Saturday, June 16, 2018

Catching Up on Sleep

How groovy is it that it is Saturday?  Saturday is such a blissful day that it's right up there with all the heavenly hosts!

A VERY long work day yesterday and then home for a night of errand running.  We went by to see George's Mom.  Went to the beer store for Black Abbey's tasting - ummm helloo - oh yeah! What luck!

And then on to the Publix to pick up my Rx for BP meds.  And then on to Kroger - at which point I had to tell George "I just absolutely cannot" so...I sat in the car! I had been awake since 1:00 a.m. and I was literally about to fall asleep where I was and standing up if need be.   Up 18 hours at that point and I was dropping fast.  Then on the way home, knowing I love Houston's meat shop - he said "Houston's?"  I think I gave a very loud "NO!" - they were closed anyway.

Do you know that tired feeling when you make the last list of the day in your mind and it seems so arduous?  Like you just don't even know if you can do those last few things?
1. Get out of the car.
2.  Get up the stairs.
3.  Get on PJ's
4.  Brush teeth
5. Wash face
6.  Take dogs out
7.  Get water for bedside
8.  Plug in phone
9. Take night vitamins
10. Turn out the light

How easy this nightly routine is at normal bedtime but when you haven't had the right amount of sleep it seems like you are having to push a boulder up Mount Everest!

Got it done and crashed at 8.  And then slept until almost 6.  I thought George was still in bed but when I got up he was in the kitchen.  So I'm like "ummm then who is in bed?"  It was Roger dog.  lol
I had to go back and get him b/c he doesn't need to jump off that bed.  We have to set him down.

So dogs out and we have been sipping coffee. And I'm coming out of the looooong sleep fog.  But it's feeling good to have slept.

I have to dive into getting a lot done this morning so will play some music I think and maybe that will step up my pace for laundry and house cleaning and getting ready for the work week.  Then tomorrow I can focus more on the business.

I almost went and looked at RV's at lunch time yesterday.  I work extremely close to an RV sales lot - a huge one.  And their doors were open to some of the ones they were previewing or spotlighting.  It would have been so easy to pull in!  But I had rather wait for George.  He told me there was a place he wanted to take me on Hwy 109 - that he's been seeing on the way to work.   And that made me smile!  ;-)

So I'm going to get started after I leave a private blog entry and then we'll be able to go on with our plans for the day!  Very excited about that.  So more on that tomorrow!


  1. Glad you finally got some good sleep! I don't know how you function on days like yesterday without much sleep at all. I need every bit of my 8 hours and then some. Sounds like you do have some kind of special plans for today so hoping it is great day for you. Happy Saturday!

  2. That was great getting to catch up with your sleep, you certainly needed's great thatn your still able to keep your dream alive about the RV ,, I'm so pleased that George is it....with you, good luck. I read some good words on our church notice sheet, I am going to send you a copy of it when I get it. The lady who does the notices sends me one as well as giving me a paper copy.....hope today has been a great one for you xxxx


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