Monday, June 4, 2018

Day Trip to a Winery and Exploring

George and I went to church yesterday and then ate at Subway with our friends Richard and Kathy.  I wanted to go to Ruby' Tuesday's but looks like that'll be next week.  After that, we set out for our adventures.  We went to a winery and did a wine tasting at Cellar 53 Winery in Brush Creek, TN.   Just a hop and a skip (45 min) away from us.

We bought the required amount that it took to get the wine tasting free.  It was fun.  
There was this cute doggie out front.  She and I clicked right away.  She did not take to George lol.  I felt proud.  lol  That dog was special.  She looked me straight in the eyes and held it for a while - like "take me home I like you".  But she wasn't ours to take.  Such a sweetheart.  

I loved the label on this wine bottle.  This would make a lovely Christmas gift.  

Loved the dog socks.   So it looks like you can sit out back and there are picnic tables.  I think you could have a picnic and buy a bottle of wine.  

The vineyard is just beyond this landscaping here. 

I have been playing around with time lapse some.  Here was pulling in......

George showed me the best he could, where he worked.  There is a guard shack and no where to turn around so he just stopped on the hill and tried to point to where he worked in the office at the zinc mine.  You can see the roof where some of the equipment is.  It's over the hill there.  So you really can't see anything much.

We drove to Gordonsville and looked around and went to a Walmart there.  And bought a few things, just seeing if they had anything different.  They did.  They also had some sale items of things we liked that apparently they do not. 

Then we drove to nearby Carthage and walked around downtown.  Shops were open as there was a band playing Beatles music on the square. 

We shopped some antique shops and there was a restaurant/tap room open that had craft beer so went went in there.  Looked like it was Carthage's upscale steak house in the basement of a really old building and was called E' Bel's Tavern.

Downtown Carthage, TN
 As you can see we were caught b/w the lunch and dinner crowd and no one was there.

We found a really nice antique store with some unbelievable low prices.  

Someone that owns a bakery needs this one...framed and only $45.

 Then we set out for home and passed over a couple of bridges.

News from Texas.  Our girl has been showing pictures of amazing sunsets.  And Cody has built them a fire pit on the ranch. 

And I had to snag this one from Instagram....she is now reunited with Sterling, the cat.  Now Findlay can play with Sterling like she used to.

Well, I'll have to share my Vision Board tomorrow.  Duty calls so I can keep my vision.  
I don't think I'd have time to go through it and post today - and today's is already long with lots of pics.  

George and I did discuss my "dream" of being able to RV one day.  He did dream with me, I think for the first time ever.  He did like the idea of not having a hitched trailer - but one that is attached like a van or small truck - class B or class C I think - one that can be parked easily, driven easily.  He said one could rent one to see if you liked it.  ;-)  Of course this is a dream.  So we are not there yet, but it was nice doing a day adventure and realizing that someday we could be doing this every day.  We both started noticing all the various types of RV's that passed us on the highway.  And there were two at Walmart.  This actually COULD happen one day if the dream comes true.   We had an awesome day.  

Anyway, my vision board is done.  More on that tomorrow.


  1. What a wonderful relaxing day you had! It's great to start the week off in such a positive state of mind. The pictures were all wonderful and I loved seeing the bridges and the countryside. Keep the visions going...looking forward to seeing that board. Hope you have a great start to this new week!

  2. It has been lovely tonight reading about your last two adventurous friend has now gone home to Edinburgh so it's nice and quiet now. I hope your dreams come true on day my dear friend that you will get what we call a camper van I think. You could have such wonderful adventures visiting so many places. Remember a few years ago my friend Peter and I did a coach trip from Chigago all the way across the various states finally landing in was I think 22 days mostly using the old Route 66 experience I will never forget especially arriving at the Balloon Fiesta in Albercerki. Not the spelling I know but think,you will know what I'm trying to say or spell !! One day perhaps you will get to see it. It is an amazing sight 100s of hot air balloons of all colours and shapes floating high in the sky at 6.30 am in the morning......keep dreaming Sonya, life is very dull if we can't dream and if our loved ones can dream with us that's an added bonus....night night. God. Bless. Xxxx

  3. Wait... George got a job already? Geesh, I miss too much when I don't read every blog entry. Now here I go searching older entries to see if George got a job. :D


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