Friday, June 22, 2018

Day in Columbia with Mom and Afternoon with Friends

Wonderful Breakfast by Mom

Mom fixed an incredible breakfast yesterday.  We had a relaxing morning.  I loved not having the alarm to get me up.  And no dogs either to wake me up.  I did miss my Maisy though.  And was able to sleep a couple of hours later than the norm.  This morning I forgot to set my alarm back though and ended up sleeping 1/2 hour past.  But it's ok.  I'm making up the time.  

We set out to Mom's doctor.  I dropped her at the front door and went back to Hardee's for coffee and water.  Mom said it might be a while before they were finished with her and I panic if I don't have my water near by, I've noticed.  Not really a panic - just a annoying inconvenience that I try hard to avoid.  lol  So I sat in the car and watched the rain drops slide down and videoed it and made it purple.  Did it in slo-mo and time lapse.  I realized I'm smitten for these video programs as I morph into learning how to learn various things within the software.  Then I realized I probably need to go in and wait for Mom.  So I sat in the lobby and read "Overboard".  What a really good book.  It's kept me on the edge of my seat.  The description makes you feel you are really there. 

Reading the best book in Mom's doc office

After Mom got out we headed to downtown Columbia to see if we could get a decent parking place to go to Puckett's on the square.  We were able to score a spot and we had our umbrellas so we were able to have a nice lunch there.  I had the best brisket taco salad.  And again, ate like there was no tomorrow and again had a chipotle ranch dressing - most likely a no no - but I have decided that when I'm tired of olive oil and vinegar and I'm out - I'll allow another dressing from time to time.  Then I'll go back to my vinegar and olive oil.  It's so hard to permanently switch.  So this was a treat and I've had it two days in a row - now I'll be good for a while.

Mom walks in the rain toward Puckett's, downtown Columbia, TN

Puckett's, Columbia, TN 
 After we ate, Mom wanted to sit in the car and encouraged me to go to the shop I'd wanted to go to nearby.  I actually enjoyed walking in the rain.  I did have someone come up behind me and say Hi and ask me for work.  I smiled and said "hello" and acted like I didn't hear the other part and went on ahead walking quickly and was going to dodge into a nearby store if he followed.  He went the other way - thank goodness.  I was thinking "yeah I've got a job for you - in Nashville - moving mattresses into the truck"  - lol.
Walking in the Rain, downtown, Columbia, TN
 Coming out of the store Bleu 32 Vintage- which I could have stayed in ALL day, the rain had subsided a bit.  I snapped a pic of the court house on the square.

There was a record shop that George would love to go into.  

Variety Records, Columbia, TN 

I guess albums are making a come back.
After that we came back to Mom's house and sat on the porch.  The sun came out for a long while with intermittent clouds.  I began playing with iMovie learning how to make videos. 

Mom's porch

Here is what I put together of Mom's backyard and porch.  Hold out for the deer footage. 

Before I knew it, it was time to go to Lisa's.  She had asked me to stop by for a swim.  I stopped at Publix and got a bottle of wine, some cheese, crackers, carrots and hummus.  

Afternoon at Lisa's pool, Franklin, TN

Lisa invited me to stay for dinner for the bean salad.  However, I was watching the weather.  I decided to head on back.  We had a good time floating in the water and talking.  It was Lisa, Juliana, and myself.  Juliana heads back to California next week.  It has been so good to see her.  I'm so happy Lisa invited me over for girl time.  

I headed back as I could see the storms and darker skies coming up behind me from the west as I traveled east.  

I got home and George was starting to do the carpet cleaning.  And I fixed a frozen Stauffer lasagna meal - family size.  Not a low cal option either.  lol  So this next week I need to be much better as I end my "challenge period" and start the next one.  I will get a lot of $$ back into my account to use for food.  

Bed and sleep felt great last night.  And the storms had slowed down and weren't even there yet.  If they came through I wasn't aware.  

Anyway, here we are on a Friday morning and I'm really feeling the need to be off today but back to work I go for the day.  At least it is Friday.  I have a lot to do.  I needed to get my Target order done this morning as we are almost out of a few things.  Maybe I'll squeeze it in.  So much I want to do this weekend since we were gone the last one.  Looking forward to it.  We do have a vendor/friend that is going to be in town and we'll go out with them on Sunday night for dinner - or they may come here.  We are unsure of exact plans.  I am thinking here for drinks and then dinner out nearby.  

So off to work I go.  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.  


  1. Your mom does have a lovely porch and yard. Would be a great place to sit awhile . Glad you had a good trip and visit with your friend too. Thankfully it is Friday for you and going in to work will only help to make next week a little better. Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. Glad that Mom got on ok at Dr. That's one thing less for you to worry about...didn't get writing last night, if I had I would have been saying that your Masie is a lovely lovely wee girl, you are so lucky to have got her...hope all has gone well at work and that you have a lovely weekend...Try to take some time to yourself...hope your weather is good our summer is still here, we are promised another week at least of this summer....long may it last Xxx

  3. it was nice you were able to sleep in. the dogs wake you up way too early. looks like your mother and you had a good lunch. glad you got some girl time in with your friend.


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