Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Granny Released from Hospital, and Saw the Adrift Movie

Good morning all you Wednesday morning peoples!  Wow - the last two days have really been packed in.  I didn't have time to do anything but the vision board yesterday morning on the blog - so I failed to mention that George's Mom had been in the hospital.  His sister stayed with her while she was there.  We stayed with her Monday night for a while to give his sister a break.  She was released yesterday and I left work during lunch time to help with the transfer of getting her out of the car and into the facility.  She had a UTI and a few other issues.  But she is back in her room.  The ladies at the center were very nice to welcome her home.  I am going to run some extra sheets out there though because she is needing more than two sets.  Or perhaps they lost a set.  They didn't have sheets on the bed when we got there as they were cleaning up the room.  But they said both must be in the laundry.
We actually have some extra sets for our full size bed in the guest room so I will take some. We don't use them that much. 

So I had bought us tickets to Adrift.  And we went to see that last night. It was really good.  It was a little different than I had thought it would be, but very good.  The movie started at 6:10 so we had to rush to get there and it was still light when the movie was over - which surprised us.

After that to the grocery and bought some dog food.  They were out of their Fresh Pet that they have at night. 

Then home.  George cleaned up the kitchen some.  I handled a few business related texts and IM's and then went to bed. 

When I got up I had a text from Mom that if I wasn't in bed to call her.  I didn't hear it - I was either in bed or somewhere else in the house and didn't see it.  I had been on my phone just before that.  If it's after 9 I have do not disturb on.  But - she is a favorite and I can receive calls where I hear it from favorites - but perhaps not texts.  I was having problems sleeping a few months ago I set my Do Not Disturb so it wouldn't wake me up. How many nights would I fall asleep and a text from a late night person would "ding" and wake me up and of course you can't stand to lay there and wait til next day.  So I guess she fell victim to the do not disturb.  I will call her on the way to work and see what she needs.

Well, I'm going for more coffee and to do my shake this morning.  I'm going to add a few berries to it this morning.  I'm almost a little mentally weary this morning as the last two days have been so incredibly full from sun up to sun down.  Just going in so many directions with so much going on.  I was very weary when I went to bed.  But it was a good weary.  A weary knowing you have done your best. 

Now off for another busy day.  I have a 3 way call tonight with a couple of friends at 8 but other than that - my night is free.  We are having pork chops and veggies. 

We've decided this weekend would be a quiet weekend with only errands and being home.  So much we want to accomplish here.  Because next weekend we are very busy.  Oh but this weekend we are taking food Sunday for church for the "brunch" spread that happens every week.  I've decided to take a double batch of sausage balls b/c who doesn't love sausage balls off season? And my SIL and me are going to the movies next Tuesday night for a girls night to see Book Club. 

Ya'll have a great "over the hump" day.  We'll be sliding down into the weekend  at around lunch time!  ;-)

Be good!


  1. Glad to hear the Georges mom is better and out of the hospital. Good his sister could stay with her. It makes it very hard when working. A movie night sounds like like a way to relax and remove some stress from your busy days. Yes, here we are a hump day once more. Sounds like you've got a great weekend in store and one to look forward to. With busy days ahead, home is always best ! Happy Wednesday !

  2. Sorry to read that Georges Mum has been in hospital even if only for a couple of days, but it's always a warning isn't it. A lot of older folks seem to get these infections, I think they forget to drink enough even although you stress how important it brother in law is 85 and he has had three or is it four infections lately. The Dr gives him a course of antibiotics for a week...which of course helps but then he starts not caring for himself or drinking enough and the circle starts again...hope Georges Mum is not going to be the same.....glad you enjoyed the's amazing you kept awake....I will have a late night tonight as I am going to Bath at 10.30 to collect Lyn who has been visiting her sister for the day, I hope she got on ok...I better not say night night to you so I will say have a lovely evening God Bless. XXXX


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