amazing.  We were curious about it.  

Once George sees the prices, my dream will be over.  lol  (Not really, no one can steal your dream.) But maybe one day it will all come to fruition.  I'm just ready to get started before I get any older.  lol

It's cheaper to have the truck and pull the RV trailer behind.  But maybe not after you buy both.  Anyway we'll see what happens one day.  

Well, ya'll be good.  Dreams have not arrived yet and there is work to be done, so off we go.  I slept late again.  Kept forgetting to set my alarm since I had turned it off at Mom's.  But as always, determined to get a blog post in and do my normal routine.  Especially since I did not blog yesterday. 

Did you all have a good weekend?  What did you do?  

See ya manana, it's cleanse day and I'm all packed for that.  Part of my weekend prep.  Not a busy week for me homewise, but it is for George.  Even though he is not at the guitar company anymore, a lot of people are inviting him to do things and a vendor friend sent him a ticket to the NAMM show.  Sweet.  He was really happy about that and will go and network and see all his connections.  Some are inviting him to dinners and such.  Sometimes I'm invited.  Sometimes not.  So far not.  lol That is ok - I'll hang out and get things done here.  

Be good and be sweet!  Til next time.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Morning Blabber with Coffee

Saturday here.  Not much to report this morning.  Back to work on Friday to a very busy morning of catching up on email and everyone's needss - some pretty big.  And the day went by fast - sort of - and then home again.  By the time I got home, my creative energy was spent - the best part of me and the best part of the day gone.  I forced myself to do laundry and clean up the kitchen, which wasn't too bad.  George was still working on carpets - bless him.

I realized I really just wanted to sit, sip some wine, and read.  My book "Overboard" was calling me b/c it was at the end.  I finished it.  The book to replace it is "Mississippi Solo:  A River Quest" by Eddy L. Harris.  I always have to have my travel & adventure book going.  My biography right now is one by Candy Spelling, called "Candy-Land".    I finally started it last night.  I have another one - it's a romance type.  I tend to want to read these the least these days.

So we had a little Mexican fare for dinner - from Trader Joe's.  Corn tamales, enchiladas, and spicy pinto beans.  We watched Below Deck, Mediterranean and by the end I believe I was comatose and sleeping, until I heard George saying to Maisy, "Momma's sleeping". 

So off to take dogs outside and then to bed - which felt amazing.

This morning at 5:00 a.m. Tugie was up and Maisy was trying to wake me up.  So I finally got up and took them out and fixed coffee.  George and Roger got up too and I fixed their breakfast and then went back to bed for a few minutes.  Didn't stay long.  My mind was already starting to waken.  I am still pretty groggy and only 1/2 way thru a cup of joe.

So today we have next to no plans other than to go see George's Mom.  I have my normal weekend line up to do of laundry, ironing anything for the next week, a bit of cleaning and trying to knock some things off my to do list.

I want to figure out how to hang "my vision" in the laundry room, finish my 90 day plan, and get to where I can begin working on my business and projects.  We have been so busy that it has taken a back seat.  There is already not much of my week left, but my theory is "Do what you can do" and "Start where you are" with whatever you are involved in.  I have a lot of things I do in the nooks and crannies of my day.  But today I am glad to have the whole day before me.  So we'll see what happens.  There is the bucket list, and the business list, and the household cleaning list, and the fun list.  And to me - it is ALL fun.  The fun is always in the journey.  And you know me, I'm always looking for a journey. lol

I also have about 6 CD's I need to import songs I like from - from Jimmy Buffet, Elton John's greatest hits, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Jim Croce, and Rod Stewart.  I missed my iPod yesterday when working on a spreadsheet I was setting up.  I like to listen when I'm doing something with numbers and spreadsheets.  But I'd laid my ipod on my desk at home to import these songs and hadn't been able to work on it.  So I didn't have it with me at work when working on the spreadsheets.  Usually I don't miss it and don't want it - but if I'm messing around with things that are tedious and trying - it relaxes me - and actually energizes me to get it done.  I don't despise spreadsheets.  I rather enjoy them but for some reason I just need some background music when I work on them.  I'm not sure why.  I guess it provides focus for me in an otherwise horribly busy day with stimuli coming from everywhere.

And so it's 7 a.m. and I'm ready to get started.  We will see where I get with this beloved day off!

