Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Morning Update

Well, it's Friday....I was awake a good chunk of the night.  I think since 1:30.  Tossed and turned.  Hoping to sleep better tonight.  Lord willing. Normally I have no problem sleeping.  But I believe it to be a stress thing.  I also dreamed that Tugie passed away.  I guess it's b/c we were talking about her yesterday.  She is also a little clingy this morning and sticking close to me.  Bless her.  My friend who's GiGi, the standard poodle, is having a hard time this week.  She is about as old as Tugie. 

I had lunch with a business colleague to help out with a project - giving some ideas on the subject of dealing with the aging work force.  My lunch was bought for me and that was really nice.  I enjoyed the collaboration effort.  I was starting to order a salad and my cohort said "aw naw, you not gonna get a burger with me?"  So - I got a burger!  lol  And a salad on the side instead of fries.  Mustard on the burger and I ripped a lot of the bread off, lol.  It's better when you add the bacon and the mayo and the cheese though.  I didn't miss the fries. 

Last night I made chili for us.  Very easy.  Used ground turkey and a vidalia onion and some garlic - then added lots of chopped tomatoes, various beans, tomato sauce, tomato paste, a dark beer, honey, balsamic vinegar, cumin, and red pepper flakes.  I just remembered I forgot to add the green pepper we bought.  :-O

Last night I ordered Keep Your Daydream's "Summer to Remember" T-Shirt.  I wanted to have a t-shirt with their logo.  Just seems appropriate.  So it should arrive sometime the last week of June or around the 4th of July.  Keep Your Daydream (KYD) is on YouTube - the RV'ers.  Check them out if not already.  Their website and blog is in my blog roll on the side bar.  They are on their way to Alaska.  Their daughter starting college this fall too.  Last night's episode shows tears rolling down Trish's face as she says goodbye while the daughter stays with Trish's Mom as they leave out on the RV.  Trish will fly back when Tori starts college in the fall to help her get started.  I know it will be hard not to have Tori with them.  I love keeping up with this family. 

Well, George agreed to be my accountant for the new business.  I have a register to keep up with my expenses and I'm setting up my receipt folder.  I listened to a podcast last night that was real helpful in explaining the compensation plan.  This weekend we are very busy and I will have little time to work on anything - but I'm hoping to:  updated my prospect list, work on ordering or downloading some materials, setting dates for various goals, doing some follow ups, working on the 90 day plan and hanging my Vision Board in the laundry room.  I may be able to finish with the 90 day plan if not this weekend then sometime through the week.  Then I will start on the Mind and Body program.  It's going slow but then I listened to a podcast on the way to work yesterday where the successful person in this program said "I wish I'd had a little more learning and a little more foundation before I dove right into it".  I can see that.  I'm methodical and have to do it the right way. 

Well, I need to wrap this up.  I hope you all have a good Friday.  Our new insurance starts today.  I will have to check and see that we are active, as we've not received our cards yet.  I think they will be here in a day or two - or sometime next week.

I also would like to ask for a private prayer request please.  God knows. 

Ya'll take care! 


  1. I will pray for your intentions that God knows, He always knows the best answers to give. Sorry the sleep wasn't good but thankfully it is Friday and tomorrow you can sleep in a bit. Interesting about your work with an aging work force. I used to work for a company who's employees were getting older and they were having a hard time finding younger people to train for future replacements. The younger generation aren't the workers that the older ones are. Keeping your daydream is a good theme even for those of us that are not RV'ers . We are never to old to dream another dream !

  2. Love your giggle up top !!!....I think you are amazing to go slowly and think everything out rather than jump in just to prove you know what to do....slow but sure is the way to go........I am so sorry that our wee Tuggie is clinging on to you, what a hard time this is for you, George and Kate after all she has had Tuggie as ....her dog....for so many years........I hope and pray that when you get home after work today she will be jumping about as she normally would be doing.....lots of love and Prayers winging there way to,you. Night Night God. Bless. Xxxxx


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