Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Seasoned Worker's Value in the Market Place

Well, not a lot to tell - work, home again, sharing the nutrition with a friend on a 3 way call and then George and I watched a Paul McCartney DVD concert before he was going to turn it in for money at McKaye's.  I said "nooooooo" so we'll keep the video for ourselves.  It's really good and we are discovering that concerts look really good on the Big Ass TV. lol  We named the TV that b/c it is big.  Yes it is named on the network as that on our home set up.  I was only kidding when George asked what to name it, but he liked it so it stuck.  For the sake of this blog though and being nice, I guess I'll just call it BAT - which for some means a blood alcohol test, lol!

Not a lot to tell.  All work and not much play yesterday.  Mostly at work and little time at home.  So nothing to rave about then. 

Sybil. No.  I saw your question on yesterday's blog.  The answer is no.  I won't allow myself to further comment on that as I'm afraid it would not be positive and certainly not a subject I will elaborate on - on THIS blog in respect to myself.  However, advice to all: One must determine their value and see fit as to what happens from there. 

  I will say that I guess it's a flaw that seasoned workers like to be loyal to one company instead of hopping around like a millennial.  They have a leg up on us in that respect.  They learn their value in the marketplace and market themselves and companies gobble them up and their income soars but then they are selling their soul a lot of the time for 12 to 14 hour days, divorces, or estranged from spouses, or not married yet only able to have a portion of a relationship - and they burn out of one job and move on to the next b/c they are instantaneous and spontaneous all the same.  I grew up being trained in the generation to be loyal and to find balance in life with work, spirituality, and family.  I've tried to do that - to be loyal.

In today's world the shift is turned to a company's survival and often employees are appreciated in word only - if that.  So I'm not sure what the answer is.  Do the older workers continue to try to hop around like millennial to earn more money?  I will say that I have companies contacting me quite often even at my age. And it is comforting that they do so - that people out there would still want your talents and your mind and your experience. So that is advice for George that - they still want help out there from the seasoned and experienced workers.  And he has seen just that.  We have adaptability to plug in here and there.  I guess we should think like a millenial we can't just can't work the long exhausting hours on top of the commute like they are willing to do.  We long for our balance in life that we strive hard to get. 

How I look at all this from MY LIFE's prospective is that I work for God.  That makes things much easier.  Working for man is very disappointing at times. But working for God always works out.  And he places MY STEPS and tells me what I need to do and aids me in my path and in my walk and it just all fits the tapestry of all that I do.  It's interwoven.  So there are no worries.  He opens doors and he shuts them.  I just do the best I can do every day.  He leads the way.  Money is important.  Dreams are important.  It's not the key to life.  It helps.  I think it's all about saying "thank you" or "I appreciate you" or "I value you" as opposed to where you mind goes on the flip side and makes you feel negative things. The lack of information simply makes one guess and your mind (the devil) loves to place negative thoughts in your head.  But when you work for God - you just do.  And if this is an issue with anyone in their life and an issue comes up that truly comes to matter and you discuss it with YOUR FATHER - he WILL ADDRESS it.  He certainly will.

Sybil anything you want me to talk about tomorrow? lol lol lol 
I've actually been doing some research on millennial vs the aging work force - and it's awakened an urge in me to do some surveys, research and write, creating a whole other world of ideas from there.  I had a "hmmmmmm" moment very recently with all of this.  More on that on another day. 


  1. I think the seasoned workers are best and have a better work ethic than younger people do. I grew up in a generation when you stayed loyal to the company you worked for and remained on the same job for many years. These days there seems to be a greater turn over in the work force than ever before and I think most employers appreciate those with staying power and lots of experience. They do say we should treat any work we do as we are working for God...and always do the best we can. Even the everyday housework we do. Each one of us plays a valuable part even if we don't always feel appreciated. I'm hoping that you do have a wonderful day there. It's very chilly here in Ohio this morning but we are to warm up into the 80's.

  2. glad your bat is keeping you entertained. being loyal has merit.

  3. Sorry if I wrote something yesterday that upset you, I have checked but can't see anything....maybe I shouldn't have asked if all was ok with Kate ? Or being sorry about Georges Mum.....whatever it was I'm sorry. Take care. God Bless


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