Thursday, June 28, 2018

Bean Burger Discoveries, Nashville NAMM Week Adventures

Forgive me, I can't remember which website this came from.  But some time over the last few days I snapped a pic of someone's website - someone's blog that had the best looking recipe idea.  I was afraid I'd not be able to find the link again or remember where it was (I didn't) so I snapped a pic knowing I would see it again repeatedly that way.  I thought I'd share.  You can't see all of it but enough to get an idea.  This just sounded good to me.  Quinoa would be good in there!  

I had a Kashi bowl of some sort yesterday - a frozen veggie entree with quinoa, greens, beans, and corn and other veggies -  and had a bean burger with it to add in more protein.  The calories were surpisingly few - even combined.  I had never had a bean burger before.  As you can see below it had other things in it too.  It was awesome.  

Sorry, I know it doesn't look appetizing but I was upset with myself that at 55 I'd not tried this yet.  I just ate it like a hamburger steak.  I didn't even want my afternoon snack.  The brand is Morning Star.  I think this was Spicy Bean and Veggie or something like that.  It was not hot or anything.  But I'm pleased to have something else I can throw in a baggie frozen and then it thaws til lunch and I put on a plate and microwave for a minute and I'm done.  Eat with other veggies for lunch and you are good.  

So yesterday was very harried trying to just get the last bit of my routine done and get out of the house and on the way to work. 

The rain was coming down in forceful fits like huge waterfall shafts coming down from the sky.  Trying to get the dogs to go out in that was something.  I had to wait until the lightning stopped before I could even attempt it.  It was monsoonal type stuff.  

The cat got in and I couldn't find him.  Finally got him out with food so I could leave him in the garage for the day.  He wanted no part of the rain either.  I was afraid I'd be late.  Matter of fact I'd already let my assistant know I was having issues and likely be late.  I was later than normal but I did make it by 8. 

And after 5 I left to meet George at Opry Mills theatre parking lot and we rode together downtown and parked and met a vendor and friends at Rippy's.  A band was playing that was really good.  

 It is heartwarming that vendors still want to see George and even take us to dinner - even though he is no longer working for the guitar company and there would be no business to be had with him.  So that is friendship right there.  Many he's done business with for a long time.  We were honored and thankful for that last night and it was very kind.

Took some shots around Nashville as we drove around to our "next" party. 

The lights and reflections underneath the new convention center. 

Cranes abound and Nashville growth and changes are just incredible.  We should be called Craneville!

The lights of "lower broad".  You should hear the sounds.  You can hear about 10 bands at once.  

Jason Aldean's place.  This was new.  Looking forward to going to the rooftop there sometime.

And here is Ole Red, Blake Shelton's restaurant - named after his #1!  

And on to party #2, the D'Addario party.  We actually had dinner twice.  We ate a bit of BBQ, slaw, beans.  (Thank goodness at Rippy's I just had a salad!)  I did have one major sin but it wasn't too awfully bad.  George and I split a dark chocolate fudge pie.  It didn't really seem too sweet.  It was really good.  lol  We could have eaten worse I guess.  And there was free drinks. 
And guess who was playing!  The Time Jumpers!  They normally play on Monday night's at 3rd and Lindsley and usually Vince Gill is with them.   

Very nice table arrangements.  It was exciting being amidst the talented musical types.  

Met some interesting and exciting folks from the D'Addario company itself and met someone from St Louis in the front lobby and we chatted a while.  Before long it was time to head home and of course already past my bed time.  I was in bed by 10:30 so it wasn't too bad.  

I couldn't help but snap a pic of the ducks that were "boon docking" in the parking lot.  There is water all around - there is the river and also some ponds/lakes around but they chose the parking lot.  Cracked me up.  Maybe they needed drying out.  I guess they truly are dry docking it.  lol  (RV terms.)

Bless the doggies hearts.  They are missing us at night but so happy to see us when we get home.  We've been darting out again just as we get back home.

Tonight we also have some things going on.  More on that tomorrow.

Saturday Sleep is going to be special!  Til then, here I go for more coffee!  It's Thursday though and the week is coming to a close.

I've been trying to think of a title for my new business.  I have some ideas but none that enthrall me.  I liked Nutrition Expedition but it needs to be more expansive than just nutrition because it's so much more than that.  It's a vehicle to not only nutrition, but a positive way of living, a vehicle to help others, a open door to finding a way to whatever it is you desire, a very happy lifestyle, and one that serves others.  I've been thinking that I may tithe this business.  Part of doing this is to be able to help senior citizens, and for now I've chosen Alzheimer's.  There are two groups.  I have not decided for sure which one.  I may just decide both, but I want this to be about giving and helping others.  So 10% toward Alzheimer's foundation or something akin to that would be the thing to do.  I want God to bless this.  This will be my ministry.  George had mentioned the Pregnancy Care Center.  I supposed we could have a list of several.  But I definitely would like for it to be pinned down.  So these things are rolling around in my mind.

It's time to wrap this up and get packed and dogs out and treats given and out the door. 

You all have a lovely day today!


  1. It would be wonderful to have a night on the town like that. Glad George's friends remain true. I loved seeing all the pictures. Looks like you had a great time! The rain is clearing out here this morning and a heat wave is moving in. Ugh! Hope you have a great day! Happy Thursday!

  2. Your bean burger looks good, I was reading yesterday's blog as well and had to smile at you and Georges disagreements over your new life's only natural that you are both thinking different things about what's good for you andbwhats bad....after all you have eaten most of what George has cooked over the years so it must seem strange to him that you suddenly appear to think it's bad for you....but no doubt he will have calmed down by now and hopefully you to will have calmed down and you will both just have to agree to disagree sometimes....perhaps underneath he is a bit worried at your weight loss can never tell can you, men are certainly strange is interesting to seemwhat your new business will be called.......take care. god bless. Xxxx

  3. coming up with a unique name for the new business will be a challenge. good luck . sounds like you're heading in the right direction.


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