Sunday, June 17, 2018

Birthday Luau for Friend Don!

Added my blender to that 2nd shelf.  

Well, I did manage to get some laundry started yesterday.  Sadly I think I won't be able to finish today but I'll have to try to knock it out over the work week.   

While emptying the dishwasher yesterday I managed to make a decision no longer to use George's Mom's white stoneware dishes.  They are quite marked up.  And my white dishes look so much better - I had both in the cabinet - so taking out a set gave quite the room!  So I spent part of my morning and valuable time doing that.  I still have to pack up the dishes though and I guess we will donate them.  

Having the extra space, meant I found room for my Isagenix shake blender which you can see if you can spot in the pic above.  And below, all my Isagenix blending glasses (goes with the blender) or for on the go.  

My shake glasses have a home.

Now I no longer have to wag all these glasses, and blender to the laundry room baskets, where I keep all my other Isagenix products/meal items.  

So I was not starved by the time we got to the afternoon party - I fixed a strawberry shake with about 7 or 8 blue berries.  Can you believe how dark the shake becomes even with just a few blueberries?  It was good.  

Berry Delight makes us not eat the house out at the party!

After enjoying our morning - me at home cleaning and George out yard sailing and coming home with a box of CD's - he will resell - then we headed out to go see our friends Don and Lisa.  They were having a Luau for Don's 60th.  Lisa also just had a birthday herself.  So we took presents and also stopped at a wine store.  And we stopped at Whole Foods.  It's been a while since I've been there and with my healthier eating - I'm just in love with the store.  And Amazon prime members get a discount - woo hoo!  

We want to go back when we have a cooler.  

I told George that Lisa would love some of the herbs from our yard so he went and gathered some before we left the house.  

Herbs de George

Lisa had the most beautiful table set.  She always does.  We ended up setting around all over the place and savored the pretty table!  It was gorgeous. 

Lisa always sets a beautiful table to the occasion. 

Where did we eat?  Standing around in the kitchen where the actual food and all the action was!  lol  Isn't that standard?  We were met with big bowls of chips.  And happy salsas of varying kinds.  

These bowls were down to a few when we left!  :-o 

There was BBQ and the most beautiful bread basket of all kinds.  

And a fruit/dessert bar - oh how heavenly!

Wow, just wow.  I might have found the kiwi lime pie!

I loved the signs that friend and Lisa's Daughter in Law, Amber made, so that we would know what was what.  LOVE this...Aloha Beer.  Cute!

What's an aloha beer?  

I wish I had one right now. lol

It's been a loooooooooooooong while since I had a Mai Tai, so I partook of that.  It was wonderful. 

Fixin's - I had lime and pineapple.

Mai Tai's make you want to do a Hula! (Not Shown) 

Mr. George fixed him one as well.  And of course one always has to have the drink with umbrella shot with the pool in distance, right?  

This reminds me of last Sunday when my umbrella went inside out in the rain storm. lol

The afternoon pool time was very pleasant as old (are we old?) and young alike floated around. 

Cuteness in a garden.

Love Lisa's goats.  She has blackberries and heirloom tomatoes going. 

Us with our buds, Someone forgot their lei!

Here we are, Don, Lisa, George and Me.  I texted Lisa and said she needed to send me her copy of us 4 where George wasn't trying to be goofy.  

Whale photo Op, who knew?

Just being silly above?  He hangs with me sooooooooooooo...perhaps it is not as funny as I thought. lol 

Curious George

I guess one could make a living photographing Goofy Mr. George pics.  lol

As we ended the evening - the Birthday Boy, Don, opens his gifts and maybe shares a shot of whiskey all around with his best guys.  

Friend's gather 'round for shot for Don's 60th while the women photo!

What an awesome group of guys.  Julio is on the end on the right.  He's Juliana's (Lisa's daughter's) date - should we say boyfriend as he's traveled all the way from California to be near her?  ;-)  Julio promises to stalk the blog some!  Hey Julio!  We had a nice conversation on how to have mini vacations in a day, Hot Chicken, and cuisine.  Was pleased to meet him and so good to see Juliana and all our friends there.

And now George and I are going to be creating some Father's Day Fun for him.  He has quite the day planned. I'll share more of that tomorrow.  A busy little weekend and a busy week ahead as well.  Must shower and get ready to head out.

What are you all doing on Father's day today?????


  1. Father's Day here is not celebrated quite as much as Mothers on Mother's Day..over here.n of course I haven't had a Dad for a very long time...he died in 1971 ....but I am pleased to read of lots of loving fathers......what a wonderful party you had last the goofy photos's just great to seeing you all so happy. Xxxx

  2. What a great time you all had this weekend. The party does look like loads of fun. Nothing like friends and good food to make for a great time.

  3. what a lovely party. looks like you had fun fun fun.


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