Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day Excursion!

Biscuit Love, across from The Pub, in Nashville, TN 

We started out our day yesterday at Biscuit Love and OH I want to go back.  It was really good.  We sat out on the patio out back.  It was a little warm but we found some shade.  

Gift shop area, Biscuit Love, Nashville

George, after telling him "to smile"!

LOVED my breakfast!  George got shrimp!
After our breakfast we headed over to the Farmer's Market.  We almost bought some seafood but it was a really hot day and I wasn't sure that the ice would work and we'd be out quite a bit. So we passed on it.  We passed on the veggies too b/c of the same reason.  It's going to be a very busy week this week.  So any meals we have will be quick and easy.  I'm doing the cleanse today and we are busy most of the rest of the week - something going on every night just about. 

George walking thru the garden area at the Nashville Farmer's Market.

Spices with a Nashville twist!

Smiley's Farm always a favorite at the Nashville Farmer's Market

George buys some olive oil and some strange toothpaste
 They have an International Market there and George really likes to buzz through there.  I suggested we get some olive oil from Greece that is the real deal.  A huge can and we'll likely run out any time soon. 

Our day started with NO clouds.  We noticed how beautiful the sky is.  As the day wore on with head and humidity, the clouds began to build.  But it was time to drive over to the Municipal Auditorium which now houses the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum as well as the Rolling Stones Exhibit.  George has been wanting to do this all summer.

The tours took a couple of hours and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We took lots of videos.  And I did my shot at Vlogging the day.  I'll see if I can find a way to get the videos uploaded or embedded.  Blogger seems to have a limit on the length of just uploading from my PC.  So I may have to upload to YouTube and provide a link.  I'll figure it out.  We are dabbling at playing around with the Vlog thing.  I need some new software though.  This one on this PC is good for messing around but I need one that I can put music to certain scenes and then do a documentary on certain scenes and do text and draw arrows - I mean it needs to be versatile.  And it needs to be EASY! 

I will come back around later and do a Rolling Stones and the Musicians Hall of Fame entry- there were a lot of pics and it's hard to do on a work day.  But after our big tour through we were ready for a brewski.  So George took us to Corsair over in the Marathon Village area.   

George, at Corsair Brewery, Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

I got the Kolsch!  Always a favorite for me.  George got a Pale Ale which was very refreshing.   Then George wanted to taste something next door at the Corsair Distillery.  I waited as he bellied up to the bar, lol.  

George, at Corsair Distillery, Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

As we got through we noticed everyone commenting on the weather.  A storm had come through and it WAS quite the storm.  These are all very short videos - but will give you the sense of how big this rain squall was.

Nearly hurricane force winds.  

And left our car in quite the puddle.  George was kind enough to pull the car out of that area and come pick me up at the curb.

Before we left though we walked around some in Marathon Village and I remembered they had wine slushies, so I had to have one.  

Grinder's Switch Wine Shop, Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

Then we went to Trader Joe's and put our frozen things on ice.  And stopped to eat Hot Chicken at Hattie B's only to discover they are closed on Sunday's at 4.  Whatttt?  On Father's Day?  Whatttt?  They are missing out on some dough!  So where did we go?  To get Pho!  I'd been wanting to go to a Vietnamese Pho restaurant again.  This one was good but not nearly as good as the one in California.  

Love, Peace, and Pho, Nashville, TN

Love, Peace, and Pho

Spring Rolls at Love, Peace, and Pho

My Pho, and a veggie plate of bean sprouts, jalapenos, and lime and basil.  
What a day we had.  A fun Father's Day Excursion.  Katy got George some Nashville Hot Christie Cookies and and a very nice Amazon card.  He was very excited.  And we missed Katy and Cody - but we made the best of our day and I'd say we did pretty good.  

Ya'll have a great week.  Cleansing today!


  1. I would agree you did have quite a great Father's Day from start to finish! George looks like he really enjoyed himself. A real treat for both of you! You live where there is a lot to do and see. I've yet to make it to a Farmers Market, but am looking forward to fresh fruits and vegetables. We have a couple of months now to enjoy them though. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Monday. A new week and plenty of new opportunities too!

  2. Vlogging with a MAC is really good as you can use iMovie as a start and then work up to other software package

  3. Looks like fun. I love a good biscuit and gravy. I can't have often though. I enjoyed your photos.

  4. what a lovely day you had. lots of fun to be had.


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