What are you all doing today?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Day in Columbia with Mom and Afternoon with Friends

Wonderful Breakfast by Mom

Mom fixed an incredible breakfast yesterday.  We had a relaxing morning.  I loved not having the alarm to get me up.  And no dogs either to wake me up.  I did miss my Maisy though.  And was able to sleep a couple of hours later than the norm.  This morning I forgot to set my alarm back though and ended up sleeping 1/2 hour past.  But it's ok.  I'm making up the time.  

We set out to Mom's doctor.  I dropped her at the front door and went back to Hardee's for coffee and water.  Mom said it might be a while before they were finished with her and I panic if I don't have my water near by, I've noticed.  Not really a panic - just a annoying inconvenience that I try hard to avoid.  lol  So I sat in the car and watched the rain drops slide down and videoed it and made it purple.  Did it in slo-mo and time lapse.  I realized I'm smitten for these video programs as I morph into learning how to learn various things within the software.  Then I realized I probably need to go in and wait for Mom.  So I sat in the lobby and read "Overboard".  What a really good book.  It's kept me on the edge of my seat.  The description makes you feel you are really there. 

Reading the best book in Mom's doc office

After Mom got out we headed to downtown Columbia to see if we could get a decent parking place to go to Puckett's on the square.  We were able to score a spot and we had our umbrellas so we were able to have a nice lunch there.  I had the best brisket taco salad.  And again, ate like there was no tomorrow and again had a chipotle ranch dressing - most likely a no no - but I have decided that when I'm tired of olive oil and vinegar and I'm out - I'll allow another dressing from time to time.  Then I'll go back to my vinegar and olive oil.  It's so hard to permanently switch.  So this was a treat and I've had it two days in a row - now I'll be good for a while.

Mom walks in the rain toward Puckett's, downtown Columbia, TN

Puckett's, Columbia, TN 
 After we ate, Mom wanted to sit in the car and encouraged me to go to the shop I'd wanted to go to nearby.  I actually enjoyed walking in the rain.  I did have someone come up behind me and say Hi and ask me for work.  I smiled and said "hello" and acted like I didn't hear the other part and went on ahead walking quickly and was going to dodge into a nearby store if he followed.  He went the other way - thank goodness.  I was thinking "yeah I've got a job for you - in Nashville - moving mattresses into the truck"  - lol.
Walking in the Rain, downtown, Columbia, TN
 Coming out of the store Bleu 32 Vintage- which I could have stayed in ALL day, the rain had subsided a bit.  I snapped a pic of the court house on the square.

There was a record shop that George would love to go into.  

Variety Records, Columbia, TN 

I guess albums are making a come back.
After that we came back to Mom's house and sat on the porch.  The sun came out for a long while with intermittent clouds.  I began playing with iMovie learning how to make videos. 

Mom's porch

Here is what I put together of Mom's backyard and porch.  Hold out for the deer footage. 

Before I knew it, it was time to go to Lisa's.  She had asked me to stop by for a swim.  I stopped at Publix and got a bottle of wine, some cheese, crackers, carrots and hummus.  

Afternoon at Lisa's pool, Franklin, TN

Lisa invited me to stay for dinner for the bean salad.  However, I was watching the weather.  I decided to head on back.  We had a good time floating in the water and talking.  It was Lisa, Juliana, and myself.  Juliana heads back to California next week.  It has been so good to see her.  I'm so happy Lisa invited me over for girl time.  

I headed back as I could see the storms and darker skies coming up behind me from the west as I traveled east.  

I got home and George was starting to do the carpet cleaning.  And I fixed a frozen Stauffer lasagna meal - family size.  Not a low cal option either.  lol  So this next week I need to be much better as I end my "challenge period" and start the next one.  I will get a lot of $$ back into my account to use for food.  

Bed and sleep felt great last night.  And the storms had slowed down and weren't even there yet.  If they came through I wasn't aware.  

Anyway, here we are on a Friday morning and I'm really feeling the need to be off today but back to work I go for the day.  At least it is Friday.  I have a lot to do.  I needed to get my Target order done this morning as we are almost out of a few things.  Maybe I'll squeeze it in.  So much I want to do this weekend since we were gone the last one.  Looking forward to it.  We do have a vendor/friend that is going to be in town and we'll go out with them on Sunday night for dinner - or they may come here.  We are unsure of exact plans.  I am thinking here for drinks and then dinner out nearby.  

So off to work I go.  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.