Sunday, June 3, 2018

Fun Saturday, Farmers Market, Planning Retirement, Creating a Vision Board

George and I ran some errands around mid day yesterday and stopped at the local Farmer's Market after going to see his Mom.  This farmer's market is just across the street, so this is becoming a Saturday habit.  George goes yard sailing and comes home and gets me and then we go see his Mom and hit this for fresh veggies for the next week.  Of course it started off slow- just a few things are coming in from gardens.  Last week we just had some squash.  This time there was more.  I bought green beans, zucchini, a cucumber, and George got some tomatoes.  

After going to Home Depot to use my $5 off coupon on a rug for the den - and we spent $40 just b/c we saw things we wanted, lol ---then we went to Kroger and bought more vidalia onions and some sweet potatoes.  

Oh my goodness, yesterday - before we went out - I cleaned out the fridge of its science projects.  I had no idea what all stuff had been shoved to the back of the fridge and hidden in corners.  I didn't get the fridge "cleaned" but I did "clean it out" - so the science projects are gone.  Maybe another homey hot summer Saturday I'll do the hard part.  Actually that was not easy.  The gag factor will take you out! 

Got the green beans started.  Didn't have any ham hock so they didn't taste "southern", but I cooked it with a small vidalia and some seasonings and they were pretty good.  

Here was the rug I bought - up close shot to show you the pattern.  It's really pretty and goes with my color scheme.  I wish they'd had that in a bigger one though.  This will be here temporarily til I find the right one that is the right size and a woven one.  The woven (I'm not sure what you really call it) had lasted for years.  But it was time for another.  And I needed to hurry b/c this area of the floor can get really dirty w/o some sort of trap rug to catch it coming out of the kitchen.  My kitchen floor shouldn't be that dirty but when you come up from the basement and then walk across the kitchen - it's stepping on the carpet that seems to catch the dirt.  So this one will do for now til I find "the one".

In the morning and then again in the afternoon I worked on my "Vision Board" and my 90 day plan.  Of course the vision board goes beyond the 90 day plan, but it's part of "doing" my 90 day plan.  It is fun to do your vision board.  When I get finished I'll show you.  Right now I'm just collecting photos and graphics for it.  But I got stuck doing it b/c I was trying to pick out which RV we will buy.  lol And then I got all caught up in learning about various RV types.  And was trying to figure out which was the best for us.  Ideally - I would love to have the better experience of a travel trailer, and honestly the prices didn't seem to be too bad for what you get.  Let's just say they were a lot less expensive than I'd imagined. If we had this - then Katy and Cody or grandkids could go with us some.  We'd have more room to lounge in and more room to cook in.  I really think this is the best option for us.

 But - we'd have to buy the truck to pull it b/c our SUV would likely not be able to pull the weight.  And of course that would tremendously add to the expense - but would at many times be very useful and I'd like a truck with extra seating so you could take someone with you.  I also wondered if we'd be able to "deal with" the hitch and the maintenance of it and so forth.  And there likely would be maintenance and continual upgrades.  We know what George is like with upgrades and we also know he probably won't be wanting a truck.  He's just not a truck person.  But after you unhitch it you have the truck for travel.  It's a pain hauling it if not level but I do know there is support out there in getting the correct hitch, getting it fixed where it will work well.  However, I've not asked George about any of this and I won't any time soon - I'm just planning here doing my 90 day plan and vision board and working toward some goals.  And trying to figure out what will work best.  The truck and travel trailer would be my top pick if George was on board.  We could downsize, travel around and see the US, and we'd create some income sources while on the road.  That part would come together with our entrepreneurial spirits and God given talents, not to mention we'd already have a little bit of a nest egg to work from.  If we loved it enough we could just live this way and travel around and sell the house, but we'd need to try it for 6 months or so to see. 

So if he doesn't like what I would like, there is this option below that might work for the two of us.  For FULL Time RV'ing, perhaps not the perfect option.   A class B - more like a van.  No hitch, easier to drive, and you just come and go as you please.  The inside is smaller, less space - bare minimums.  Not much storage room.  

So I got stuck on that so I'm putting both of these on my Vision Board instead of one.  Really people have a tendency to start out with one thing and upgrade as they see if they like it or not.  Honestly, I've wanted to do something like this all of my life.  So I see this as a full circle thing for me.  I love nature and travel.  I don't like storms.  But there is a system for when there is bad storms or tornadic activity "if you chase the 70's weather" as they say.  I'm learning a lot from the YouTube channels.  lol  I'm living the dream before I even get to the dream by watching these shows.  I think I've traded in my oceanside condo for this life instead.  lol  You get to see - not on the ocean - but coasts all over and also forests and mountains - and Canada too!  

So ok back to reality....which is not so bad really.  George brought me this for an appetizer last night for our seafood night.

And then we had orange roughy and scallops, quinoa, and a bowl of green beans on the side.  mmmmm

Then we watched "Fletch".  It's been so long since I saw it that I had forgotten it.  It was pretty good.  I did fall asleep in the middle and George woke me up.  It was bedtime.  After that I stayed awake til the end.

Tugie is here with me.  I asked George to put her up here with me on the blankie while he was up.  She loved it.  She can't jump up any more and she likes her floor beds just fine.  But she needs some human touch.  We both loved our little snugglefest during the movie. 

And sleep was good.  We slept til Tugie began barking at 5:00 a.m.  and then Maisy nudging me as well.  Their patience had run out.  But it was a good night's rest!  

We are off to church this morning and then off on our road trip excursion to see the area where George works about 40 minutes down the road.  Should be a cooler day with high's in the mid 80's instead of 90.  And less humid I think.  I've not studied the forecast but glanced at it a day or so ago.  Then home for the afternoon, prep for the work week, and probably have some veggies for dinner.  Looking forward to that fresh tomato with salt and pepper on it.  mmmm  Then maybe I can finish my vision board - at least the collecting of photos for it.  I did select my charity area - I want it to be beneficial for senior citizens.  I have considered two: Alzehimers Foundation of America and Alzehimers Association.  Have not done a lot of research but whatever I do for our charity section it will benefit seniors.   Maybe we even start a new one at some point that is not just pointed to one arena.   

Hope you all are having a good weekend.


  1. Have fun on your adventure today. Your fresh vegetables look wonderful. Nothing fresh here yet but hopefully it won't be long. We are much cooler than you are and will only see high's in the 70's today. A relief from the hot and humid days we had last week for sure. I had my days camping and owning a trailer, and loved it. I do hope you get a chance to go RV'ing. We all need to have some dreams ! I'm wishing you a very Happy Sunday !

  2. the farmers market sounded like fun. and dinner looked good. pretty rug, indeed. tugie looks so sweet laying beside her mama.

  3. I save all my bacon grease in the fridge. when cooking things like the green beans and I don,t have ham etc I drop in a big sppon of the bacon grease


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